Friday, March 16, 2012

coffee break {links for you}

how is it friday again already? no complaints here, just surprised.
patrick goes in to work at a ridiculous hour this morning.
a certain named-after-a-fruit product releases a new thing, and they need to get prepped, i guess.
praise jesus, he will be done at 5! 

i'd love to hear about what caught your eye online this week.
tell me in the comments, and i will surf away while elijah is at school!

and you can grab a cup of coffee, iced tea or a mug of frothy green st. patrick's day ale,
and check out these links that i'm loving:

yes please. and i loved the other flavor combinations kristan suggests, too!

10 things not to do photography tips from elsie at a beautiful mess

beautiful post from carissa at lowercase letters, a notebook shaped lesson

their most recent pick is one of my most favorite books!

speaking of books, i love when pilgrim shares about hers.
see little puff here. groovy to the max!

do you like paper dolls? check these out.

kelly at empire of mayhem is the coolest mama of all time.
for spring break, their family is having themed days. giant day is looking incredibly fun!

i think this sunrise smoothie would be delicious.

warning: this may convict your socks off.

helen hardik is one of my faves.
i want every print she shared!

and while i'm being materialistic and telling you what i want.
this, this and this would be delightful. thanks.

enjoy your weekend, friends!
and be sure to stop by tomorrow, i have a little something for ya!


  1. Happy Friday friend! Going to post at my place now. Come on over later and see me!

  2. Well Hannah! You made me blush! I was all excited about the book report club link and then saw something familiar. I was very surprised! Thanks :)

    Back to The Little Book Report Club. I was just looking at that book for our next read-aloud book. I've never read it but it looks like one the kids will love!

    Here's a fun link I found this week. Adorable, printable paper chains!

  3. Happy Friday, Hannah! Wow, those ice cream cupcakes made my mouth water! Prefect idea for St. Patricks day. Thanks for the all the links!

  4. Okay. There's so much to love here. The ice cream cups are plain genius. Wow!

    That print is begging for a spot in Hunter's room, I just know it!!!

    Off to get convicted by that post...

    I know I'll thank you for it.

    Xoxo. Have a lovely afternoon! Yay for your man being home shortly!

  5. Thin mint ice cream cups?!?!? I can't even imagine the yummy factor!

  6. I can't even tell you how excited I was to read about the little book report club. AWESOME!