Wednesday, January 25, 2012

something delightful about blogging {more on friendship}

i wanted to tell you something else about friendship.
it's crazy, and it even sneaks up on you.
that saying about 'strangers are just friends you haven't met yet' could not be more right on the money.
since my early friend-making days, i've been pretty proactive about getting to know people.
in preschool through elementary, i was possibly even bossy. like, "you wanna be my best friend, because i want to be yours, ok?" now that i'm an adult, i am a little less bossy about it.

in that quick post i shared yesterday, the friend i mentioned that called me.
i've only seen her in person once. truth. we met 'in real life' at blog sugar a few months ago.
we have known each other for almost a year now. through blogging. how is that possible, you ask?
because praise jesus, he can make friendships happen any kind of way he wants to!
the sweetest part is, this friend is just one of many that i have made through blogging.

last year i wrote this:
as bloggers, we love keeping in touch with family and friends,
running a handmade business, reviewing fabulous products or
inspiring others to deepen their relationship with christ.
no matter what we are blogging about, we are blogging us.
i blog me.
it's this that knits a reader to my own heart and i to theirs.
blogging about my life and my heart let's you,
the reader, in right away.
think about your friends.
that one deep chat.
maybe at starbucks, after a concert or
even after the loss of a child.
that talk, opening your hearts,
finally brought you closer together.
likely it wasn't when you first met that person.
getting "close" and "knowing" someone takes time.
lately, blogging has given me a head start.
fast friends are made when you get deep right away.
not even "life" deep, but just my likes and passions.
you see them right away.
you can search my blog for what you want to know and
shazam! there it is, neatly labeled.
many people i have known for years,
know as much about me as you do as a reader.
you may even know more!
crazy. also very awesome.

it was only about two years ago that i actually began leaving comments on blogs i'd been reading for awhile. it was weird. for some reason, i always thought that all commenters really knew the blog authors. i felt like i was crashing a fancy reception, but i just decided to respond one day. i don't remember what the post was, but i remember that it moved me deeply. so deeply that i felt connected to this person who wrote it. i've felt that way while reading books. it's a neat thing indeed to be able to shoot off a quick note or appreciation to the writer. blogging offers this opportunity. anyway, i left a comment. and later that day i left another comment on another blog i loved. the next day? i got responses from those bloggers. this freaked me out and filled me with joy. not only the bloggers themselves, but the community of others leaving comments, it was a beautiful new world for me.

listen to me. some of the closest friends in my life right now.
the ones who stir my soul and often encourage me the most.
i have never met them in real life, or only once(so far!) given them a real life hug.
this may seem weird to you. who said weird can't be AMAZING at the same time?
we pray for each other, share scriptures, or even funny youtube videos with each other.
i've even discovered favorite new shops, because some of these blog friends
are also creative and sell lovely things for me to buy.
they are real life friends, we just maybe haven't breathed the same air yet.

now, i don't have much "reply time" these days. but know this. your comments are read and appreciated.
and, i pray for you, whether you like it or not. when i have time, i love visiting the blogs of those
who have taken the time out of their day to comment, to connect with me.
and what a sweet surprise when an unexpected friendship blooms from this world of blogging!

there's encouragement just waiting for us! in this fancy year of twenty twelve, we have tons of ways to connect to people. it isn't all bad! some of it is so life-giving. there are others out there that "get" you.
baking, crafting, adoption, infertility, infidelity, pastor's wives, missionary families, stay at home moms,
working moms, special needs families...on and on! there are people you can connect with.
people who will minister to your soul. even those that you can comfort or encourage.

there are probably friends out there.


  1. Oh Thank you Hannah!! This post touched my heart because connecting and forming friendships are one of my top reasons to blog. To have others to rally for me and I for them.

    I also love how you said this year is *fancy*. I'm going to keep this mind and keep it FANCY! :)

    What a wonderful gift the Lord has given us to find other sisters in Christ through this outlet.LOVE it!!

    Your friend in Pennsylvania!!

  2. I just wrote about this myself.
    And you, my dear, Hannah, are surely a friend!
    I have been touched, time and time again by your comments, insights and the love you have offered me over the phone.
    You bless me and I know you bless many others.
    Thank YOU for your friendship.
    Love from,

  3. hannah i love this post, friend. if it wasn't for your sweet comments on my blog almost a year ago... i wouldn't have found you and your encouraging words. thank you.

  4. I love, love, love this! As you well know, I've only recently started commenting on your blog. I love your replies & comments! Your encouragement is always a blessing!

  5. Beautiful! I am so grateful for the friendships I've made through blogging. It is a wonderful thing! you are a blessing girl!

  6. I was so surprised at the REAL friendships I began making with such beautiful and inspiring women in the blogging world! had somone told me this a month before I started...I would have thought you were they were crazy!

  7. Hannah! I have not checked blogs in a few days and then I look and you have two sweet posts on friendships. Love them!!

