Thursday, January 12, 2012


my husband scheduled some vacation time for these upcoming days, for a few planned events.
turns out, we don't have any plans now!
he decided to keep several of the days off. for just us. to just be.
so, i'm taking an impromptu* break here for a few days. looking forward to time with my boys.

before i go, enjoy this random survey. she made me do it.

current guilty pleasure: stella artois. i never have her on hand, but patrick got me some for my bday!
current nail color: opi sanguine
current playlist: boyz ll men and brooks ritter
current read: smooth stones and oliver twist
current drink: water
current food: chips and salsa
current favorite show: zorro dvds {because elijah adores it!}
current wish list: sleep. and a date night.
current needs: more patience.
current triumphs: elijah slept all night last night!! and went to bed immediately just now #lookingood  
current bane of my existence: my shower. it needs cleaning and i don't have a maid.
current celebrity crush: i don't know. hard to top denzel and sean. 
current indulgence: hanae mori.
current blessing: this song.
current outfit: jeans, striped button down shirt, a lego pendant, and my husband's socks:)
current excitement: patrick doesn't work again until next thursday. holla.
current mood: fidgety and fussy 
current link: i kid you not, i have been reading this nearly every day since it was posted. praise jesus.
see you next week!
*you know what? impromptu is another word i can't say. it comes out improntu most times. good grief.


  1. Good for you! Enjoy that precious time!

  2. I hope your little family has a wonderful time together! How fun that you get to spend a few days "off", just the three of you. Enjoy! :)

  3. Enjoy your time with your special guys. I know you will. : ) What a special treat! Love ya!

  4. Intrigued by that lego pendant! And I had to laugh that you kept my "more patience". You and me, sister. :)

    Got your note. Catchya on the flip side and until then, know that I'm praying and so encouraged! Have a fun day w/ the hubs.

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your compliments. Have a wondering time spending that quality time with your husband.

  6. Aw, have fun with your men! I know it will be a precious time together!

    PS: LOVE that song!

  7. Have a blast! That print is so cute.

  8. Yay! Have a wonderful time! I pray you get deep, peaceful rest with your family!

  9. Oh Hannah! You are simply precious! Have a great time with your boys.

  10. Love the Lego pendant! I made some as party favors for my oldest boy's birthday a couple years ago but those are way cuter!

    Enjoy your time as a family! My husband was home for 10 days over Christmas and it was wonderful. We had no plans, no have-to's and it was the best vacation ever!

  11. you DO so rock.
    get the weekend.
    and get it good.
    enjoy your man time. we'll all be here when you get back.
    lord willing, of course ;)

  12. My husband and I need to schedule something just like this. I hope you have a great time with the boys, Hannah!

  13. hooray for special time with your men. soak it up and have a blast.

  14. enjoy your time together, and STOP listening to boys II men!

  15. We get to do this next week only I'm making him paint ;)

    I hope you get your little package from me soon!!

    I think I want a print of that for my room (you know,after he paints it!)

  16. hope your days have been full and running over! with rest, that is. : )

  17. we are so different in many ways yet knit together by the blood of jesus. a fact i LOVE! still here i sit in 'the boss mans' socks...i need to do laundry. hehe hope your week is a refreshment to your soul!!!

  18. Hope you are having a great time with the hubby being home.

    Love this little survey...I might have to play along!