Wednesday, December 14, 2011

sharing christmas :: kacie

ten days. until christmas eve. can you believe it?
i've been hustling and bustling to get some gifts together and ready for shipping.
also, why does shipping cost a million dollars?
almost all of our family are far away, so i need to be ready now.
this year, we have cut way back on many things,
gift giving is one of those things.
and that is ok.
one thing i haven't done much of lately is make gifts myself.
i totally want to, it's just not for me right now:)
hopefully next year, i'll have the energy, time and less toddler interruption:)

one thing i'm sure to be using in my future handmade gifts is glitter.
i love glitter. so, naturally, i LOVE what kacie is sharing today.
kacie is a darling blogger friend and i'm thrilled she's sharing christmas with us!

hi all! my name is Kacie and i blog over at two downings a day.
i spend most of my blogging time talking about my sweet, sweet Jesus, my husband Todd (TA),
our little English bulldog Singer, and our little one due in June.

a Christmas tradition i've started since i've been married is to make handmade gifts,
mostly for my mom, mother-in-law and other family members.
and if they aren't completely handmade, then i run to Michael's
and grab as many cardboard ornaments i can and paint them.
and you know what all of my gifts include? lots and lots of glitter.

we usually spend the months after Christmas still finding glitter on the floor
or on the counter, but i really can't help myself.
it helps make this magical season just a little bit more magical.
(my little trick is, and you may know this already.. i hairspray the glittered pats of the project.
it acts as a sealant and keep most all of the glitter on the object.
which, as you may also know, is KEY to any glitter project.)
mini church ornaments i painted white and glitter-fied last year

family members have become to expect glittery gifts from me and to me..
that's a magical tradition to keep up.
i hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!

thank you, kacie!
y'all be sure to hop on over to kacie's blog and say hello.
you're gonna adore her:)


  1. OH my! I do love me some glitter! My hubs calls me glitter girl. Those ornaments are adorable :)

  2. I'm not much of a glitter person, but my younger sister lives and breathes glitter! :-) And I hear you on the shipping. We had to mail a package this week to my far-away brother and the price was way up there-- for just a small box! Oh well. Tis the season.

    You should come link up with my Gather Round Your Tree linky on Monday!

  3. glitttterrrrr.

    i have just a few christmas decorations up.
    and they are ALL glitter based.

    and i love kacie as much as i love glitter.