Tuesday, January 17, 2012

wait, what?

that's what phrase keeps repeating in my mind lately.
wait, what?!
our insurance doesn't cover that at all?
it's -15 and elijah tore off his clothes and darted outside to holler off the porch?
i miscalculated the budget by how much?
perfectly encouraging notes and treats arrived in the mail at exactly the right time?
i haven't sent snail mail in how many weeks?
it's the third week of january and i have only written like 3% of my christmas thank you notes?

i mean, without elijah's help, none would have been done. what a great kiddo.
also, wait, what?! how is he so great? and so incredibly cute?

wait, what?! my cute child still won't allow a haircut?
and how is my funny little niece ivy turning one in less than two weeks?

good.ness. just breathe. i will catch up to all this crazy, all this lovely.

how about you? anything sneakin' up on you?

oh, and post script: i wrote a little guest post at jami's.
i'm trying to be present, so i can quit the constant wait, whattin'.

Sweet Shot Day


  1. Pretty much everything has been sneaking up on me. I missed a dentist appointment last week because I didn't think it could possible be this far into the month already. My brain is all over the place lately!

  2. well, at least your gonna write christmas thank you cards! lol, I didn't even attempt to put that on my list! your son is just ADORABLE:)

  3. p.s. your guest post at jami's was just wonderful!

  4. Awww. Great photos. I love Ivy's four teeth :)and it looks like she loves showing them off. Great job on the thank you cards Elijah.

  5. Very cute kids! A child's smile is always worth slowing down for.

  6. Love that little smirk your boy is wearing in his picture, too cute :) If I were you I would just keep that close by, when things sneak up and get overwhelming look at that sweet face!!

  7. I say that phrase often, too. Hopefully things start slowing down! Cute shots... your niece is quite adorable. :)

  8. i don't feel so much sneaked up on as clobbered over the noggin' repeatedly. i'd prefer the sneaking. ;)

    love you and your crazy, lovely life!

  9. love elijah's hair, don't touch a thing ;) wait whattin' around here looks like chaos of my kiddos toys that i've been wanting to downsize since Christmas. maybe today?
    <3 <3 <3

  10. Best.post.ever.
    Wait.What. feels like the name of the game lately.
    The boy who made me a mama is going to be 13 in less than a month...WAIT.WHAT?
    how did that happen.
    Love you, and I promise I'm emailing you today.

  11. Elijah is tooo cute! And I've got all my thank you cards written, but they've been sitting on the desk waiting for stamps for a week... ah!

  12. You are so cute Hannah, & OMGosh... those kiddos are adorable! What doesn't sneak up on me is the question!

    Girl, I still have my X-mas tree up! Lol)
    (Sad, a lil funny, but true.)

  13. i'm so glad i read your blog. because i need to send christmas thank you notes still. and you are good at reminding me.
    but my birthday thank you notes...those were included in my christmas cards #pathetic. hahah. my goal is to be better than that for my christmas ones.

    Thank you for the reminder. right. :)

  14. all of life sneaks up on me.. :)

  15. Agh! I've sent about that percentage of Christmas cards too! Thanks for that little reminder.

    My little guy's toddlerhood has been sneaking up on me lately. He went from crying when his baby sis touches his hand too hard, to trying to body slam said baby sis, and wanting to jump off the highest points in the house he can find. When did this happen??

  16. I tried to cut miles' hair and it was a disaster and I'm not even gonna fix it.

    I forgot about thank you notes.

  17. Wait. What?? How are you so cute? I am the WORST at thank you notes. Not my spiritual gift. And he's NEVER had a hair cut? How is it still so short? You = lucky. MISS YOU!!

  18. I'm so glad I found your blog from Sweet Shot Tuesday! Fun and faith-filled! The kids are adorable!