Tuesday, December 13, 2011

sharing christmas :: one gift

fact: i am a michael mcdonald and a james ingram fan.
both of them have voices that move me.
combine that with the christmas season and you have me smiling from ear to ear.
are you familiar with this song?
it's catchy and true. also feels a little old school nineties-ish (of which i am also a fan). enjoy!

So many will worry
On this christmas day
But worry just goes so far anyway
When the shopping is over
It's all said and done
The story's the same for everyone
'cause one gift
Already given that will stand the test of time
Love and mercy
Sweet forgiveness
A gift from god the father to all mankind


Christmas is special
The time that we share
The joy and the music fill the air
But let us remember
The message is clear
He sent us a savior to draw us near
With one love
From the beginning
That will span the rest of time
A child is born to a world that lies waiting
To prove our father's love for all mankind


This good news
The greatest gift we share
So let us have no fear
As we sing hallelujah

'cause one gift
Already given
That will stand the test of time

Love and mercy
Sweet forgiveness
A gift from god the father to all mankind


what not-so-traditional christmas songs are you loving right now?
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  1. PTL love this post, and now i love this song! i have a crush on michael mcdonald, a secret one, sshhh...

  2. born to die. by the shanes.
    but i think i may have told you this 23435 times already. ;)

  3. i love that you love r&b. great song hannah.

  4. Hi Hannah!!
    So excited that you won the colorscience giveaway!! I just started using that product and it is Amazing. I will email ya right now so you can email me your mailing address!

    oh, and xmas music... I just bought a very she and him Christmas cd (Zoey Deschanel) and I love it!

  5. I "This Baby" by Steven Curtis Chapman. Kinda old now, but I love it! : )

  6. love it!! and i'm a huge fan of all christmas music, old and new, hence the theme on my blog this month (a christmas song a day). thanks for sharing :)

  7. I know it probably sounds silly, but one of my favorite Christmas songs is This Christmas by Plus One (the Christian version of N*Sync). I've loved it since their Christmas album came out.

  8. In our Christmas program, we sang a song called "One King" with this line- "one king held the frankincense, one king held the myrrh, one king held the purest gold, one King held the hope of the world"

    I'd never thought of it that way!