Wednesday, March 28, 2012

five-o-rite {eggs-cellent}

hey, there!
i've been seeing so many super wonderful ideas for easter crafts and decoration.
i am really hoping we are able to do at least one!

today i want to show you five egg-a-licious finds:

these are so fun and adorable. they'd even be great for hunting!

neon colors rock my socks, just as they did as a kid in the 80s.
love this pretty spin on such vivid colors.
i have some neon coloring and aim to try this!

we've never made these, but i have always loved them, at church celebrations or kid's easter parites.
i'd love to implement this as a daily countdown before resurrection day.
you'll love her ideas for what to put inside the eggs, too.

simple and sweet. easy for kiddos and me.
wouldn't it be great to gather with friends and make some.
then arrange them as gifts for friends in nursing homes or something?

gorgeous idea! perfect for me, since i hoard fabric and can't rarely sew!

what egg-citing things are you planning with eggs this easter season?


  1. I love Erin's eggs. I saw those on her blog and thought, "now that is something a non-sewing girl like me can do!"

  2. WOW! Thanks for the compliments on the fabric really have got to try it!

  3. Those fabric eggs are amazing.

  4. oh my goodness, love the fabric eggs. well, love it all, really. those neon eggs are amazing.

  5. Oh my, thanks for including our egg carton flowers! You just made my day.


  6. um, wow! amazing finds. i want to pick a fave, but i can't! totally doing the paper bag eggs. the egg carton flowers are genius. so much lovely here!

  7. I'm a Bunny-o-holic, so I that's my Fave!

  8. Yes, I will take one of each. thankyouverymuch!

    Happy Thursday!

  9. I love those paper bag Easter Eggs--my sewing machine and I are merely acquaintances but I'd like to get to know her better and that seems inexpensive to mess up: ) Keeping you and the family in prayer--I love your heart, your honesty and that even though we're miles apart--on any given day I can totally relate. you're awesome like that!

  10. yes please, I want the fabric eggs. Feel free to send me some ;)

  11. Please send me the fabric eggs too filled with candy.

  12. loving your list here! makes me kinda disappointed i didn't plan one craft with my kids for easter...not one!! oops. loving your blog in general here, girlie :)