Tuesday, December 20, 2011

sharing christmas :: gingerbread

i often call gingerbread cookies my favorite christmas cookie.
really they aren't so much a favorite as they are the most meaningful.
these jolly things are loaded with christmas spirit. you know what i mean?

growing up, my mama baked these every.year.
her recipe is the only gingerbread i will eat. i am such a snob!
we'd all get to help decorate!
we kids were pretty good little decorators, if i do say so. mama would set aside "family" cookies.
these would have each of our names written in thin white icing across the belly.
i am making family cookies this year:)

when i was a little girl, my school always let out for christmas break right around my birthday. i'd bring gingerbread cookies to school. each classmate had a personalized cookie. i was extremely popular on this day. my pals would start asking near the beginning of december if i was bringing 'those name cookies'
for my birthday. they were just that good. and that adorable. thanks, mama.

like most of you, our life is hectic right now. i can't even believe i got any cookies made at all.
being short on time, i had to choose one kind to make. gingerbread was it.
i am slowly collecting cookie cutters that i like. somehow i have no snowman. awful state of affairs.
the snowflake and the standard gingerbread man are my favorites right now.
i did rustle up a number three. elijah celebrates his third birthday next tuesday!
oh, my. elijah is head over heels for these spicy little treats! even ones without icing.
i caught him sneaking a few, in addition to the too many i allowed him:)
seems the only time i get to snap a few photos is at night. i guess the tree makes a better background
in the dark anyhow. these are worlds better than the mess i posted a couple years ago.
just wanted to give you a little peek at something that makes me super happy at christmas!

so, tell me about your christmas cookies! do you have a favorite?

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  1. Yummm! I LOVE LOVE LOVE gingerbread cookies!!

  2. I love that last shot! So pretty. Frosted sugar cookies are my fave!

  3. Love all your photos, Hannah...the cookies looks so yummy!

  4. Oh goodness, those sound soooo delsih! Beautiful shots as well!

  5. We always make Almond Creme Filled Sandwiches. Yummm! I'll have to drop off a few on Wednesday. ;) Love these, Hannah! xo

  6. Oh they look great! Love the last shot with the tree in the background :)

  7. I love the pics taken of the gingerbread cookies..they really look so lovely and yummy.

  8. i've never made gingerbread cookies before (gasp!) but i love this cookie i call 'tastes like christmas'.....they are little cinnamon roll cookies and they are ah.ma.zing.

  9. Love the pictures! My favorite cookies will always be chocolate chip!

  10. What a happy little cookie! I don't think you are alone as a cookie snob. My mom makes the best divinity ever, and hers is the only one I will eat!

  11. Poor mr. gingerbread man... he never had a chance. ;)

    My favorite holiday cookie is actually not a cookie, but peanut butter fudge. Does that count? I've never really liked gingerbread *gasp* and I don't like snickerdoodle *gasp* But I DO love a really great homemade frosted sugar cookie when they are made right.

  12. Gingerbread is our favorite as well! Your cookies are lovely. Although, all that talk about a recipe snob, I thought a recipe was coming my way! I am a fellow food snob. :) Just wrote about it last week! Visiting from SST. :)

  13. Those look delicious and soo cute!

  14. Oh yumm! I haven't made any of these yet this year! I need to fix that!

  15. your cookies are too cute to eat!
    i love your pix. happiness.

    i make 3 kinds of cookies (i'm a non baker so this is a big deal)-
    caramel melt-aways
    peppermint cracker candy (which we call "crack")
    gingersnap cookies.

    i refer to them as the "cookies that saved Christmas."

    find the recipe links here http://victoryrd.blogspot.com/2008/12/cookies-that-saved-christmas.html

  16. what pretty pictures and yummy cookies!!! gingerbread is some of my favorite cookie kinds.

  17. you basically frost cookies perfectly. i mean...seriously perfect. whatevs.

  18. I absolutely love gingerbread cookies!! I think my second favorite are pecan balls. My mom used to make them, I love how it feels like I'm eating a snowball <3

  19. I like sugar cookies at Christmas. Today I went to my friends house and rolled out cookies and decorated them with her 6 year old twins. We had a blast!

  20. wow those cookies look delicious.
    have a give away going on over at my blog, would love you to come enter!


  21. Your table is so colorful and festive! Great photos!

  22. These are absolutely adorable!! Just too cute!! Like they came out of a little story book!

    Our family went gluten free this year. :( We haven't really figured out the whole cookie thing, but we did make a gluten free snowball cake. :)

  23. Can I come over? Looks so yummy! My favorite Christmas cookies are biscochito's. A New Mexican cookie that is to die for!

  24. i love that you were the popular girl with the name cookies. how fabulous. :)

    and what a fun birthday tradition!

    your pictures turned out FABULOUSLY - look at that fancy bokeh! i'm excited to try for some bokeh on christmas eve. it's gonna be my first go at it. you are a rockstar!

  25. oh yummy!
    gingerbread are the best!

  26. Happy New Year :) Those cookies look delicious.