Monday, February 06, 2012

a cute kid, a recipe and a prayer request

there was a football game yesterday.
not caring for either team, and having an assiduous little boy made it easy to miss. i enjoyed some alone time. chips and salsa were in hand as soon as the kiddo fell asleep. patrick was out at a big manly party. i hardly know what to do with myself when i have free time like that. surprisingly, i didn't clean a thing, just relaxed and did nothing. i liked it.

i hope your weekend was a joy, i want to hear all about it!
here's a bit of miscellany for your sweet monday:

lately, it's either zorro or the lone ranger for my boy. he loves the action in both shows. and the masks that each hero wears. elijah looks adorable in his own little mask, some day i will get that on camera. if his usual mask isn't handy, a spiderman mask is a fine substitute. good gracious, i love my funny kid.

also. elijah is in great need of a haircut. most days it just sticks out all wonky and adorable like this. cute as it may be, it bugs me. please pray for a hair cut to happen soon. this requires a special miracle from the lord.

also a miracle, elijah facing the camera. ever. and i caught him.

last week i made a little batch of fudge. well, i call it fudge. and i mean, it totally is, but it feels like i am cheating when i make it. it's super easy and i love it. and so do other people! and i'm pretty sure they all think it's legit fudge. and that maybe i slaved over it. anyway, here's the recipe:

fast fudge
1 bag chocolate chips (i use dark most times)
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 tsp. vanilla
optional: chopped nuts, mini m&ms, mini peanut butter chips...

melt chips in microwave until smooth. stir in condensed milk and vanilla until well combined and smooth.
i often add chopped nuts, either stirred in or sprinkled on top. spread evenly into 8x8 dish and place in fridge to harden. usually cut-ready in two hours(or less). yum!
one more thing. would you please visit my new blog friend? joy's family needs our help praying for "pie".
hop on over and read all about her prayer request! she's even got a button to grab, to remind you to pray for pie and to help spread the word!

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  1. your little dude is getting so BIG! how in the world?!? still picture him as tiny little precious birdy baby and then i see these pics and he's a total boy. like no baby-ness:( what the heck?!

    miss you [both]!
    love YOU!

  2. I super love the pics of Elijah. He looks like a little boy now. Going to check out the prayer request right now.

  3. oh gosh, elijah, you sure are a cutie. i like long hair, by the way.
    thanks for directing us to small town joy. the button (and the prayers) are up!

  4. visited your new bud,

    praying for pie too,

    and Noah. (tears)

  5. I have to say, I actually like his hair like that. Maybe he's a trendsetter and you just don't know it yet. ;) And your quiet evening with the game sounds lovely. We had 30+ people in our home, and while it was nice to visit with them, it was also very loud.

    Thinking of you this week and hoping you have more quiet moments!

  6. That fudge looks amazing! And what sweet photos of your little man! He looks so old!

  7. Cute Kid is SUCH an understatement :)

  8. these pictures of elijah are beautiful.
    the hair is amazing.
    i love it.

    and the blue eyes melted my monday morning heart. ;)

  9. Carissa, Joy and YOU (and Elijah!) all in one post? SOLD! Your boy is so darn handsome. He looks utterly adorable and peaceful and loving. And yes, I know exactly how you feel when I say those things because I feel the same way when people tell me the same of Silas. ;) But it's TRUE!!!

    Love you today!

  10. as fast as i can.. i'm making the fudge and then i will wish you were closer so i could give you a hug of thanks. :) love you and miss you!!

  11. Love the photos of Elijah... darling. Glad you got some nice quiet time. I got some sewing done while watching the Super Bowl. Felt good. :)

  12. that fudge sounds so easy, it's dangerous! : ) but man, do i want some. good thing i'm out of chocolate chip or i'd break my no desserts month in an instant.

    your boy elijah, he's so handsome. his eyes are dreamy. i know how hard the haircuts are. my hunter is the same. it's traumatic. prayers sent up. : )

    xoxo, my dear!

  13. Hi Hannah! I have missed your blogs. I have been gone for a few months. But now I'm back. Cute pics & love the recipe for the fudge! Will be visiting "Pray for Pie"

  14. hannah i am not kidding your boy is like the most adorable little dude.
    i want that fudge.

  15. WHAT a DOLL he is!!! I want that fudge too.

  16. that's how i make fudge all the time! easiest way to get a choco fix! :)

  17. He is a cutie pants. I feel the same way about Miles' haircuts.