Thursday, December 22, 2011

sharing christmas :: movies

as i began this post last night, i was planning to share why i love each of these movies.
now? well, now i am sick. like near my death bed. maybe i am being dramatic.
besides, my sweet boy can't be trusted while i rave about these amazing, fun movies.
anyway, i love christmas and the films it brings.
i've gathered a few of my favorite christmas movies.
fourteen. that's a few. trust me.
it's a problem, i just can't pick faves.
since i'm not feeling well, i'm probably watching a few of these as you're reading this!

1. elf
3. while you were sleeping ok, this may be a super fave
5. die hard i know this tops your list

2. muppet christmas carol oh! another super fave!

2. a christmas carol {with george c. scott} and this is my number one mostest favorite.

and miracle on 34th street and maybe more. you see? christmas movies are my favorite!
are these familiar to you? you must watch them. all.
tell me about your favorite christmas movies!


  1. oh how i love Christmas movies! i love elf, and while you were sleeping, and it's a wonderful life. ahh Christmas movies. sad sad..i haven't seen any of these this year. i did happen to catch a day of Lifetime Christmas movies though. it was fun...and sappy :) love you friend!

  2. Aw girl sorry you are so sick! :( I hope you start feeling better friend! Oh man...there are so many good Christmas movies on here. I am a huge fan of It's A Wonderful Life :) Truly puts our problems into perspective. Ha ha that Arnie movie was a big fav of mine when I was younger! :)

  3. My most favorite is White Christmas. I like most that are on your list and I have to add Home Alone {just one and two} and Christmas Vacation. Hope you feel better soon!

  4. oh no! i am so sorry you're sick. boo.
    i loooove it's a wonderful life, elf, (the original) miracle on 34th street... there are so many here i haven't seen! i just made my husband watch love actually last week and he actually liked it. add that one to the list! :)
    love you, friend. get better.

  5. how ironic--- i am reading your blog from MY sick bed.
    :) i love your list! two more of my favorites are the family man and the family stone. <--- weird those have practically the same name. hope you feel better soon! i completely deny and and all rumors that the amount of christmas crap i have eaten might have anything to do with my weakened state. ridiculous. ;)

  6. So glad you shared these!! I haven't thought about While You Were Sleeping in years!! Instant Netflix-ing that tonight!!

  7. We need to live closer, so that when we are sick we can watch movies together!!! ;)

    My kids have been on a "Christmas Carol" marathon... and we only watch the George C Scott version. It spooks them every single time... LOVE it!

    I've never seen It's a Wonderful Life... never. Are we still friends?

  8. We LOVE It's A Wonderful Life. p.s.- I just added you to my blog roll. :)

  9. p.p.s.- I also ordered A Hole Is To Dig. :)

  10. oh NO! i'm sorry you're sick!! i pray you feel better very soon.

    i was about to leave a comment and say, ahem, you forgot the best of all - a christmas story. but then i saw you threw it in there at the end. good for you.

    i love the family stone! it's kind of a recent one... but it's so good!

  11. Hannah, For christmas last year, Luke bought Jared,
    the best christmas pageant ever". I would change that with ELF and our (mostly Jared's) list would almost look the same. :) ha ha. You must be related.

  12. oh no miss thang. feel better soon.
    get some quality movie watching in.
    and hopefully that will distract your little man from knotting up all your string and other things ;)

  13. get well soon:) love all of these movies!!!!!

  14. Love your picks! It's a wonderful life is my favorite movie ever. p.s. I totally laughed when I aw Die hard ... we totally count those as Christmas movies and watched 1 & 2 this year :)