Friday, March 23, 2012

coffee break {links for you}

friday. holla.
we've been enjoying the weather, touring parks all over town-we have over 20!
elijah seems to love the car ride as much as playing these days.

he adores sunglasses.
i love how he looks out the window as if in deep thought, i wonder what he's thinking?
oh, and that little gator toy makes a clicking/twisting sound that obviously brings him great joy:)

you know, i haven't intended to share links every friday, but it's happened that way for a bit.
and i like it. how about you?

next week, coffee break post or not, there will be some fun easter-y finds, bet on it!
or don't bet. betting is wrong. how about count on it? counting is a safe bet. i mean plan.

now, let's grab a cuppa coffee or an arnold palmer and see what goodies the web brought us to love:

ok. i am over the moon for this nail art.
danielle thompson shared her watermelon nail art and some other groovy inspirations, too!
i wonder if i could pull it off so neatly?

speaking of art.
i have talented friends. who play games with me.

i'm loving this necklace with lyrics from a favorite hymn!

surprisingly, i don't always gravitate toward the sweet treats.
sometimes, a day just needs some savory, you know? this looks so delicious!

heather always has such a tender way of speaking truth. so good, through his binoculars

i cannot stop looking at this color palette.

kaylee's little girl is hilarious. loved this post!

my friend andrea of four flights recently launched a new style blog.
it's gorgeous and this geometric necklace diy is a favorite from there!

ask yourself, have i made progress? {and follow that 'focus and distraction' link while you're there!}

do you love a fresh beat? what about gungor music? how about a mixture. for free.

your turn!
what treats caught your eye this week?
leave your links in the comments. xo


  1. Hahahahaha of all the posts I've written.....

  2. You are so good at finding good things. So I really really like this! :) That necklace is super cool! If I wear it does that mean I'll be trendy? I hope! Have a beautiful day, my dear!!!

  3. I love friday links. In fact, I found myself doing it every week as well and so just made a feature of it called friday finds. and an arnold palmer sounds fabulous...sign me up.

  4. Now I have Come Thou Fount of Many Blessings in my head. And I'm not complaining. : )

  5. I LOVE these posts of yours, keep it up!!!

  6. oh! i love that nail polish too---i'm normally not into nail polish but i like it. i like it a lot.