Friday, January 06, 2012

insta-friday {and some thanks}

happy friday, y'all!
it seems that i forgot all about insta-friday, since my last one was in november.

not much, but i do have a few little snaps from our week:

1. happy red flats. they are proving to make winter-stuck-inside-syndrome a little easier. 
2. elijah turned three two days after christmas. i was on my deathbed, so the "party" was postponed
until this past week. it was relaxed and funny:) three little boys and their awesome parents joined us for cupcakes, and hollerin' fun. as in, it was very loud, but very fun.
and elijah gave each friend an old school slinky for a party favor.
he was smiling so big handing them out!
3. ok. this recipe is killing us. with deliciousness. and it's butter content may also be killing us.
who even cares? butter is my love language. kidding. sort of.
seriously, go try this baked corn goodness! now.
4. and lastly, inside my colorful dishwasher. one more thing that helps a winter blues kind of day.
call me crazy, but lots of color in the kitchen is the only way to go in my book.
also, my dishwasher period helps. i can't believe i once loved standing at the sink and doing dishes.
i don't hate it now, but i love and adore my dishwasher. praise jesus.

speaking of praising jesus. these two boys. oh my.
patrick walked elijah across the street to drop off our rent check.
i wanted a better photo, but a) i was in my jammies and b) it was like 7 degrees outside.

i'm thankful for my family
i'm thankful for being blessed with colorful things that cheer me up
i'm thankful for a cute, warm apartment downtown
i'm thankful for new mercies each day

what are you thankful for today?

let those who delight
in my righteousness
   shout for joy and be glad
   and say evermore,
“great is the lord,
   who delights in the
welfare of his servant!”
then my tongue shall tell
of your righteousness
   and of your praise
all the day long.
{psalm 35:27-28}

life rearranged
and linking up my thanks with alysa at inspired rd!

how was your first week of  twenty twelve?


  1. I am thankful for getting frozen yogurt with our friends today after school. It was close to 80's degrees and it felt like a perfect summer day. I love the pic of your guys.

  2. I think you posted this recipe because you know just how much I love corn. And with butter and sour cream?! oh my goodness, this is happening in my home asap!

    my first week of 2012 was uh-ma-zing. you know because I have a baby boy now :) and I'm pretty much head over heels in love!

  3. Love your fiestaware! And that pic of the boys is way too sweet.
    I'm grateful that that my husband gets to come home early from his trip!!!

  4. Your colorful dishes are awesome! They're just what I've been looking for. Fiestaware? Or something else. I LOVE them!! And, what app did you use for that pic? It's awesome and so so sweet. I'm thankful this week for my amazing husband, who's birthday is today. I'm thankful that he was ever born and brought into my life and that he stays married to me. ;) xoxo New follower btw.

  5. Love the dishes!! I love doing dishes :)

  6. Your life is full of so much color! I love that! :) Great verse in Psalm!

  7. What a cool street you live on - looks so cozy. And our first week was filled with back to school shenanigans and the first gymnastics class for the girls - TOO funny.

  8. I happen to find hand washing very meditating. :) I also like to recite our Scripture while doing it. Hubby always loads the dishwasher if he gets to the kitchen first. ;)

  9. Loving your happy red flats & colorful dishes. ;)

    Happy Instafriday!

    {what's your Instagram name? I'd love to follow!}

  10. I've been reading your blog for a little while but I'm not sure I've ever commented (shame on me!). I just wanted to tell you that I love that you end almost every post with a verse. What a blessing to those reading!

  11. i think the 'out the window' pic is perfect! i'm thankful for mercies that are new every morning ( of my fav verses) i'm thankful for my 'christmas' village still set up. it lights up my heart in these yucky winter days. happy friday, hannah! <3 <3 <3

  12. Ok, I've been reading in Google Reader, and didn't know you changed the look of the blog - love it! And love the pic of your boys! It looks so antique-y and wintery, like it's just them in their own little world on their own little street. Good job, mom! :)

  13. Love your red flats and colorful dishes! Where did you get those? And your boys are precious. I'm thankful today for a full time job (yay!) doing what I love!

  14. butter sounds like a lovely love language if you ask me! Love your new look, Hannah and your happy sweet picture!

  15. I like all your fun colors! They are so reflective of you and your happy smiles! I also like your new blog layout! So pretty. :)

  16. i love your new look friend!! and i love your pics...and updates :) the pic of patrick and elijah is precious. love you!

  17. I love the photo of E and P because it shows so much around your apartment building. Some day E will think it's really cool to remember these walks and the scenery. Too many photos are taken up close... takes away from what's going on around us.

  18. LOVE your colorful dishwasher!!! So fantastic :) Also - your Baked Corn recipe - is one my family also LOVES more than we should :) Thanks for sharing :)

  19. Happy Friday to you too, Hannah! I am thankful for a warm January day and for seeing my little boys smiling and playing in the sunshine!

  20. love it, Hannah:) the red shoes:) And the pic of your boys...who cares if it's not any better than that. It's looks like a snapshot of your life...which is really what it is! Happy Friday!

  21. Stopping by from InstaFriday - LOVE the cupcakes, red shoes and your dishes. What a sweet adorable pic of Daddy & son.

  22. love this bright peek into your dishwasher (and your days). i hope you have mended and are back to full-strength, dearie.

    happy 2012, a bit late! xo.

  23. that grid of four pictures is just too happy.
    i just want to jump into my screen and be happy there in ND with you. and your red flats. and colorful dishes. <3

    and your sweet boys. holding hands.
    i'm melting.

  24. Can I just say, your dishwasher is colorful with those cute fiestaware dishes. I love them. Your blog is so fun to read. I too, am a sinner saved by God's grace. Blessing to you.

  25. Love a colorful kitchen! Those shoes are so cute - you can't help but smile.

  26. Look at all that fiestaware! LOVE!

    And that town you live in looks awfully quaint! ;)

  27. I HAD to copy the corn recipe. Can't wait to try it!

  28. I am all about color in the fiestaware!

    Thank you for sharing pics, Super Cute


  29. Haha, love the comment you made about that delicious "buttery" looking dish!

  30. a. your dishes are delicious! and b. i checked out your kitchen post. conclusion: i totally have to copy you.

  31. we make that corn recipe here, too. but, my thighs only allow me to make it at holiday time. they are so stubborn like that.

  32. and also? i'm thankful for grace upon grace. our Savior is so constantly kind to me.

  33. what sweet photos. i have linked up FOREVER! this week.

    love the pic of them dropping off the rent. what a lovely shot and what quaint buildings on your street. where you live and i live are night and day different (mountains).

  34. hannah, just wanted to tell (we) may not have gone to college, but you have gifts far beyond that of a college degree. not only your spiritual gift of encouragement, but also the talents of mastering a computer & communicating through the written word. i've been thinking this for a spell, but wanted to tell you.
    that picture of your two boys is super precious..well done!

    hope you are having a wonderful day. their talkin' blizzard conditions here later today, could it possibly be winter? ;)