Saturday, March 17, 2012

gotcha day :: celebrating three years {and a treat for you!}

congratulations #1!
check your email!

happy st. patrick's day!
elijah made this glittered shamrock at school:

and of course, i pinned it right to the kitchen wall above our table.

we get excited about st. patrick's day.
we always have green bead necklaces, elijah loves wearing a few at a time.
we'll head down the block to our local chocolate shop, for a holiday treat.
my favorite are the shamrock mint candies they make. delicious.
elijah loves the mini chocolate covered oreos.
for st. patrick's they have tiny frosting shamrocks piped on top. adorable.
patrick has the day off, so we'll be getting into many fun things.
among the green, rainbows and pots of gold(which we are still hunting for, by the way),
we are celebrating something else, too.

three years ago...
a judge declared little "baby boy b." legally ours
and changed his name to elijah grey singer!
this event turned the already favorite st. patrick's day holiday
into the greatest celebration of our life!
praise jesus!
for our darling boy he has trusted us with.

i will sing to the lord,
because he has dealt bountifully with me!
{psalm 13:6}

{love this photo, before his most recent haircut!}

we'll be celebrating our sweet e.g. today with lots of his favorite things:
a walk or two, where sticks are plentiful and ready for collecting
fries and lemonade at five guys
several sing-a-longs to music from mary poppins, tangled, and johnny cash greatest hits
trip to our local chocolate shop
a family nap...ok, i'm wishfully sneaking that in as my favorite
puzzles and painting
chocolate milk and coffee date at starbucks
tacos, apples and carrot sticks for dinner
a movie...he's on a holiday kick, so he'll probably choose
jesus storybook bible story...we're on god's messenger(jonah!)

now, these are just plans. our little bundle of energy is predictably unpredictable these days.
whatever we really end up doing. we'll be doing it together.
and rejoicing in the blessing of elijah, making our family of three my happiest treasure on earth!

and because we want you to celebrate with us:

we've purchased a few of elijah's favorites for you!

same as last year, we chose the
jesus storybook bible!
we all love it, you will, too! and if you already own one,
what a perfect little gift it'll make for a friend!
next we have elijah's favorite,
shape sorting clock puzzle.
he enjoys the shape sorting and stacking the blocks into a tower:)
and not pictured, is whatever you choose to buy with a
$20 target gift card!
we thought it'd be fun for you to choose a movie, cd or snack that you love.
and i'm sure elijah would want you to do the same!

to be entered to win:
leave a comment telling me
what you're grateful for,
what can you celebrate today?

this giveaway is open to readers worldwide!
beginning now, and will end wednesday, march 21, at 11:59pm.
a winner will be chosen via
and announced on thursday, march 22.
{please be sure to sign in and leave your email address
with your comment so you can be notified if you win!}

if you haven't yet read it, we'd love to share elijah's adoption story with you!
adoption story


  1. girl! i have a niece from china and one from ethiopia. so i know what a celebration Gotha day is! woo hoo. praising the Lord for your gift of Elijah! and omg. ; ) the Jesus Storybook Bible is on our to buy list. it's about time we buy it! have a joyous celebration today!!!

  2. Happy Gotcha Day, sweet family! So happy God put you three together! My kids are 15, 12, 10, 10 and we all still love the Jesus Storybook Bible. In my opinion, it is a must have for all Jesus loving families.

    Love to you and your two guys, Hannah! :)

  3. Hooray for gotcha day. I love e.g's adoption story. He was heaven sent just for you and your hubbub. Love this so so much. Five guys! So stinkin jealous. I love me some five guys. We don't have one in our town...yet. but I'm wishing and hoping.

    I'm thankful for my guys...we may or may not be celebrating a birthday today!

    May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light.
    May good luck pursue you each morning and night.

    Also I may or may not be Irish.

  4. I remember getting the news that it was 'official' while we were in Ukraine 3 years ago today! It's so amazing, how God weaves together all the adoption stories... Just like He adopts us as His own. Simply amazing!

    We are grateful for our little growing family BUT looking forward to having one of our last family of 3 days :->

  5. wow! what a great giveaway, hannah! i've got a kiddo that i'm working on teaching how to tell time with, and that clock would be perfect! congratulations on your gotcha day anniversary. :) your little boy is just darling.
    i'm grateful for my children. they are such a blessing! (and of course, my cute husband. :) )
    lora (

  6. So sweet...i am so thankful for the baby inside my tummy and an amazing husband and all of my beautiful friends and family!!

  7. Happy 3 years!!! What a huge day for your family!

  8. I am so thankful for all my little nieces and nephews. They are all adorable in their own way. And I am thankful for your brother Jared who is a huge encouragement to me all the time (and helps me clean the house when people are coming over). I am celebrating a day off work in my nice little clean house!! :)

  9. Fun plans! I want to come along too!

    I am so grateful right now for sight, for tiny toes in my house, for a lung that has sealed up, for sunshine, for Almond Joy Ice Cream, for my sweet Jesus and REDEMPTION!

