Friday, February 03, 2012

a little insta-friday

i had plans for a couple blog posts to close out this week.
yeah. not happening.
what is happening is a lot of this:

100% cranberry juice.

and not because it's my favorite juice, which it might be.
i'm drinking it like it's my job. for medicinal purposes. annoying.
annoying for anyone at any time, but especially when you've got a toddler on the loose.

also, i think medicinal is a funny word to say.

i change my kitchen towels once a day, at least. this one is my favorite right now.

i love the colors, such a cheerful palette for a dreary day. of cranberry juice drinking.
and the motif is super cute, right?
another funny word to say.

remember those horrible "fill in the circle" tests?
what are those called? i bet it's a funny word.

well, i've been doing a few of them for some things we've got going on.
good. grief. why i ever thought they were a treat to fill out, i will never know.
the best part is, i spent entirely too long searching my home for a pencil. my preference is pen.
always has been. in recent years, these are my very favorites. i have many colors.
each used for different things in my planner and on the calendar. i'm ridiculous organized like that.
oh yes. the pencils. actually one. i found one pencil.
and i may have used a makeup sharpener to make it useful.

speaking of useful, i miss encyclopedias.
remember when they were a thing?
i'm in a funny spot. very much immersed in the age of the world wide web and
the instantaneous search results. but i also spent a lot of time pouring over actual books for information.
i still do. it's just something i will never tire of. flipping through pages, browsing through the library. love it.
i have a set of old chilcraft children's books. the "make and do library".

as a little girl, these were what i spent hours "researching".
science projects, animal facts , craft ideas, fairy tales and stories about children around the globe.
i learned so much from this collection.
i read through several of the books on a regular basis with elijah.
(even if he's just running around, i read anyway. it's good for me and him!)
even a quick glance at a single page rushes my childhood to the front of my mind.
don't you love when something transports you like that?

my sweet child is already asleep. praise jesus.
my husband will be home from work any second and we will have a date night in. holla.

so. tell me. what's your weekend looking like?
and feel free to lend advice on the juice situation :)

life rearranged


  1. I love this post. And my weekend is CPR training, a soccer scrimmage - yay. And church - real yay vs. sarcastic yay. :)

  2. oy.. i hate those medicinal purposes. :( my biggest advice is the most potent cranberry juice you can find. like it should be kind of painful to drink and cost $12 a bottle cranberry juice. that stuff works. and good, plain, preferably raw yogurt. probiotics are good for good guys bad for bad guys. hope you feel better! :)
    and our weekend is snowed in. :) yay. :)

  3. :( I'm sorry, cranberry juice is no fun, and medicinal purposes are double the negative fun. My midwife told me that, no biggie, but I might want to start drinking some now and then. But she said it had to be 100% cranberry juice - no cocktail. After walking the juice aisle and carefully reading every single label and not finding one 100% cranberry bottle... I left. figured if it's no biggie to her, it's no biggie to me.

  4. uggg those circle test are the worst!!! hope the juice helps!!

  5. Arg. You need to try taking cranberry concentrate supplements. I take three a day and it helps prevent needing the cranberry juice for medicinal purposes. ;)

    And Arg because I just resolved to give away my set of 1973 encyclopedias that have followed me around since I was 10. Now I'm second guessing myself. I had the childcraft books, too, and got rid of most of them except the fairy tale one and the crafty ones.

  6. Boo for cranberry-needing annoying issues.
    And why always on a Friday??

    1. Scantron! that's what those funny tests are called!

      And not to be rude...but is cranberry juice for constipation!?!? If so looks like I need cranberry juice!!

      love ya

    2. I highly recommend the cranberry concentrate tablets instead of the juice. The juice is loaded with sugar and is diluted. No one could stand straight cranberry juice. The sugar in it makes the problem worse instead of better. And usually once it gets to the point where you "know" you need to drink the juice, it's already too late and you just plain need a doctor. However, the pills do help you keep the doctor away so the problem doesn't keep happening. As a note of interest, I used to have a huge prob. with that and with yeast. They can sometimes go head in hand for us gals. I found out I'm allergic to candida albicans ( google it if you don't know) I used Candida Cleanse from a health food store for a couple of months, and tried to cut down on my simple carbs. Now I take one probiotic every morning ( purchased at Sam's Club) and haven't had a problem in a couple of years!

  7. This little birdie and her husband went on a date! Our big boy played his last play-off game tonight, so my sweet man and I headed out for a burger and fries ALONE before the game. Came home to a sleeping baby and a happy tweenager.

    And- I hope this doesn't bust our friendship up- I drink Cranberry juice for fun.

    (Take a breath!)

    I know.... crazy. But- it is so yummy. And my kids love the cran-grape. It's a win-win for me!

    Have a great weekend! I am working on my email for you tomorrow!

  8. You are not alone... I'm taking cranberry powder for medicinal purposes. :)

  9. Just seeing the words cranberry juice made my sour glands pucker up. Yucka.

    It's funny you couldn't find a pencil because I can't ever find pencils around here either but for entirely different reasons. I swear at least 10 times during our school time each day I will say "WHERE ARE ALL THE PENCILS?!?" I think they're hiding out somewhere with half our socks.

    My parents still have a full set of encyclopedias and all the cousins like to look through them. :)

    Our weekend is nice & low-key...aaahhhhhh! Enjoy yours!

  10. My childcraft books were worn slap out from me reading them as a kid! And like a doofus I went and gave them to my sis in law once my girls outgrew them. What WAS I thinking?! Wish I had em back for my grandkids. Bummer.
    Wish ya didn't need the juice. Bummer x2.

  11. One time when I had to drink cranberry juice for medicinal purposes I took cranberry supplement pills instead. Way easier!! And it worked!

  12. Happy weekend Hannah! I hop you feel better soon. :(
    I used to always think the circle tests were a blast, too. Not so much anymore? too bad...
    I hear you on the books vs. www. I feel in between, too.
    My weekend? Hopefully I'll get a pot of minestrone made. It has been my desire for days. Maybe tomorrow it will come to fruition.

  13. I absolutely love this post hannah, and yes that towel is darling! Maybe try mixing some ginger ale or bubbly water with your cranberry juice...!

    Thanks for sharing !

  14. my advice on the juice: make it end somehow, soon. or, even better, put it in smoothie! that'd be FUN! and i hope you feel better, too. have a good weekend, my dear.

  15. Praying that the cranberry juice drinking is effective and short-lived. xoxo

  16. Climbed BACK into bed with with cups of coffee and pillow talk with Hubby. This made Rachel laugh cuz she said she's only seen us do this on Christmas morning:)
    (Never tried them but looks like cranberry pills are the are favored by the majority.Don't let it go to long though. If getting worse-see that doc)!
    Love ya!
    P.s Did ya know your niece is darling:)

  17. That kitchen towel is adorable! I love it!

  18. Cutest kitchen towel ever! It makes me happy! Sorry about the cranberry juice predicament. Yuck! I love the stuff, but not the stuff that you're needing the cranberry juice for, I imagine. Hope you're on the mend! My weekend was fabulous. Some of my dearest lifelong friends from out of state came to visit. I loved the craziness of 8 kids in the house, "remembering when" and making new special memories.

  19. I love that kitchen towel, the colours are definitely very cheerful! :)

  20. I love those books. I want a set for my kids someday. I remember spending hours at my grandparents looking through the encylopidia. I love it! And I love you... and Jared and I are praying that you feel better soon. You are amazing.