Monday, December 12, 2011

sharing christmas :: wrapping

no fancy tutorials here.
i just wanted to share how weird eclectic my gift wrapping can be.
i absolutely love wrapping gifts. like, possibly more than shopping for the gifts.
for certain more than getting gifts. it's such a relaxing, creative activity. for me anyway.
there really is little method to my madness.
sometimes i am all matchy matchy, most times i am not.

twenty years from now i will have a wrapping station again.
all my supplies corralled neatly and easily accessible for the season.
having worked years and years in retail shops where i gift wrapped until my hands went numb,
i found having a station the only way to go.
unless you have a little person around who thinks wrapping stations are play-stations.

hallmark stores and some handmade shops are usually my go-to for papers.
i collect little things to use as package decorations, mostly after christmas.
if it's shiny/jingle-y/glittery/textured funky i'm all about it.
tiny jingle bells, well i love those all year long, for any occasion.
traditional reds and greens are great, i mix it up color palettes often though.
depending on who the gift will be given to, that often determines my supply choices.

i do love a plain paper.. the simple brown paper especially.
the ready canvas for creating is so much fun.
a few gifts may get extra attention. i may bust out the stamps, or even freehand a little something.
usually though, i haven't the time. or the energy. 
shoot, by this time i usually have most gifts wrapped already.
this year though, for sanity's sake, i have only wrapped what you see here.
just one less thing i need to keep my sweetie child away from.

i love a variety of ribbons, ricracs and twine.
and i am a total sucker for the miniature shiny traditional package bows.
we ship most of our gifts to far away family and friends. on those packages i usually only use paper,
no ribbons etc. because it'll just get squashed to death in the box.

tissue and package filler can be anything.
 i do think it's fun to coordinate with the outside wrapping though.
last year i found some pepperminty looking tissue paper for like twenty cents a pack.
pretty sure i bought all they had. so, red and white striped tissue will likely be my go-to for awhile.

washi tapes of course are my favorite on the plain papers.
for regular wrapping paper, i only use transparent scotch tape. they sell 'gift wrap' tape. liars!
it's the cloudy stuff! if you're picky, like me, then just grab the cheapie rolls of transparent tape.
it just looks better, in my opinion. i'll tell you now, i am a recovering tape-o-holic. as in, tape and tape 'til you can't tape no mo'! ridiculous for the poor gift recipient. i have improved. a little.

for gift tags, i have load of freebies downloaded{of which i will share a few later today!} and a few fancy ones that i just couldn't resist from say, a letterpress shop:) even the good old sticker ones from target are often super cute and certainly affordable!

there are so many times when the actual gift i am giving really couldn't be too amazing.
if i spend an extra minute though, and make it fun and personal, that makes it a bit more special.

i find most of my supplies "off season".
a couple hallmark shops that closed down in our town, drug stores,
and target have all helped me stock up with their sweet deals.
crafts stores and dollar stores are great places to check too,
so often i find the cutest things in those places!
also check etsy and the like for after christmas deals, as well as bookstores and gift shops.
they often have nice and super unique supplies for making a gift special.
i can't remember the last time i paid even close to full price for anything i use.
except for washi tape, i guess. which lasts for an eternity, by the way! get some.
this year, after christmas, i have plans to NOT buy any papers or supplies.
i truly have too much and need to just use it all up before gathering more.
we shall see how well i do once the time comes:)

tell me about your gift wrapping!
do you have a rhythm? a wrapping station? elves that you pay to do it for you?


  1. I am still using the same paper that I bought about 4 years ago. i bought these super larger rolls and I just can't seem to use it up and I'm too cheap to toss it. However, once it is gone, I'm going to organize my paper and spruce up my methods. : ) Too cute, Hannah!

  2. Wow, you made gift wrapping an art! So lovely! I too love wrapping gifts, in fact I get to wrap lots in a week or so with my son for Boy Scouts, but they won't look as awesome as yours! But it gives me something to aspire too. ;0)

  3. love your tray of supplies! such pretty ideas!

  4. Lovely wrapping, Hannah. I wish I had a neat system to share with ya, but I don't. There is definitely no rhyme or reason to my holiday wrapping...I usually just send my hubby and son off to do something away from the house (errands, to the park, whatever works) while I turn on my favorite Christmas tunes, drink some hot chocolate and wrap away until I'm done. :-)

    I love all your Christmas posts...keep 'em coming!

  5. Love it Hannah. I love wrapping too! I can never resist buying more supplies in the sales..... goodluck with that :) xo

  6. really super cute, you are so organized, I have got to get on that! I am using yarn instead of ribbon this year, neat huh?! I just bought a bunch of yarn at the thrift store, it's so much cheaper than ribbon. I love your wrapped gifts hannah, what a treat!!! thanks for sharing with us...

  7. Your presents are awesome!!! :)

  8. SO Pretty! I love pretty wrapping but really dislike spending tons of money on something that will be destroyed and's an internal battle. :)

  9. This needs to happen for me this week before the kidlets get out of school. I am going simple this year: brown craft paper, doilies, black/white buffalo print check ribbon, simple tags, maybe cricut out the initial. I need a wrap elf bad. Send him my way if you find him! :)

  10. These packages are almost too pretty to open! Love.

  11. I love it when presents are wrapped so beautifully that you don't even want to open them!! Unfortunately, I am always just grabbing whatever picked-over wrapping paper I can find and slapping a plain bow on it :( This post is inspiring me to be different this year, though!!

  12. We are huge wrappers in our family. Almost competitive.
    I too get most of my goodies after Xmas - loved seeing yours! They are just lovely.

  13. I love wrapping presents. It's so fun to let Avery wrap too now that's she's old enough. They always turn out looking like some kind of wrapping paper and tape modern art installation, but it's too cute!

  14. beautiful, beautiful, Beautiful. the giant bell is the bestest!!!

  15. what pretty wrapping you have. come wrap for me!

  16. GORGEOUS! you're so creative! i love wrapping too. gift bags are sacrilegious, i say.

    my favorite is just plain brown paper, and I have some baker's twine, or regular twine. i like to use stuff like doilies to dress them up, too! i need to keep my eye out for scrapbook stuff to use, like you do!!

  17. I do just love that polka-dot wrapped present with the russian stacking doll. :) Such a sweet little blessed me for sure! xo

  18. You are an awesome wrapper! These are so cute! My first job was wrapping gifts! I got pretty good at it, but I didn't get to get this creative! :)

  19. Fun wrapping paper and cute gift tags are a gift in itself! I love how your presents turned out!!! Thank you for sharing those great gift tags too. :-)

  20. hannah! you have the cutest selection of lovingly wrapped gifts! you are inspiring me. and thanks for giving links to so many of those cute downloadable gift tags. i'm loving how you use washi tape, bakers twine and littlest jingle-ey bells together. I feel the christmas!

  21. you are so fun. and your wrapping inspires me. ;)
    last night i was wrapping a gift - i used Trader Joes bags and some washi tape (ahem, see, you really do inspire me) - same as you have! the red print and gold sripe! sooo pretty!!!

    i love your candy cane tissue paper!

  22. Aw, your presents are so cute!!! I love them!