    Have a sweet green day my friend! I'll be thinking of you all the live-long day!


  10. Happy Day indeed! It sounds like you have a most wonderful celebration in store!

    Today I am thankful we get a family day on this, our 6th straight day of rain! (I really am trying to be thankful because I know we need it but where, oh, where did the sun go?!? Six straight days of rain is unheard of here in Idaho!)

  11. What a beautiful day for you guys to celebrate! Today I'm thankful that it's Saturday and I don't have anywhere I need to be! : )

  12. Yay yay yay! What a special day, indeed! He is precious! I am thankful for our new my boys can run wild without running all over the neighborhood. Celebrate with abandon today, Sweet Hannah!

  13. What a fabulous day for y'all!!! Super fun and super exciting how time flies :)

    Today I am super thankful for starting to convert our cloth diapers from velcro to snaps since baby boy has learned to take them off in his bed and paint with his poo. So that means I'm also thankful that my days of cleaning all that up are coming to an end as I slowly convert one diaper at a time :)

    Love Love L.O.V.E. this happy beautiful day!

  14. Happy Gotcha Day! You have a beautiful little boy :) What a fun day you have planned.. it makes me smile reading it!
    Today I am thankful for my a healthy family. It is the first time in two weeks none of us have been sick. Also, my first time making green and chocolate cupcakes for St Pattys Day!
    Much Love!!! ox

  15. Aw what a special day for your little family!! May God bless the 3 of you today and always :)

    I'm celebrating because my honey is flying home today from a work trip! WOOOHOOO!!!

  16. Happy Gotcha Day! Love that picture of your little man.

    I'm celebrating being at home with my boys with nothing to do. Just being together is a wonderful thing.

  17. ooooh, what a fun gotcha day celebration! we love the Jesus storybook bible in this house, please don't count this as an entry in your fun giveaway--another fam needs this special book. just wanted you to know i'm celebrating with you. Praising Jesus for your precious gift! <3 <3 <3

  18. Oh I just love this post too much!! It sounds like you'll be having a wonderful day celebrating your little man. Today I'm celebrating my family. It's been raining all day and we've been inside enjoying our time together. All too soon the boys will be big and I'll long for these rainy days.

  19. Happy gotcha day Elijah! I hope we can celebrate a gotcha day one day too! :)

  20. i just want to say I LOVE that picture of Elijah as a baby. His baby pics are the cutest!

  21. Give Elijah a Happy Gotcha Day kiss from me!:-)

  22. I am celebrating Gods gift of more time with my family with my reduced contract. The days might be long but the years are definitely short and I plan to treasure it all! Happy gotcha day to Elijah. He is blessed to call you mama.

  23. hi! I just clicked on a link from katygirl's blog and unexpectedly landed here. which is unusual for me, cuz I'm usually toooo lazy to blog hop, ha. but when I saw your Jesus story book bible I just had to comment! we just got that bible like 2 weeks ago and it's literally the most amazing little bible I've ever read. even my older son who is kinda emotionless said "wow, wow" during the first chapter. and it literally makes me teary eyed reading it myself! such a unique perspective. so i would like to put my name in the hat to win, cuz I wish i could give it to everyone!

  24. oops i was so excited i forgot to follow instructions. i am grateful for Jesus' never ending heartstopping love and that He will do anything to get his children back...and i'm so grateful for my 4 little boys too!

    and today i can celebrate the gift of wisdom, from reading proverbs lately. seriously has helped me out a lot lately with friendships and that is definitely something to be celebrated! cheers!

  25. Yay for gotcha day! Love it, love the shamrock, love Charlie & Lola.
    Today I am thankful for good friends who moved back home from New Jersey. We celebrated with dinner!
    Also, I am a terrible pen friend but I'm going to work on it.xoxo

  26. happy gotcha day!! and today i'm thankful for the hope i have in God. very, very grateful.

  27. What am I grateful for?
    I am grateful for the lovely people in my life who encourage me on a daily basis, whom I look up to immensely. Such a blessing. xo

  28. such a wonderful celebration!!!! hooray!!!!!!
    i am grateful for SO many i am particularly grateful for my family and for good health! thank You, Lord! :)

  29. i am grateful that He holds me. that He has me. that he already knows and loves me anyway. i am grateful to be reminded to look up and out and see that the Lord is good. :) and of course like always-- i am grateful for you. :)

  30. I'm grateful for my family, grateful for my husband, grateful for spring break that gives us a chance to spend time together, and so overwhelmingly grateful for the Lord's blessings and guidance.

  31. I'm grateful for the health of my family. I can celebrate today by having dinner with them! :) eclairre(at)ymail(dot)com