  8. Isn't God amazing how He brings people into our lives! Blogging!!! Who knew?! So thankful for you. Xx

  9. This post is wonderful. Part of the reason I started blogging was to hopefully find new friendships, as lame as that sounds. We live in an area where there are not many young families and sometimes it feels so isolating. I love how God uses everything and anything...even the blog world! :)

  10. This post is so true. Sometimes, I know my husband thinks I'm crazy for caring about or talking about people "I don't know," but it's true. We know about each others' lives and stories, and sometimes friends we have "in real life" on the other side of the block, who we see just about as much as we do, the friend on the other side of blog. And we hear back from the bloggy buddy on the computer, more than we do the friend we've had for 20 years. I like a friend, who I've met or not, who makes time for me, on more than a once a year basis. :)

  11. Hannah, I would say that you are a leader in the world of making friendships through blogs. For that, I thank you! Blessings to you, sweet friend. :)

  12. i love how small the world feels through blog land. i'm so glad we're friends. : )

  13. I agree with you. I would love to have the opportunity to meet the bloggers I read daily. You are one of them! And I must say that I prefer to click from reader to your site because it is so pretty.

  14. I have been SO behind in finding out how you're doing and what's been going on. The first post I caught up with was this one! No need to reply, but it's lovely to read that you and I feel the same way about "blog" friends! I love that you and I can be friends, no matter where we each live! Happy Wednesday, Hannah!

  15. Thank you for that! I needed to hear it today. I have been blogging for almost a year now and I always wonder if anyone reads. I am one of those who reads the blogs that touch me but usually don't comment. I suppose for fear of them thinking "Who the heck is this person?"
    But now I am realizing how important the responses are to those of us who blog. It really does make our day, or at least make us think there is someone out there who cares about what you have to say.

  16. I even lost my mind and drove 3 hours to meet FPFG last year- and I am SO glad I did! She is the sweetest thing ever! So glad to have you in my life Hannah! Praying for those hard days!

  17. You are such a blessing! And I'm so happy that I can say that I have actually breathed the same air as you, if but only once :) XOXO

  18. Yes He certainly does. So thankful for blogging & friendships that have come through it....who knew it would be so impacting but it has_ you have.:)

  19. Here here!

    Or is it, "Hear, hear!"?


    Here, hear!

    Final answer.

  20. oh sweet hannah i love this and i love you. thanks for sharing your heart, your prayers, and for the precious encouragement. you bless me! <3 <3 <3

  21. Blessed to know you--blessed to have your prayers--especially real life, in person twice you graced me with your words! of prayer!Hope you know I'm praying for you and that beautiful family of yours too: )

  22. Bloggers are just the nicest folks. I think of them of as friends I have not yet met. Thanks for sharing your heart. Blessings to you.

  23. Wow, I love this and your other post about friendship. Such good motivation to keep blogging and share our hearts.

  24. Oh Hannah I love this blog entry!!! I also seriously love that poster. I just saw Mary Poppins at the theatre this week!

  25. wonderful! truly terrific! what a treasure you are :)

  26. this, right here, is how i feel about you. so thankful you're in my world, hannah.

  27. hannah, you bless me, and so many others, with your authenticity, encouragement, compassion, and grace. glad you are my friend.

  28. Well, now. I clicked over here from Ruthanne because I had seen your name in the comments of a few of the blogs I read. So out of curiosity I visited. And look what your post is about! Coincidence? I don't think so. You blessed me with this post. So the newbie doesn't feel so out so out of place here. ;)

  29. I love you and your heart, Hannah! I struggle so much with how to share my faith in Jesus on my blog and you do it so diligently and sweetly. You are a huge encouragement!

  30. This is wonderful and I love it, but most importantly I'm glad to have found you in this big blogging world. Thank you for your sweet words and encouragement.

  31. I am so thankful for my blogger friends. I am so glad that you are one of them, and I hope that we get to meet in "real life" some day and go even "deeper" and laugh in each others' presence. :)

  32. i agree with you 100 and 10 %. i wish i had more time in the day to read blogs & comment. you are a blessing! i love you friend. And your poem from last year ~ beautiful!

  33. I love blogging. It has brought me in to some of the most loveliest people I have ever known.

  34. I'm so guilty of not leaving comments! I read and go away without letting the author even know I was there. :-) What a blessing when we connect with other women, though!

  35. Hanna thanks for sharing this...I have started to develop some friendships here as well and I love it! At first it's a little scary...I have had some weird encounters but have come across many great ones. I adore your blog you are so encouraging and up lifting. We also have things in common which is really great...Jesus being One and Elijah and Elijah...I love it. Well have a wonderful weekend.


  36. this is really lovely. it's amazing how many lovely people God brings across your path.


  37. Hannah, you are one of the loveliest people I know. Truly!
    So glad I've connected with you.
    God works in the most mysterious of ways, doesn't He?
    Through blogs...who knew?!


  38. this is totally how i felt when i emailed you!! i've been amazed and challenged by the blogging world these days... i feel as though God is shaping me and changing me through you and the other blogs i read. actually, it seems as though you guys are all connected and are friends!! probably because i went from one blog to another and now i follow you all! haha ok enough rambling. thank you.