Saturday, January 21, 2012

i'm grateful for this

today was difficult. patrick left for work way early and elijah was cranked up to the max.
we managed some fun anyway. didn't get the boy a bath tonight, a battle i chose to pass on.
another battle i dodged was pants. the kid has an aversion to them lately. so no pants.
yet he traipses around in my huge snow boots all day. maybe he thinks the boots are pants?
patrick fell asleep with elijah on the sofa just now.
they're so sweet, i might not wake patrick for dinner. nah. i love dinner with my husband.
and it's early yet, so we may get wild and watch a movie, or play the wii. we so crazy.
i'm  grateful for my messy sleeping sweetie kiddo.
i'm grateful for my soon to be awake husband who'll laugh with me tonight.

i've been marinating in this today, wanted to share it with you:

i'm grateful for scripture, the truth and comfort the spirit brings through its pages.
and i'm free to read it whenever i want. grateful for that.
i'm forgiven when i don't read it often enough. i'm challenged to read it more. grateful.

enjoy your weekend, friends!
what are you grateful for right this minute?

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  1. Right this minute I am thankful for you. You and your movie watching, wii playing, wild and crazy, living on the edge, party animal like me, self.

  2. this little birdie just baked brownies! hooray! after a week of no cooking because my mind was scattered to the ends of the earth, I pulled it together and made brownies for lunch tomorrow... there is hope for a real home cooked (by me) meal in our future!

  3. LOVED when you said "maybe he thinks the boots are pants"... LOL!!! I adore that little boy.

    Right this minute I am grateful for evenings when I can sit at home. And I'm grateful for the yummy dinner sitting in my stomach and the cupcake waiting for me upstairs.

  4. My sweet girls, a husband that's home, a warm crackling fire.............

  5. I'm so grateful for scripture too!

  6. Girl, you so crazy! haha love that :) I'm grateful that we can only go on 2 hour dates because my baby girl misses me if I'm gone longer... Sometimes I'm sad about it but tonight I realized I'm super grateful for it. She won't need me this much for long. What a blessing. Enjoy your wild night!

  7. love how much love you have in your home. pants or no pants. wild or not wild.
    :) i hope your night was everything you hoped for.

    thankful this minute for a warm cozy house. an abundance of THINGS which i most definitely do not need. and spent the afternoon working to pare down. too much STUFF. i realize how fortunate i truly am. :)

    loveeeee you. happy sunday friend!

  8. amen, girlie! we have such a gift in looking to Him and the Truth of His word for our JOY!

  9. You know, sometimes I really wish we lived close (though I can't say I wish I lived WHERE you live, except for perhaps from June-August :) so I could come over and bring the girls and just watch the hilarity that would ensue while you and I sit and chat. Sigh.

  10. I am grateful for my Lord... and reading your sweet blog reminds me of that. Blessing to you.

  11. I like that pic of Elijah too. I am grateful right this minute that I have a warm, cozy bed and sweet hubby in the other room. Soon I will crawl into that bed and sleep.

  12. "maybe he thinks boots are pants?" oh man. that sounds like a whole lot of cuteness.
    I think little boys think pants are optional.
    actually, the other day, i went up to get george from his nap to discover him not only without pants, but without a diaper.
    not cool, man, not cool. he's been in zippy jammies for nap time ever since.

  13. aren't boots pants?!? uh oh.
    thankful for you.. and a lot of other stuff. :)

  14. At this moment I am thankful for the warm sun on my face and the quiet time that naps bring :)