Monday, December 19, 2011

sharing christmas :: carina

it's less than one week until christmas!
we're busy cookie baking, story reading, music listening and movie watching.

i'm loving all the christmas-ness i'm seeing around blogland.
new recipes, awesome craft ideas and sweet traditions abound!
today my sweetie friend carina is here to share a way that
her family celebrates the savior this special time of year!
Hello friends! I get downright giddy when it comes to Christmas.
Everything about it makes my heart soar: the lights, the treats, the spirit of giving all around,
the jingle jangle of bells on every corner, the music,
and of course, that quiet, glorious miracle of love
that took place in an old dusty barn two thousand year ago.
That's what makes it all so incredible and beautiful,
and even if people don't realize why we're celebrating, that is the reason: 

Christmas became altogether more magical when we had our kids. 

Traditions became more important.
What did we want to pass on to them?
Would we create new traditions with our little family?
We both grew up believing in Santa,
and wanted the jolly old guy to be a part of our kids lives, too.
Especially since the tale is rooted in the reality of the beautiful life of St. Nicholas.
But most importantly, we wanted our boys to know that the real celebration
was for Jesus' birth and wanted to do something special to make it about that.
I've planned fun Christmas activities for all of advent: making crafts, baking cookies,
praying for our friends and family, reading the story of Jesus' birth, decorating, reading
The Night before Christmas, writing letters to Santa, making birthday cards for Jesus...
all leading up to Christmas Eve, which is when we have
a birthday party for Jesus!

Every Christmas Eve we make a cake together, light the candles, put on the party hats, and sing our hearts out. We say a special prayer of thanks for the gift of Him in our lives.
And because my kids are kids and get pretty darn excited about presents,
we say thanks that He lets us open presents on His birthday. 

More than anything, I want my kids to have a love in their hearts for Jesus
so deep they can't put it into words, and to know that they are loved and cherished by Him
more than anyone else ever could. I want that to be a part of our everyday,
but even more extravagantly during this very special season.

I hope you feel that love in the depth of your heart this year.
much love and merry Christmas!

carina! thanks so much for sharing these special family traditions with us.
i adore the birthday party idea. fun!

y'all be sure to visit carina's blog and say hello. she'll bless your heart!
{also? she has a sweet little etsy shop!!}


  1. thanks for having me, hannah! you make me feel cooler than i actually am :)

  2. Aww this is so your family traditions!