Monday, March 19, 2012

happy {miscellany} monday!

our "gotcha day" was warm and sunny.
we laughed, we ran, we ate and we played hard.
it was also a day filled with screeching, flailing and tears.
we expected over-stimulation to bring on the crazy, but we didn't expect to be ok with it.
well. we were ok! god is so good!

our morning began on the greenway, listening to bill clinton give a speech.
yep. old bill was in town for the north dakota democratic convention.
he made a special trip downtown to say a few words and check out the town.
he was instrumental in giving this city a big boost after a terrible flood in 1997.
it was a nice little ceremony. i could hear the speech, but not see anything of interest
as we were way in back running around after elijah:) we didn't live here then,
so it was great hearing about that history of this community!

anyway. just that time? an hour out in the grass with a ton of other people?
too much for our little guy.

we did manage plenty of fun though!
including taking burgers and fries to a park for lunch, and visiting the chocolate shop.
we enjoyed our sweetie boy, and made it through the tantrums:)

we also made a quick trip in to sam's club. we love a good bulk shopping trip!
we navigated the crowds and gathered what we needed.
elijah happily sampled angel food cake with berries and whipped cream.
i made decisions about meat, cheese and bread.
standing in line isn't elijah's favorite thing, so patrick took him and walked around while i waited to pay.

my turn came, the cute little cashier girl smiled and made small talk.
"what have you been up to today? any saint patrick's day plans?
i told her we were mostly enjoying the weather, then patrick walked up beside me with elijah on his shoulders...i told her that we were also celebrating our son becoming officially ours three years ago!
the girl's smile faded into a tremble and it almost seemed like she may cry,
"oh, he's adopted? why did you adopt?"
i told her one of the reasons:
i cannot have children, and am so grateful for adoption making me a mama!

then. the cashier did cry. and then she told me this:
"i gave my baby up for adoption three years ago, i think about it every day.
i have no contact with the family, and always wonder if they're all happy.
it's nice to see you happy."

i was totally surprised by her sharing that.
i started weeping and had trouble remembering what pin numbers to type in for my debit card.
i told her that i appreciate her. because of people like her, people like me can know motherhood.
i told her i'd see her again. after all, i often make it to sam's for icees and soft pretzels if nothing else.

i will be praying for her. just as i pray for elijah's birth mother.
seeing that girl, her telling me through tears about the gift she gave, it broke me all over again.
how crazy that it came on the day we celebrate our own special gift?
i cried all the way home, overwhelmed by everything.
our sweet elijah, the lord's provision for our new found special needs.
elijah's birth mother, her family, the girl at sam's and thoughts of how her life must be...not knowing.

i really love the way the lord catches me off guard like that.
i'm just sailing along, thinking about me me me and praying for me me me and he reminds me of others.
he reminds me that i am connected to others, sharing common ground. how will i use that common ground? for the gospel? will i share where my hope, my peace and my joy comes from?
lord make it so!

i shared at beautifully rooted last week, read here!


i saw my little niece ivy twice this weekend!
our friend kelly, elijah's babysitter extraordinaire, took this:

look at her face. LOVE.

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it ends wednesday, go now!

happiest monday to you!

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  1. I love this. Hannah, you inspire me more than words can say. Love these photos and I love the people in them! xo

  2. another reminder that our God is the God of redemption, hope, mercy, love and grace and so on...

  3. no such thing as coincidences in the kingdom. love this.
    God appointed you for that very moment.
    among so many others.

    love you!

  4. Wow...what a wonderful story. That really touched my heart.

    I loved visiting your blog, and I'll definitely be back! I found you through Miscellany Monday.


    Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

  5. This post caught me off guard... what a blessing to both of you to meet on that day. Tears streaming over here...

  6. oh, that beautiful moment at sam's. a love letter just for you from our far-reaching and loving God. powerful.

  7. Oh dear Heavens did that Sam's Club story make me cry! It is for those Mommys that wish they knew if there child was okay that my heart hurts for. My girl's birth mom knows essentially "where" she is and what to do to be able to get her back and yet she does nothing.

    I'm going to pray for that sweet girl too.

    So glad you had a happy day. I prayed for a good day for everyone.

    Praise Jesus!

    Happy Monday!

  8. What a beautiful story. So, so sweet. : )

  9. i think it probably gave that girl a lot of peace to see you 3 so happy. i will be praying for her as well.

  10. oh precious hannah! what a God shaped moment at the cashier. WOW. i SO SO love how well adoption displays the love of Christ to a lost world. and what a privilege for that gal to see a glimpse into the other side of adoption. i'm sure you blessed her more than you will ever know. i'm so thankful you had a good weekend and were ok through the hard parts. that IS God! praying He will continue to bring peace to your sweet family. hugs and lots of love, my dear!!!

  11. You're cute. I like this post a lot.

  12. Our pastor just spoke Sun on relationships and how no one comes into contact with you by accident. This was no accident and it just shows how mighty our God is. Love this and your testimony.

  13. Oh, this story made my night. Thanks for sharing it with us, Love!

  14. Wow. I hope you gave that girl some hope - that many adopted kids are so well treasured. I just can't imagine not knowing. I'm glad you had a great day, even though it was busy!

  15. I love this story. Thank you for sharing. The Lord is sovereign, and that indeed gives us hope!

  16. OH, the cashier story just took my breath away. Beautiful... and on your "gotcha" day, too. How perfect God worked that out. :)