Tuesday, February 07, 2012

happy valentine's day! {next week}

something elijah finds thrilling: taking a big swig of water, then spitting it onto the floor.
something i do not find thrilling: see above.
happy tuesday.
i feel like i didn't get any sleep last night. could be because i didn't.
neither here nor there, here i am. and i'm thinking about valentine's day!

lord willing, next week we'll have a few little pals over for a party. nothing fancy, or terribly organized.
but we'll have treats. and valentines and laughter.

i was thinking cupcakes, until i saw these:

strawberry cake mix cookies with vanilla cream cheese frosting
yes. i am totally making those. and maybe cupcakes, too. ha.

i purchased this adorable printable set for elijah to give to his buddies:

are they sweet as can be or what?

also, here's a free printable i found that i love.
and who wouldn't want to give two valentines?!
and i think i have some extra little bugs somewhere!

head on over to dandee designs for the free download!

i'm hoping time allows, because i'd love to make a festive little banner.
some version of this is my first choice:

this looks precious. make edible paint and get creative on your dishes:

what a fun idea for a meal shared with your sweetie!
see the tutorial here on how about orange.

what are your valentine's day plans?


  1. These are great ideas! I make similar cookies without the icing and there is cool whip mixed in with the cake batter. They are divine and I actually just bought the cool whip to make them this week! I finally have a mantle in our new place so I see a banner in my near future!

  2. oh my.. i am totally going to do that plate idea!! too fun!! :) we went through a water spitting stage... until it became his job to clean it up. it lost it's fun aspect-- not quickly.. but ultimately. :) hope sleeeeep finds you soon. :)

  3. you are such a fun mom. elijah is going to have some fantastic memories when he grows up. ;)

    current plans are to work, and then go to the gym. serious sassy single lady plans. :)

    last year, i bought some of my single friends roses at Trader Joes. I may have to do it again this year. Everyone enjoys flowers!

  4. Nothing beats cake mix cookies for easy and delicious. Your picks are so cute!

  5. what a little stinker your boy is. :)

    (sleep tonight, k?)

  6. great inspiration!! The husband and I are not huge crowd fans...so we have always gotten pizza and taken it home :)

  7. I saw those cookies on Pinterest. I think I'll make them for my girlies' 10th birthday party this weekend. Also, you find the best and cutest stuff, Hannah. So great.

    I agree with Mandie about sleep. Praying for you!

  8. i hope you get a good nap today and that your boy doesn't throw a mouth full on the floor!

    um, that is about the cutest vtine banner i have ever seen. EVER! definitely heading over to read about those cookies. i'm kicking myself for not eating sweets this month. i think i might quit and give in. : )

  9. those cookies look delish!
    i bought the happy modern set from life made lovely i thought they'd be most suitable for my 5th grader. LOL after this year he wont have anymore school valentine parties *tear*

  10. Agree with the cupcakes idea. I made a different idea of Valentine's cupcakes a few days ago. Kids loved them! I saw the bugs, too. I am making those for my kids for sure!!

  11. Hmm, so this spitting water (or sometimes in our case milk) stage lasts this long?! AHHH!!!! Well, Milan takes a big sip and then lets it dribble down his chin till he's soaked and then yeah...

  12. love valentines day. love those cookies (easy peesy) love the above story on spitting water. it's soooooo much funnier when it's not your kid, you know ;)

  13. I love the bug jar idea - so cool and so different!

  14. Those plates and that banner are amazing!

  15. i love the bug idea! thanks for sharing ;)

  16. Those cookies look wonderful!!
    Hoping you sleep tonight.
    Love from,

  17. You find the coolest ideas, and those cookies have my mouth watering. And as for the no sleep thing...here I sit at 3:00 a.m. commenting on blogs because I can't sleep.

  18. Hannah this looks lovely! I'll be thinking about your sweet party while I'm chatting with your sweet niece. :) xoxo

  19. On Valentine's day I think I might fix my family a nice dinner. For the first night in a while we will all be home with NO plans. So, maybe I'll fix them something special. Or maybe we'll just order pizza so that I don't have to cook at all!!! :)

  20. I made the banner and LOVE it!! Those cookies are adorable and sound easy--thanks for sharing--hope you're feeling better: )

  21. inspired, every last bit, and i am totally bonkers for those buggy valentines! they will be perfect for my nine year old's class.

  22. You are going to have to teach Elijah how to do a spit take!! :) It's fun, I promise. http://thoughtsonthesethings.blogspot.com/2011/08/spit-take.html

    Love those little love bugs. Great idea.

  23. This is great! I hope you have a good V day.

  24. I love all of your treats... and wish I was there to partay with you.;)
    Hope you've been able to get some rest.
    Happy Valentines.
    love_ love to you.

  25. those valentine's cookies look delicious, and because they lack chocolate, i'd be less tempted to eat. them. all.

    i don't have small v-day plans. i made a banner. i'll make some cookies. maybe my kids will get heart shaped muffins for b-fast? maybe. probably. maybe i'll leave them love notes. okay i will. but that is it. my husband and i will exchange the customary v-day candy bar, give each other a smooch, and call it good. i'm so good with that.

    enjoy your party.

  26. Those cookies look phenomenal! I can't believe Valentine's Day is almost here! Eekk! You have such great ideas here! I love the little book page banner too!

  27. Those bug jar valentines are A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E