Thursday, January 12, 2012

coffee break {links for you}

it's thursday. january 12 of 2012. is that a cool day?
i'm not all math-y, so i'm not sure, but it looks close to a cool day at least.

we have appointments this morning, then we'll be up to our usual silliness about the house.
i will be sure to brew at least two pots of coffee, that is also usual.
how about you join me! with your cuppa coffee, tea, coke...what do y'all drink, by the way?
sneak a moment to sit and scroll through these sweet links:

lovely naomi at works of anselm shared a peek into her little girl's room. swoon.
i think this new letterpress card from cleanwash would be great as a valentine.
cutie leigh-ann at freckled nest collected some awesome finds. clocks. the green one is my fave.
the birthday house is having a fabulous sale on cupcake liners. better hurry!
this three minute video, 'david, goliath & the gospel'. if you haven't seen it yet. get it done. excellent!
pizzazzerie has featured a few adorable valentine's day printables. for free.
and i love this. via wit+delight.

enjoy your day, make it great!
what fun have you spotted lately?


  1. My favorite recent find was over on Lollipops:

    How cute is that? I need to get on it!!

    I think this weekend I may head out to Ikea to look for some fun stuff.

    PS- today I'm drinking coffee with maple and brown sugar creamer but the past few days I've had Maud Borups White sipping cocoa. $3 at Walmart and just divine!

  2. I'm a tea and coffee drinker. I'm trying to cut the coffee out as much as possible because the creamers are so dog-gone bad for me but I still love it too much.
    Thanks for the tip on the de-stash sale! I'm stocked up on cute cupcake liners now! :)

  3. Great links...I can't wait to check them out! I'm a Diet Coke turned coffee of my New Year's resolutions was to quit drinking soda!

  4. i am not a coffee fan... i know i know its crazy. i love the smell or but not the taste.

    if i want something hot i will drink tea but stick to minty teas. if i need caffeine its a diet dr pepper for sure :o)

    i enjoyed the video. so good!

    i love "you can do anything NOT everything" oh how i need to remember that every day!

    thanks for the other fun links. happy thursday hannah!

  5. thanks for the gorgeous images! what a darling blog you have!

  6. love all your to swoon at the little girls room...I need some nursery ideas :)

  7. I don't have to answer about the coffee. You already know. ;)

    Cupcake liners... Yes!

    The David & Goliath video... something to ponder. And I love to ponder :) Never really thought of approaching the story that way. But I like it.

    Did he pick good apples? ;)

  8. I LOVE those cupcake papers!!! How fun

  9. I drink a cup of coffee in the morning and a dr. Pepper in the afternoon. My kid is gonna be addicted to caffeine when she joins the world. Oopsies.

  10. Are you ready?... water.

    I know, so boring, right?

    I wake up SO thirsty in the mornings, so water it is.

    I opt for a Coke or Sweet Tea (not too sweet) later in the day. It's how I roll.

    Have a lovely day!

    God is good, all the time!

  11. water. blurg. i am crazy and enrolled in some biggest loser thing through my husband's work. double blurg.

    oh, man. i really like that last graphic. trying to focus on the anythings i really want to do :).

  12. You always have the cutest links :) I'll be checking out the cupcake liner sale of course!

  13. I love that quote... it's so true!! I'm trying to just do the everything that God puts before me. :)

    I drink water.. I know exciting, huh? At least it's life giving!! :)

  14. You have the cutest posts. The polka dot cupcake liners I am in love with. I am no a coffee drinker, and trying to drink more water. Blessing to you.