Saturday, December 17, 2011

sharing christmas :: stockings

today is my birthday.
my husband is due home later with a perfect pizza and cold stella.
and i will have as many peppermint andes mints as i want.

christmas is next weekend, friends! lord willing, next week i'll share my favorite christmas cookie and my favorite christmas movies. i've even got a couple more amazing friends sharing posts, too!
today i want to show you our christmas stockings:

my sister made them for us last year and i absolutely adore them all.
we don't have a mantel, but we do have a sideboard that works just fine.

this year, patrick and i will stuff each other's stockings and skip "regular" gifts.
elijah's will likely get filled with trinkets and treats of all sorts. who knows what santa will bring;)

growing up our family had one stocking hung. it was my dad's when he was a boy.
it's one of my favorite christmas things, that old flannel stocking. i never even wanted my own stocking.
it seemed perfect to share that blessed thing with everyone else.
years later, my aunt sent us a cute stocking she made. we all shared that one, too.
most years they had cards and goodies from out of town family stuffed inside.
you know, the money cards.
man! there is nothing like opening up one of those
long rectangular envelopes and seeing that cold hard cash.
call me superficial, but it was nearly the only time i ever had any real currency.
you can bet i spent a decent chunk, maybe a whole ten dollars, at the claire's store in the mall.
scrunchies(i do not miss these), bracelets, anklets...
and once my ears were pierced, earrings and more earrings.
the rest of my money bought candy(razzles) and various hello kitty or lisa frank necessities.
time moved on and my taste would change.
victoria's secret body lotion,
a hot new single on cassette
or even splurge for the compact disc!
makeup, nikes...
the gap would soon be getting all my christmas money.
today the gap still gets most of my christmas money.

i love that my sister put gingerbread cookies on my stocking.
she copied their decoration exactly as my mama taught us. i decorate my cookies very similar to hers.
partly because they are cute this way, and partly because it makes me think of my mama.
i always had good times cookie decorating with my her.
well, always probably isn't true, considering my sassy nature, but there were good times.

i love our christmas stockings and i can hardly wait to fill 'em up!

so, tell me!
do you hang stockings?
are they handmade or the ever coveted pottery barn ones?


  1. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Hann-ah. Happy Birth-day to you!

    Mine are a collection of old from when we were kids & 10 year old walmart ones...hope to make my own before next year.

  2. I LOVE your stockings! They're so cute! And they remind me of the ones my mom made for us when I was a little girl. At my house, we have store bought stockings, but that's only because I don't know how to sew. Stockings *should* be homemade, I think. They're so much sweeter.

  3. Happy Birthday Hanny! And our stocking are the same as Rebecca's - but you've given me inspiration.

  4. i love your stockings. i've always wanted to make my own. maybe someday. :)
    i'm not sure why but my mother in law always has filled the stockings with practical things like underware (to start the new year right) for new years morning. so that is what we do. there is candy and knickknacks too. the boys love opening their new years morning.

  5. Happy, happy birthday, sweet Hannah!!

    We hang stockings. Filling them up with unique stuff for each kid is my favorite part of gift giving. I love it.

    P.S. I think scrunchies may be coming back because I saw them at Forever 21 when I was shopping for my girls. :)

  6. Have a wonderful birthday, Hannah! I love that your sister made your stockings--now they are extra special and have story to tell.

  7. We hang stockings- homemade, personalized knitted ones up the staircase and the "ever coveted Pottery Barn" ones on our fireplace mantle- the velvet ones. Totally worth the splurge!

  8. Happy Birthday sweet Hannah! I hope your day is fabulous! and Oh...we don't have a mantel either or a sideboard...I just sit them in the chair next to the tree on Christmas Eve and then they magically fill up during the night! It's amazing I tell you!

  9. Happy Happy Day to you !

    and, no, we no longer put the stockings out... but, I think they are still in the attic somewhere :)


  10. Happy Happy Happy Birthday dear friend! :) I hope that you have a wonderful day full of love and laughter! Love you!

  11. your sideboard is PERFECT hangy place for your little fam.

    and a shared family stocking? what an awesome thing to grow up with! i love it!

  12. happy happy birthday sweet hannah!! hope you are enjoying your day! :)

    -hannah t

  13. My mom purchased personalized stockings from Pottery Barn for my kids several years ago. and, although they are adorable, the opening on them is SUPER narrow so we can't really put much in them. Oops.. I mean SANTA can't put much in them (hee hee).

    My husband's stocking is from Target and it says "naughty" and mine is from Old Navy in a big pile for $1... fancy, I know ;)

    I adore your stockings. Maybe I should make new ones for our family with my fancy sewing machine! :)

  14. Happy, happy birthday!!!!!
    I love that you and your hubby fill each others stockings. I bought stockings from world market this year and I love them!

  15. perfect pizza and peppermint andes mints.....wish I could join you! happy day of days, hannah! <3 <3 <3

  16. Birthday Blessings!!! Yes, my grandmother gave us stockings which she made for us: counted cross stitch on linen, with a rich velvet backing. After I got married, I made them for my husband and children to match. Each stocking is different, with a verse from Luke 2, part of the Christmas story. I look forward to making them for my future children-in-law and grandchildren one day.

  17. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear Hannah! I'm sorry I missed the day! I hope it was an absolutely wonderful one! My husband Patrick's is coming up on Friday! :)

    I pray the Lord walk with you and that His blessing abound in the year to come. I pray He lifts your head in the trials.

    I love your stockings! Just precious!! :) My mom had ones like this... hand sewn. They were so neat. Ours are just velvet, but cute. :)