Monday, January 23, 2012

a few things

i feel like i am always saying "wow, i totally can't believe that it's already monday!"
so i won't say it.

last night my sister and ben-in-law joined us for dinner.
i made this and served with tostitos lime chips, sour cream and cheese.
we munched a few cuties, too.
why is it that cuties are the only orange
i can ever peel successfully? seriously. make that soup.
it's thick and delicious and i make it every week!

we have some things to do today, but all i want to do is bake cupcakes.
{which really means all i want to do is eat cupcakes, similar to baking cookies}
i've been collecting recipes. a few cupcake pins here and some that i'm eyeing
in cookbooks i have. and of course they must be baked in happy cupcake liners.
sometimes, if it's gloomy out, i just look at a few cupcake liners.
it's almost like a ray of sun:

oh! the sale i mentioned on adorable liners, they've still got a few if you need some.
i ordered some mini ones. nothing cuter i tell you.

actually, elijah might be cuter.

i took this last february at disneyland. it was not a very good shot, with the shadows and all,
but i really love it. his eyes make me all melty hearted. his whole self does, really.

time to get back into the swing of letter writing. for real. i am such a slacker with it lately.
the one cent price increase for the stamps has been depressing me before it even went into effect.
am i a nerd?
speaking of stamps, i think they're just beautiful to look at.
i love how you can really add art to an envelope by simply adding that postage.
these, these and these. and gregory peck. swoon.
which designs are your favorites? i especially love vintage and foreign stamps.
i think this project using stamp images is adorable:

i hope your monday is a delight!
i'll be chilling out to one of my favorite "chill out" albums:

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  1. Happy Monday friend! What a sweet pic of Elijah. I love fun stamps too. Especially brightly colored ones. Oh and cupcake liners. Total addiction! They're so pretty & fun to look at.

  2. Aw I love the picture of Elijah and those cupcake liners are adorable. :) I would want to make cupcakes for people if I had those (I don't like cupcakes so I never make them for me!) :) Have a great week!

  3. I could look at that first picture all day long. Such happy colors. Happy monday!

  4. I have been a cupcake making fool lately! I box them all up right away and send them to neighbors, etc. This last batch I made 2 dz and only ate 1... good job, right?! Well, afterwards I was mad at myself for getting rid of them all because I really, really wanted one. ;)

  5. That picture of you're little guy is so sweet! And those cupcake papers make me want to bake some cake RIGHT NOW! : ) Hope you have a beautiful Monday!

  6. Goodness, Elijah is SO cute! and yes, i've been a cupcake factory playing with my new mixer. i'm definitely going to check out those pretty liners!

  7. Hannah!! I love you!:) I'm a slacker too.... I've gotta write my pen gal like now and yes the stamp price is a bummer. But your cuteness stamps, cupcake liners, and sweet Elijah make it all better.

  8. Loved your little update, and how cute is HE??!!

  9. Love the funky and awesome. The pic of Elijah is precious.

  10. hmmmm I just love coming here for a pick-me-up! The sound of baking {and eating} cupcakes sounds awfully tempting right now! ;)
    Your son is so precious! Have a good day, friend!

  11. i love the shadow, i love the picture, your boy is so so melt-me material. : )

    and girl, why can't i be your neighbor with all that cupcake baking?! i'd totally make you share. ; ) hope they turn out soo wonderfully!

  12. great. now i want to make cupcakes.
    how is it that you always find the coolest loot?
    elijah is one handsome fella!

  13. I'm buying cupcakes today for a bachelor viewing party tonight. I hope they all have fancy wrappers.

  14. I totally get that feeling, when all you want to do is bake ha!

  15. I totally get the cookie/cupcake thing - seriously can't believe I made it the whole day without making cookies - this never happens. Love the links - must add to my cupcake liner collection -they're just so fun. : )

  16. ooohhh... are you a letter writer?! i am notoriously irresponsible and consistently write letters only to find them in my drawer 6 months later unmailed. so this year part of new years resolution was to write a letter a week and actually mail it. :) preferably with a fun stamp. but today's was an american flag generic stamp. lame. i shall do better after seeing your fun-ness. :)

  17. oh man, your little elijah...kill me with cuteness!

    xo:) miss you!

  18. i love that picture of your boy! it reminds me of my boy and you're right... heart is melting here.

  19. i used to always say "wow! i love cuties.. i can always easily peel them where as it's ridiculous how much i suck at peeling regular oranges.." until i found out that they were "made" so that kids could easily peel them so that instead of wanting candy or chips, they'd want to easily peel a tiny orange...
    i suddenly felt inept. but then i just grabbed another cutie ans said "i still love cuties"