Thursday, December 01, 2011

sharing christmas :: danielle

hello! i'm excited to bring you my first guest for the "sharing christmas" series.
my darling friend danielle is here today!
i've often been given such timely encouragement through her beautiful way of writing.
her faith in christ and her love for her family are such a blessing to me.
also, she's southern, and that makes this mississippi-raised girl smile.

take a minute and join me in reading the sweetness she's sharing here:
I'm Danielle and I blog here. I know that life has a way of Changing Lanes, but as long as I have my family together ... I'll just enjoy the ride. My blog is a place where I hope to encourage and inspire you to join me. With bits of our life, faith and vintage style along the way.
Hannah is an absolute gem. When she says, "Praise Jesus" ... I smile so big. Thank you Hannah for having me today. I would like to begin this holiday season with a simple, short reminder of one of the greatest gifts you can give your loved ones. Starting now. And throughout the year.
My parents have always said of their own birthdays and holidays. Don't get me anything. Actually it is more like a Southern, "Lord NO don't get me anything. I don't need a thing." And my mom usually throws in a the end. What that really means is ALL I WANT IS TO SPEND TIME WITH YOU. THAT'S IT. 
It's easy for me to understand now. The only present a parent wants is for their child ... TO BE PRESENT. The same can be said for most every moment of our small childrens' lives. They want FOR US TO BE PRESENT.
I finished what Christmas shopping I had left on Saturday. Our days are clear for family. To spend the holidays :: doing holiday stuff. Crafts, baking, wrapping, singing, seeing Santa, train rides, movies, fun and more fun. Also, taking the time to remember the REASON FOR THE SEASON, as well as giving to others in need.
Times are hard, but time is cheap. BEING PRESENT is the greatest gift to give this holiday season. And you don't have to fight the crowds. Ask your mom to lunch. Go sit with your grandmother at the nursing home. Take your child to a movie. Carve the Turkey with your Dad. Offer to decorate your parents Christmas Trees with the ornaments from YOUR childhood. At the end of this season look back and say it was one of the best ever.!!
Thank you again Hannah. Happy Holidays. Christ is born!!

thank you, sweet danielle!
what a wonderful reminder as we head into this busy, beautiful christmas season.
make sure you visit danielle's blog, always a blessing!


  1. Be present. I'm working really hard on that right now. What a beautiful post!

  2. Amen! Such a good reminder.
    A BIG thanks to both of you lovely ladies.

  3. love this post! so nice to read! i have made it more of a priority to go visit my grandma lately and it really feels good!! "Times are hard, but time is cheap. BEING PRESENT is the greatest gift to give this holiday season. And you don't have to fight the crowds." LOVE IT!

  4. This was a beautiful reminder of what's important, at Christmas and in life.

    Lovely pictures!

  5. Such a great reminder.. love me some Danielle and hannah together!

  6. "times are hard, but time is cheap" love this! it is so so true.

    i have my shopping done and gifts wrapped so this month is about enjoying the season and serving others. i love that we can focus on those things. i love that we can be intentional and slow down a bit. i love that we can create gifts for neighbors and teachers because we do have the time. i love that we are making memories.

  7. Getting into the habit of being present for our children is SO important, and the more you do it when they are little, the easier it will be to do it when life gets busy with teenager. :)

  8. I love this reminder. To be present. We are doing an advent activity every night and the kids get so excited just to be together... to act out a story. To be present. You are right... time is such a special gift.