Tuesday, January 24, 2012

are you a good friend?

it's so crucial for me.
to call out to jesus when i am weary and lonely. i need him.
i also need the friends he has placed in my life. he's given them to us you know.
he knows our need for another human soul to connect with. to build with, laugh with and grieve with.
friendship is important.

nothing seems to be going right. just about every thing that has a place, is not in its place.
my child is obsessed with the fridge. and emptying its contents.
baking cupboard emptied. jars of sprinkles are opened and scatter into a rainbow of mess
on my kitchen floor. the floor that hasn't been mopped in...i forget how long.
days like this are just about my normal.

a few days ago, i was exhausted, frustrated and on the verge of tears or screaming probably both.
it's cold, we don't have the car most days, so in no time, i have cabin fever.
on this day, i said out loud to myself, "i am dying here and nobody even cares!!!!!"
about one minute later my phone rang.
it was a friend, calling to say hi and see how i was doing.
 her voice was refreshing and cheerful, which instantly calmed me. she's a mama too.
she knows a hard day. she knows that a quick chat with a friend can make your entire day turn around.
i bet that's why she called.

because a good friend will tell you when they are thinking of you.
a good friend will ask you how you are doing. and really listen when you answer.
a good friend cares for you, even when they are about to have a baby, grieving the loss of a parent,
getting ready to move...when it's not convenient for them, you know?
how often do you do things that are inconvenient to bless another?

i'm, not saying ignore your family to check up on a friend,
or to not feed your family dinner because you're laughing it up on the phone, or leaving sweet blog comments.
but, i do think it's important to be aware of the opportunities we do have to be better friends.
probably a few times a week?
really, i am swamped and barely find "free time" to blog,
but how long does it really take to send a quick text message?
i'm intending to snatch up those little minutes strewn about my week.
instead of deciding if i want to cry or scream from frustration, i will send a text message
or jot down a quick note and pop it into the mail.

i'm so grateful when my friends think of me. it encourages me like crazy.
i want to remember my friends, no matter what i'm facing.
because i want to know what they are facing, too.


  1. I'm not a big phone person so I just texted my friend some flowers lol.

    Thanks for the reminder!

  2. What a great idea to fuel all that emotion into a friendly conversation with a friend, rather than be angry and get upset. :) I love this!

  3. I love this post! I'm feeling your pain. 2 hours and 45 min of screaming this morning. I just keeping singing "Tis so sweet to Trust in Jesus." Have a good evening friend!

  4. I love when I feel the nudge to connect with someone and I actually follow through with it. I'm sure it blesses me more than them in the end.: )

  5. hannah this was so so encouraging! and so what i needed to hear. thank you!

  6. I am encouraged hannah. thank you for sharing. yes, we will have to catch up soon. so wish I could just fly you out here and fellowship over a nice cup of joe. you are doing a great job! and are the sweetest "internet" friend i have every had!! ox!

  7. i love you hannah! i'm so glad that your sweet friend felt the nudge to call and listened. what a great reminder to me, to stop in my "oh-so-busy" day to say hi to a friend!
    you bless me so much more than you know!

  8. What a great reminder. I rarely call because of my loud, demanding kids but texting?! I can totally text. :)

  9. i so so agree, ...and this proverb reminds me of that sara groves song Twice As Good, have you heard it?! OH MY youtube it now! it so fits your post, lovely, just lovely and TRUE! I am so so thankful for my friendships!!!

  10. Thank you for this post. It is very easy for me to sit back and do nothing because I am so busy. Thank you for the reminder to take time to jot a note or make a quick phone call to the people that I love. :) You are on that list of people that I need to call.

    P.S. I bought some chai tea bags at Starbucks today and I thought of you. I remember wandering around B & N with you and you would sometimes buy the tea bags at the Starbucks corner. I love the little tins the TAZO tea comes in at Starbucks.... really I just bought it becuase my hotel only serves coffee and I don't drink coffee and the grocery store is too hard to find in this sprawling mass of cities all blending into one giant mess. There are so many roads around here all tangled together. Big cities make me long for small townes, even ones as pretty as Dallas.
    P.P.S. I also thought of you when I ate catfish tonight because Jared is always raving about catfish, and I associate you with Jared and catfish and things southern. :) I don't even think I know if you like catfish... but I thought of you and your cute little family (far away from all things catfish) and prayed for you guys.

    I miss you being just down the street from me.
    I love you.

  11. What a blessing a phone call can be... great reminder and something I need to work on to. Being a great friend - even when it is hard to find the time.

  12. i promise you it will pass... it. will. pass.
    can i tell you something that has gotten me through the stinkiest of stink bomb days with a certain mister? i realized one day in my fit of frustration as i called out "what is wrong here?? why can't i get him to STOP x,y and z?? the spirit blessed me with this--- He didn't call me to change his behavior. that is not my job. my job is to be faithful.. to be the best mother i can be.. to be filled with His grace over and over and wake up and do it again. the actual changing of behavior?? well that's between God and that little boy. they are going to need to work themselves out. that helped me SO much when i would get to the end of a day and feel like i had literally accomplished nothing. that the issues and problems were the same when we woke up as when we went to bed. my peace could be that i had done my part.. that i had done MY job. that i had been faithful-- so it actually was a gold star day. :) and i have to remind myself of that all. the. time. :) xoxox

  13. A phone call or text from a friend can definitely brighten my day. Thanks for inspiring me to intentionally find ways to show love to others!

  14. i just love your heart sweet hannah. i need to be better about this. thanks for your encouragement and your friendship. love you and i'm praying for you today! xoxo!

  15. So glad that you were blessed and encouraged, Hannah. I've been struggling with a couple friendships lately, to be truthful. I try so hard to be a good friend. I have a couple close friends that have really hurt me recently. I'm trying to give grace, but it still hurts.

  16. i love this hannah.

    it is so true. it doesn't take much to put forth effort in the friendship...a quick text, a quick phone call, a little note in the mail, or a hey tell message. i know that i often get too caught up in my to do list and don't carve out enough time for my friends. thank you for your honesty and your words. it was definitely convicting to me to take that little extra time.

    love you!

  17. this is truly so awesome Hannah. I could not agree with you more. I feel my cup runs over with these kinds of friends and that Jesus really knows exactly who I have needed at different times in my life. but there are a select handful that have been there through it all... and for those sisters, well my heart beats faster and i get weepy just thinking of how much joy they bring to me. thanks this is beautiful.