Monday, March 26, 2012

the most random post ever?

what a glorious monday!
not really, the cold is back and every place i've ever been injured is aching.
but. we can make the most of it. the lord made this day, so let's be glad, right!?

we enjoyed quite a bit of spring weather last week.
elijah is LOVING  being outdoors again!
i've seen him playing outside at school when i pick him up. 
it really makes my heart sing to see him having so much fun there! 
we soaked up some warmth at the parks. praying for more nice days this week. 
most of my time at the parks is spent just trying to keep up.
elijah darts from one thing to the next, up hills, into streets, picking up sticks and chasing every dog...
it's a workout!
a few weeks ago my sister and brother-in-law treated us to elton john concert tickets.
elton john? you say? yes. right here in grand forks.
we get some fancy people through here now and again. and i like it.

anyway. the show was saturday night and we had a blast!

as a child, i couldn't have told you anything about elton john.
in my late teen years, i became more aware and in love with his music.

say what you will about the man, he is an incredible talent. seriously.

the time in my life when i listened to him the most,
was a time that, for the most part, i spend trying to forget.
whenever i hear elton john, i think of the green room:

one of my favorite spots in jackson mississippi was the green room.
it was a step up from a dive bar.
they served super great food and had plenty of pool tables. and ash trays.
i played pool, game after game of nine-ball.
whenever i arrived at the green room to play(several nights a week),
i always had my lucky green pool cue and a stack of crisp one dollar bills.
the bills were for the juke box. i'd load that thing up with perfect playing music.
such as, zz top, foghat, rolling stones, eric clapton and elton john.
and i'd often toss in an eminem or sublime track, to keep the older folk awake. and annoyed.
elton john was a huge part of the soundtrack to many nights of my life.
i've changed so much since those smoky nights of billiards.
jesus saved me. and while there isn't a thing wrong with pool, i just stepped away from it then.
it needed to be let go of. because there was so much other hell,
and many bad habits wrapped up in that game for me.
only regret, my parent's sold my cue at a yard sale, and i may be a little bitter about that...

i've got a transformed life. but i still appreciate a great piece of music.
and elton john provided plenty on saturday night.
his band is amazing! loved the cellists and drummer most of all.
well, my life is complete. kidding. sort of.

we looked him up, to find out exactly how old he is. he turned 65 yesterday.
his first album debuted in 1969. he's been at this hard, for a long while.
65 and still playing the heck out of a piano and wearing glittery suits. i'm impressed.
so grateful we had the chance to go! and i may have prayed for elton during the show:)

if you looked at our bathroom counter, you may think that one adult and two kids live here.
really there's, one papa, one kid and one mama who's using a baby toothbrush.
i dropped my grown up one on the bathroom floor over a week ago.
we were out of new ones, and i can't seem to remember them when i am shopping.
so, i'm using a little red snoopy toothbrush. and it totally confuses me. and elijah.

i think that bananas are one of my least favorite things. in the world.
for some reason though, i can't get enough of homemade banana muffins and bread!
i made a batch of muffins yesterday, and they are just right. sometimes i goof them up.
how? because i have this ridiculous habit of not following directions. i don't always measure.
i just toss in what feels or looks right. don't you?

banana muffins
beat together: 1/2 cup butter * 1 cup sugar *1 egg
combine: 1 cup mashed bananas * 3 tablespoons milk
then blend into butter/sugar/egg mixture.
sift: 2 cups flour * 1 tsp. baking powder * 1/2 tsp. baking soda
then blend a bit at a time into the batter.
optional: 1/2 cup chopped walnuts (or chocolate chips!)
fill baking liners 2/3 full and bake at 350. start with 12 mins. bake until golden.

here's the thing. i always use three bananas. and i end up adding extra milk. and some vanilla.
and i am lazy to the max with the nut chopping, so there's huge bits of walnut.
and i love it this way.

what do you have planned this week?
i am hoping to try out my new neon food coloring on some eggs!
also, we have lots of appointments.
most i will have elijah on my own, so pray for us if you think of it.
that'd i'd be able to listen and understand everything i hear!

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  1. love the randomness. why are you so achy (have i missed something?!...a little behind on blog reading!) those banana muffins sound delish and i just happen to have a million bananas leftover from womens retreat! have a super day, hannah! <3 <3 <3 (praying right now for those appts)

  2. The concert looks like a blast! Glad y'all had fun! And those muffins sound delicious!

  3. oh man. elton.
    i got two elton cd's for christmas in high school. i think they brought my CD collection total to 5. so needless to say i had those suckers on repeat. greatest hits. candle in the wind. tiny dancer. your song.

    i was a little geriatric in musical taste for my age. ;)
    i'm glad to find someone else who appreciates the classics.

    and so fancy, that EJ was in ND. WHOA.

    also, i now want a banana muffin. please and thank you.

  4. oooo elton john!!!!!!!
    and i'm totally with ya on loathing bananas but loving the banana muffins! :)
    praying for you re: the upcoming appointments xoxo

  5. I saw Elton John in concert once. I think he puts on a great show. I love banana muffins or banana bread. So good.

    I hope you have a good week!

  6. Love hearing about your transformation. Good stuff.
    And I love that you got to hear Elton John...lucky girl.
    My very first prayer partner, Jenny, not too long after I hadn't gotten saved had a burden for Elton. We prayed for him together once a week for about a year and a half! I still lift up a prayer for him when I see him out of habit. :)

  7. hi tiny dancer. I love those pictures of E, beautiful. Also, toothbruch confusion is the worst. My kiddos are constantly opening new ones. Now there are so many I don't think anyone knows who's is who's. Gross

  8. your posts are always so fun. i say rock that snoopy brush. LOL

  9. That is why i am not the best baker... I have the urge to tweak every recipe. One is good then two is better mentality. Those look delish.

  10. elton is so great...i love your toothbrush holder...and i'm a plain banana hater, banana bread lover, too! :)

  11. at first i thought it said, "our family toothbrush." like a toothbrush in which you all use the same one. hahaha! oh, i'm trying the banana muffins. whenever there is a recipe calling for just one egg, i can use my spiffy egg substitute. but if it calls for two, the substitute won't do. so, this is like hitting the jackpot for me. : ) so happy you enjoyed elton. he is old! wow, he has some longevity, for sure. praying for you, your appointments and grace to flow all over, giving you strength to endure. love ya, sweetie!

  12. in 4th grade i use to take my hand held a.m. radio out to the a.m. recess and EVERYDAY i heard, "i guess that's why they call it the blues..." ahh, elton... err, i mean "sir elton?" so entertaining, and that song, so inappropriate for a 4th grade on a playground.

    glad you had fun!

    glad you are choosing to rejoice in this day no matter. what me too, me too.

  13. This is VERY Misc...but I LIKE it! Oh where to sun in the park, precious shots...Elton John??I saw him once with Billy Joel, it was AMAZING, except we were like behind the stage b/c it had been so sold out, but then they opened up more

    annnnnnnnnd how odd about you not liking banana's but you can eat banana muffins and bread? too funny, but I LOVE banana muffins with walnuts and I make a killer banana bread:o

  14. I will make the muffins tomorrow. And then I'll draw them.

  15. Yay for running outdoors! And yay for a fun concert!! I hope to play you in a game of pool sometime. I'm pretty decent at it! :)

  16. Those muffins look fabulous but let's get to the best part of this post...elton. Yes in my family we refer to him by his first name only, as if he's a close friend. My sisters and I grew up listening to him and hopefully we will be seeing him next month in Vegas. Seeing him perform is on my bucket list. So I more than a little jealous you got to see him LIVE!