Tuesday, December 06, 2011

sharing christmas :: memory

i give you a little christmas photo from way back.
now, i considered leaving this post wordless.
but i want to share a few things that this photo, from 1989?, reminded me of.
the church we're 'posing' in is one of my favorite places on earth.
a little church in the heart of a tiny mississippi town. beautiful memories.

my hands have always been oversized.

i no longer wear bangs, because they too, are always oversized.

that dress was one of my few dresses. i loved it. it was passed down to my little sister eventually.

i miss wearing bows in my hair. kidding.

my brother jared would have worn a coat and tie every single day of his little life.

my brother jack still has great fashion sense. he still loves velcro shoes.

my sister has always had a big head, and she looks great in puffed sleeves.

my face. i still forget to not tell every thought of my mind with it.
{this face says, 'seriously, how can we not be finished here yet?!'}

our family looks amazing in plaid.


  1. this photo is awesome.

    i'm glad you didn't go wordless. your commentary is hilarious.

  2. Jared wore a suit last night while ringing the bell for Salvation Army and SINGING in the mall. He said he received a lot more money when he was actually singing instead of ringing the bell. ha.

  3. omgosh. this is so funny. have you seen those awkward family photos at target? this isn't THAT extreme but it still cracks me up.

  4. This totally made my evening. LOVE your face, no matter what it's saying :) xox

  5. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! I haven't read the actual words yet, but the PICTURE!!! Incredible!

  6. Ok, that was great. Your hands, really, Hannah??? I have NEVER thought your hands were oversized. You are nuts. And that dress - I had one of those too - huge collar. Except...I had mine what looks to be about 4-5 years after you had yours - typical MK. HA! I need to scan some of the old pics of all us cousins - be prepared!

  7. This is too cute! This could go on those Target Holiday Cards called 'Akward Family Moments'!

    Just when you thought

  8. i love it! your face is priceless, and i concur your family looks amazing in plaid.

  9. I love Jared's coat and Jack's suspenders! :) So fancy! And Hannah, I really do love your bangs and bow. xo

  10. Oh my word...your face is priceless!

    I had a similar dress. Remember the giant collars (what were they called?) anyway the ones that could be velcroed (why does that look wrong? forgive my broken lil phone) from dress to dress? The collar on your dress reminds me of that.

  11. ha, this picture is seriously priceless..

    love it!!!

  12. This is hilarious! Your brother in the coat and tie is the best. Love it!

  13. Ok this is too cute. Your face is piceless....;)

  14. this is pure amazingness. and i think you should make it a rule that you smile like this in ALL photos forever and ever. ;)

  15. LOVE IT!!! Yes yes, plaid is definitely the "color" for your family.