Thursday, December 15, 2011

sharing christmas :: nic

today i have a special treat. my dear nic is here to share a bit of christmas with you!
months ago i stumbled upon her lovely blog, seventy piggies.
her way of weaving words captured my heart in a way that i did not expect.
she is a sweet blog friend, a dear sister.
i am so grateful for her and so glad she's here today:

when i plumb the happy well of christmases past, my bucket pulls up full every time. there's the year i turned eight and got the deeply pined-after barbie mcdonald's (with the hamburger patties and the trays and the bitty spatula that still make me weak in the knees). or the year we couldn't afford a tree, so a friend climbed his roof and lopped off the top six feet of his giant evergreen, which sat zany and beautiful in our living room. or the year we flew from oahu to indiana and my aunts and uncles smuggled us up the farmhouse lane and through the back door to nearly knock my grandparents clean over with surprise. the places and colors vary with time, but a single thread of belonging runs through them all. i grew up loved down to each last freckle, happy and secure and wanted. and i so much yearn for this for my quintet of kiddos, to cherish them so completely that they don't have to waste an ounce of thought on self-doubt or preoccupation. that they are freed up to love their Savior and see the messy people around them as some of God's very favorites.

little m

it's our five-year-old's first christmas with us. possibly his first christmas ever, as he has no memory of celebrating in ethiopia. and we are filling it with festive trees and hot chocolate with sprinkles and candlelit hymns. but mostly, we are centering on the hope of His kingdom come,
on the bright and sturdy wonder of God With Us.

hallelujah, hallelujah
heaven's love reaching down to save the world.
hallelujah, hallelujah
Son of God, servant King, here with us.
You're here with us.

thank you, beautiful nic. this is christmas.
please visit nic's blog, richest blessings and pointing to the king await!



  1. thank you for having me, sweet hannah! you are a treasure.

  2. Oh how awesome! It will be his very favorite Christmas... and one he'll always cherish.

    And I didn't have the Barbie McDonald's, but I know exactly what your referring to and I loved the little accessories as well!

  3. i, too, had barbie mcdonalds. darn if those little hamburgers didn't get lost in the couch cushions, though.

  4. You slay me wherever I find you, N.

    Happiest of days to two of my favoritest ladies!

    ps - I have some Joy Williams cued up, too.

  5. I've never meet Nic face to face, but I can truly say she is a special friend.

    I remember my Barbie dream house that Santa brought me one year (actually, it was second hand but cleaned to shine and look new!). I never knew the difference and love my parents even more for the fact.

    Merry Christmas!!

    And Hannah, so glad to find your blog! :o)

  6. Beautiful Christmas memories, Nic! My Christmas memories are also filled with family and love. With every Christmas, my bucket fills even more!

  7. oh my goodness. you are so right, hannah- the way she weaves words together... "the bright and *sturdy* wonder of God With Us" just makes my heart sing!

    thank you nic for such a sweet and beautiful post! now heading over to check out one of my new favorite blogs, i'm sure. [70piggies, that is]

  8. Hannah your are AMAZING ~ you have amazing friends!

  9. what an amazing way to celebrate her son's first christmas. beautiful.

  10. seriously--- between the mistress of this blog and the writer of this post and many of the commentors above mine... i may have just stumbled into the loveliest women ever group hug. xoxox :)