Wednesday, February 15, 2012

coffee break {links for you}

good morning. grab a cup of coffee, or a fourth if you're me, and check out this goodness!

seeing this towel on the oh joy blog reminded me how pretty lisa rupp's etsy shop is.
this is more than a dish towel. glorious!

marie is celebrating her fabric shop anniversary with a giveaway. go enter!

i need one of these. and i bet you do, too. sadly, i haven't room for one.

speaking of room, did you see this crazy awesome under $200 kitchen remodel?

loved this diy birthday banner at remade simple. kristina is a creative wizard. also, she's cute.

yesterday when i mentioned beautifully rooted, did you visit? go now!

click the image below to help sole hope win $50,000 to further their mission!

i've only recently "met" ellen of handmade recess. she is solid gold. i am not a runner, but this post...
this post really resonated with me and my life right now.

one of my favorite bloggers, jared wilson, killed it in this post yesterday:

and this is what i'm listening to right now. oh eva, how i wish you were still here! what a voice!

what have you been seeing//reading//listening to?


  1. love beautifully rooted!

    that handtowel is too lovely to use (at least for my house of 5!)

  2. that towel is dreamy. i think it could make drying dishes fun.

    and $200 for a kitchen. no. way. wow.

    so, i kinda got giddy when you mentioned a guest post for b.r. ... then what do you know, a post started stirring my heart. i'm going to write it soon, but will you read it first and be my editor? then, maybe i'll have the guts to submit. it won't be a novel for goodness sake. maybe three paragrahps. or two. i'll feel like a wannabe, but i wanna try. : )

    ps. i like you back.

  3. Love all the links! That kitchen is great! I love the floor!

    Have a lovely Wednesday! We woke up to a surprise snow covering our grass! The boys are so excited!

  4. that kitchen is NICE! love the striped floor. b. rooted is amazing.

  5. That retro breakfast station is so dang cute. Not sure if it'd be super useful, but that color?? thanks for sharing!

  6. Love the wall calendar! And the banner...SUPER CUTE and looks easy to make. Happy Wednesday :)

  7. Love that dish towel! Too cute!

    We been listening to the Civil Wars lately...and Avery has been listening to Taylor Swift nonstop! : )

  8. that stripey floor has made my morning. you have the best finds, h. love you today.

  9. enjoying my 2nd cup of coffee with you today :) loved all the pretty-ness. i'm loving sara bareillis - "uncharted" lately, which I cranked up at the gym this morning during my 5:30 a.m. workout with nancy (goat and the kid nancy). holla! for the crazy early birds.

  10. Hi Hannah! so glad you liked my birthday pennant! Thanks for your kind comments on my adoption post-looks like you have a happy "gotcha day" coming up too!



  11. omgosh! i totally need that breakfast station. except coffee makes me totally sick right now and i have no counter space. sooooo....wishful thinking i guess.

  12. hannah! thank you for your kinds words. i feel the same way about you. pure sunshine :).

    and now i am off to check out that kitchen!

  13. This little birdie has LeCrae stuck in my head... "Use me Lord, Use me Lord, Use me Lord..." Life with teenagers gives you great music!

  14. Yep kinda sorta love that dish towel. Gonna have to check her out. I'm reading to kill a mockingbird right now. Only in the beginning pages, but so far I hate it. I'm in a book club...sure wish they would stick to fluff.