Monday, February 20, 2012

beautifully rooted

last week was the beginning of something wonderful!
we celebrated the launch of a new site, beautifully rooted.
a space for women to connect through encouragement and inspiration that turn our hearts to jesus.
it's an understatement, but i am super excited about this place, y'all!
it's already rocked my socks and i hope you're checking it out.

today i've shared my first post as a contributor for beautifully rooted!

i've been keeping a journal for many years. much on a blog, most on old fashioned paper.
things about my heart, my family, my story.
grief, celebrations, anger, doubt. and victories.
all kept track of for me to look back on and see the hand of god.
his mercies are ever new, and his grace has always been sufficient.

today, i wrote about the importance of reflecting on our history. read it here:


  1. Yay Hannah! I'm so excited that you are writing at Beautifully Rooted! I'm heading right over to read!

  2. yay! so happy for you... going over to read it now.

  3. just checked out that awesome site! looking good my friend. what a great endeavor!!

  4. Looks like a wonderfully collaborative and encouraging site. "emotions often take over my responses"... isn't that the truth. I've been journaling a lot lately. Sometimes I see where the emotions take over. But then I see where God has been faithful. :)

  5. Been out of the loop--so excited to explore. Miss you. Love: )