Monday, January 09, 2012

happy things

{i chose a winner for the shabby apple giveaway! was it you?}

i totally get that life does not consist in the abundance of things.
but. sometimes, things really bring me a heapin' helping of joy.
mostly if those things came to me by way of a friend who thought of me.

last month, i celebrated my birthday. i was thought of by others.
i received sweet cards in the mail. two from my pops(they almost always send two, really cute ones.)
this girl and this girl know me. their gifts of starbucks keep me happy for sure. holla.
tweets, emails, calls and texts wished me well.
man, technology really helps boost your mood with all those avenues of communication, yes?

i received a special gift from my pen pal, jami. that adorable little hoop art?
yeah, i've been wanting it since it was listed. i'm actually in love with everything in the shop it came from.

also, i love the girl who owns that shop. aly tucked in a treat from her with my gift from jami.
sweetness overload much? the true crazy blessing of it all is that this little box of happiness arrived
on a hard day. i'm pretty sure it was the hardest day of the month. no accident i'm sure. because i was
close to the depths of despair, crying out to jesus for a bit of sun in my burdensome gloom.
and what do you know, he used two friends to send me some sun. some happy. when i needed it.

when the cares of my heart are many, 
your consolations cheer my soul.
psalm 94:19

i'm always in awe of his hand. in the big, crazy things, and more so in the little things.
i'm so grateful for my friends and family who think of me. i'm grateful when someone takes that extra step
and tells me they think of me. a little gift, a quick text, all of it uplifts and encourages me.
praise jesus. when i'm so blessed, over and over, i just want to pass it on.
who are you thinking of today? who do you appreciate?
have you let them know?
{i appreciate YOU!}
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  1. Okay I am not really a fan of hoop art (I know I'm weird) but those are super cute!!!

  2. wow girl. you. are. loved.

    i love knowing that the lord showered down some reminders of that on you when you needed it.

    total testament to how real he is. how BIG he is.

    today i appreciate my parents. my mom brought me a can of soup. a slurp. and some saltines.

    my dad came by and brought me cough medicine and 4 (yes FOUR) different types of chicken noodle soup (i think he thought he was funny).

    glad that i have my parents to take care of me, even though i'm all grown up and moved out. :)

  3. I am thankful for my husband who watched the kids so I could catch up with an old friend from my teaching days.

  4. happy belated birthday, sweet friend! i looooove that hoop art! so cute.

  5. love love love the hoop art! such talent.

  6. This little birdie says I love this post!!! I find that our sweet Jesus SHOWS us that He hears our prayers on days like this when He sends a box of sunshine in the mail! How precious!

  7. what a happy post. love it.

    and that hoop art... ADORABLE>

  8. oh love the hoop art...glad you felt so loved on your birthday :)!!

  9. So cute! Definitely adds a little happiness! :)

  10. what lovely gifts. for one lovely lady. i'm so glad your birthday was happy.

  11. love love LOVE that God orchestrated that little box of sunshine to arrive when it did. He is so overwhelming sometimes! so happy to have been a tiny part in His romance toward you. oh how He loves us, that He'd use us to bless and uplift and encourage each other when we had no idea how much it was really needed. you made ME smile today, my friend!

  12. that hoop art is toats adorbs. the perfect cheery for wintery january days. happy monday, hannah! i appreciate YOU and your sweet blog
    <3 <3 <3

  13. one of my most favorite things about this God we love is that He calls us to community. He calls us to show our love for Him by pouring out our love on others. so often i get all wrapped up in my head and forget how little things make such a difference. i am grateful for you. i have said it before.. but your genuine sweetness and honesty is joy giving. happy late birthday. :)

  14. Oh holy cow. Those are CUTE! I love them! Very pretty :)

  15. you are a precious gift to the internet, friend.

    I love you!

  16. Sad that I missed your birthday but happy that you were loved and sent so much goodness. Happy late Birthday, you are a treasure chest. Love you Hannah girl. :)

  17. oh my lands. that blossom and vine shop IS fantastic! love the hoop art. i appreciate you, i really like you and your heart, and i'm so glad you celebrated another birthday last month! may God bless your life with many many more birthdays.

  18. These are darling an so YOU! :) It is so nice to be thought of... touches the soul. I am thankful for you and your encouraging words. :)

  19. Those are seriously the cutest hoop art pieces I've ever seen! Hopped over from Life Made Lovely. Thank you for sharing!

  20. Those hoop arts are darling! How precious!!

  21. that hoop art is darling. i think i want to copy it and make my own!