Monday, January 30, 2012

streaming memories {conversation hearts}

my mind is often filled with thoughts of my past and hopes for my future.
lately i find myself pondering some part of my childhood almost daily.
sometimes the memories are very painful, sometimes very sweet and special.
it's always a joy remembering the seemingly unimportant, fun times though.

when i was a little girl, i spent many early mornings on a school bus.  
from kindergarten to third grade i found my learning at a small private school in a tiny mississippi town.
the bus picked me up from my house sometimes, but most often from "the square" downtown. the school was only about twenty minutes away, but the ride was much longer with its many stops down country side roads. i spent much of my bumpy ride talking loudly with my little friends. i talked loudly, because who wouldn't want to hear what i had to say? really because the rickety windows made quite a racket with every pot hole our bus rolled over.
i think pot holes are mississippi's state bird. or something.
i had nearly the same classmates every year, mostly girls, four boys. i still remember everyone.
their names, hairstyles, what toys and books they loved, who they "liked".
we mostly all got along. except when we didn't. 
we had pretty elaborate school parties. i think because most of the moms were very involved,
and they must've really loved parties. maybe that's why i love party planning so much?

i think valentine's day may have been my favorite school party day. each year i remember loving coming up with my mailbox design. pretty sure i even thought about it other times of the year. they weren't that amazing, but it was just fun to create them. and dream about all the awesome goodies that would fill them!
the candy was my favorite. even our school cafeteria celebrated.
around valentine's day, they offered little boxes of conversation hearts for a quarter.

now, i almost never had money for lunch or candy.
my parents always packed a delicious homemade lunch for me. and i always appreciated it. HA.
i often traded it. my silly friends always wanted my stupid lunch. suckers!!
now, i clearly see that i was the sucker, trading my homemade cookies for
twinkies and cafeteria chicken nuggets. blech.

my dad did try to make sure i had a quarter to buy milk. i almost always chose chocolate milk.
unless i secretly chose candy instead. our cafeteria sold airheads for a quarter, too.

in february, i always said no to milk and heck yes to candy.
those little boxes of chalky, necco sweethearts were too much to resist.
their fun flavors and cute size were enough, but the words. oh, the words! "ur cute" "kiss me"...
i think they even said "pen pal" they say "text me" and "ur hot"...
talk about conversation hearts. we elementary school kids went crazy with those words.
i remember lots of laughing and a little bit of blushing.
i mean, it was all legit. much like the folded paper fortune tellers.

it's such a sweet thing, to be reminded of my little self days. simply by tearing open a little box of hearts.
honestly, i'm not wild about the taste of this candy anymore, but i love it. and will always buy it when i can.
i never want to forget being a sweet-toothed, school party-loving, loud-talking little girl .Miscellany Monday @
lowercase letters.


  1. Ah, the memories of childhood. I love how a smell or a glimpse of something can bring them on in full force. I haven't paid attention to conversation hearts in quite a while. I think I'll make the effort to really relish a box this year and maybe share a few with the kids. Maybe.

  2. Nothing but smiles with this post... pure sweetness. But the hearts, you're right, they're wonderful to look at and read... not as tasty though;)

  3. I always wanted the crappy food too... the twinkies and fruit snacks. And I always had the sandwich with wheat bread, piece of fruit, and milk. Ugh! ;) And guess what my daughter CHOOSES to fix every day for lunch? A healthy sandwich, piece of fruit, and fruitables vegetable drink. Whose kid is she?! :)

  4. What a sweet fun, little story!
    I almost spit out my tea on your line about pot holes being the state bird of Mississippi!
    Hope you have a lovely Monday. :)

  5. So sweet. You know what I just realized?! We never had a cafeteria or school lunches until Middle School. And then, I was definitely never allowed to buy things. I guess I owe mom a hug for that! : )

  6. Wow, you just took me back to elementary school. I love this post. What a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing.

  7. This little birdie says that I loved those things too. And I have the sweetest craft for those cute little boxes! I will show you soon!

  8. I had no idea you were a displaced Southern girl too!! I grew up in a small town too, and my school bus memories were much like your own. Ah, this post...brought back memories. Being raised in the South is one of the things I especially thank God for, especially as I raise my kids in this crazy place called So.Cal.

  9. those conversation hearts are where it's at. i'm glad to know we agree on this very important matter. thanks so much for mentioning paper fortune tellers.....friend, you TOOK ME BACK on that. to the 80s. 3rd grade. awesomeness.
    <3 <3 <3

  10. LOL. Shake it makes me giggle.

    I still have valentines memories from elementary school. :)

    It wasn't a big deal.
    Until one year when it was.
    One boy had a special valentine for one girl.
    Our whole class knew about it. And watched the whole fiasco go down.
    It still makes me cringe. And giggle.

    Hahaha. :) LOVE you.
    Go shake it. ;)

  11. i LOVE conversation hearts!! in fact, once it hits february...aka soon...i was gonna write a little post about these cute little candies too :) cute memories friend! xoxo!

  12. such sweet valentines memories!! :) love it. and I love remembering the sweet words the USED to say, instead of "text me" or whatever! haha. so fun, i enjoyed going down memory lane with you! blessings today friend!!

  13. I chipped my toth on one of those little candies growing up. They get hard in a jiffy.

  14. had i gone to school with you, you would have been my BFF! i'd have traded my school-bought meal for yours in a heartbeat. only problem we would have had was both of us talking too loud simultaneously. "u r cool."

  15. I love your sweet memories! Those hearts were fun. Once, when Patrick and I were dating, I wrote out a whole letter inserting hearts at appropriate places and then I mailed it to him at Bible College. He love it so much he cried. :)

    Potholes... state bird! Ha! That made me laugh! :)