Tuesday, January 31, 2012

i've got a crush on treasury list makin'

sometimes, i am so out of the loop.
i only just realized that anyone can create an etsy treasury list.
i thought it was only for fancy handpicked folks.
now that i have this knowledge, i am smitten. since i usually have more plans than free time,
who knows how often i'll be collecting pretty things for treasuries, but it.is.fun.
therapeutic even. it even makes me feel like i have been out shopping!
anyway, i thought that you might enjoy seeing my collections. maybe?

'be mine {valentine}' by wifeysinger

Adhesive Fabric Tape x 4
Hey Y'all Sign Southern ...
RED and SILVER Leather Bangl...
hand stamped valentine neckl...
Child's scandinavian sof...
Valentine's gift for her...
kiss me
Summer Cardinal & Birch Tree...
red "be mine"...ca...
White and Pink Gooseberry Py...
Letterpress Valentines Coast...
Daffodil Floral Necklace

'black and white' by wifeysinger

1930's Royal Touch ...
Gathered clutch with ha...
black and white polka d...
this is the first day o...
Japanese Washi Tape Bla...
Wholesale 8 yard roll o...
Beauty Tips Quote Art P...
The typographer print
iPad cover / iPad Case ...
Black and White Retro M...
black geo earrings
Bob Ross mug
1 strand abstract shape...
25 Yards of Black and W...
Where You Love Art Prin...
Black and White Stripe ...

i've created some other fun ones, too. see them here!

do you create etsy treasuries?
leave me some links, i'd love to see your collections!


  1. I did not know you could do that! How awesome!

  2. Oh my goodness, that Hey Y'all sign is too cute!

  3. I've never created an Etsy treasury, but I've had some of my items added to treasuries and they look great with the other items on display! I love the treasuries. You did a great job!

  4. You need to check yourself. I mean, seriously, Hannah, your taste in cuteness makes me drool and it is not good for my pocketbook :) Thanks for sharing the beauty!

  5. oh my gosh this is so much fun! i just recently started a little etsy shop (i have no clue what i'm doing haha!) and i think something of mine got added to a list like this (maybe...or maybe i'm crazy)-- i was so excited!! your boards are beautiful! i'm esp loving the red for valentines :)

  6. Uhhhh, you're not the only one out of the loop.
    Hello present list for the rest of my life!!!
    Sorry, does that sound greedy?
    I love you picks.
    I can't wait to do one of my own.
    Love from,

  7. Great treasuries! I haven't made one in awhile, but they are so fun, right? And I totally agree...it's like shopping without spending money! :)

  8. I had no idea you could do the treasury thing. Another drool source for me. Love yoru red choice. Red just makes me smile. :)

  9. i'm so outta the loop this is the first i've heard of an etsy whaaaat? ;)
    but you make them look pretty fantastic. :)

  10. So is the treasury like a wish list for etsy stuff?! Oh my goodness, my husband and our wallet's in trouble! TROUBLE!

  11. I have only recently discovered how adorable etsy is! The treasury list sounds so fun - and addicting - like pinterest can be :-)

  12. girl! this is news to me. so if you're out of the loop, i'm like 52,876 miles out of it. : ) what pretty treasuries.

  13. I didn't know anyone could do that either. You have such a good eye, Hannah! These are some very cute treasures. :)

  14. love these! you are my computer inspiration! :) now if i could only figure out how to make a button.... ;)

  15. I didn't know that either! I thought only Etsy sellers could create them. I especially love the top one! Such great items :)

  16. look who is fancy now! i have never made a treasury! but i'd love to LIVE in one of yours. :) those are some happy places you just made!

  17. treasury's are hard work! Off to check your out :)

  18. You, little lady, just got me in big trouble!!! I never heard of this till now, and oooooh man... ooohh man! LOL!! Love you, Hannah!!! ( my bank account is scared! hahaha)



  19. Um, amazing! You've got some great stuff! I don't think I could do that as beautiful as you! Lovely!

  20. Hannah, I met your sweet mom at the quilt shop today! It's a small world! :-D

  21. Baby girl needs the hey y'all sign.

  22. absolutely adore your blog!
    -your newest follower

  23. Love it! Oh, how do I love that typewriter? Let me count the ways...
    And the Bob Ross art?! Hello Happy Little Trees! So fun.