Monday, December 12, 2011

sharing christmas :: gift tags

everyone loves a fun little gift tag. i've rounded up a few free printables.
some are ones i mentioned last year, but they are still available for download.
be sure to say thanks to all these sweet folks who created these cute tags! enjoy!

visit helen dardik here and here

which of these are your favorite?
and tell me about any other fun gift tags you've discovered!

be sure to enter the little christmas giveaway!
i'll choose a winner on wednesday!


  1. thanks for making it easy to find the cutest free tags :)

  2. oh my....these are ADORABLE! I can't which one I love the most :) Thanks so much!

  3. oh goodness, i love them all! i'm especially in love with the colors from creature comforts' batch, but my very fave is the vintagey ones from black apple. yum!