Thursday, December 01, 2011

sharing christmas :: calendar

happy december one!
are you counting down?
with an advent calendar? we are!

i know. super fancy.
i am surprisingly pleased with how it turned out.
since last year i've really had high hopes of buying/creating a fun advent calendar.

when i pinned this little cutie, i had every intention of making it.
until i discovered that a) i am too picky b) cute baby socks are expensive.

so, moving on. i noticed that one of my favorite designers made a little matchbox advent kit!
seriously, look how adorable sweet pilgrim lee made these:

she is brilliant. she made the scandi print i have hanging in my kitchen, makes me happy

well, i printed my goodies and got to crafting. only i was struggling with the matchbox portion.
long story short, i didn't have enough fancy paper left to try to make them again.
insert feelings of disappointment and failure.
quickly, i was over it.

i had the adorable little prints.
and some mini glassine bags, ribbon, clothespins and washi tape. ta da!

i covered the clothespins with washi tape in various festive colors and patterns.
i grabbed a simple red grosgrain ribbon from my stash.
i wanted pretty plain ribbon since everything else was so busy.
i'm always collecting little 'happies', so i just counted out a bunch to stuff the bags with.
matchbox car, plastic lizard, tiny dinosaur, big jingle bell, crayons, miniature book... 
i also shared a couple of my peppermint andes mints. elijah thinks they are candy bars.
the only thing i purchased to put inside were little chocolate coins, for one dollar.

today is our first day! hooray!
i put our mini stockings on each end of the calendar.
my sister made them for us. melt my heart.
elijah really has no clue how fun this is suppose to be, but that could change. ha.
each bag has a cutie little graphic taped to it.

i wrote little activities onto little strips of patterned paper and rolled them up into each bag.
these will be fun little things to add to our daily advent scripture readings!
activities include, "sing away in a manger", "decorate gingerbread cookies", "read the christmas story from jesus storybook bible", "make peppermint playdough", "read babar and father christmas", "make christmas cards", "sip hot cocoa by the tree and watch rudolph the red nosed reindeer"....

these sweet little vintage inspired illustrations are perfect.
i was disappointed at first that i couldn't use them for their intended purpose,
but i think they turned out pretty cute taped to the bags like this.
goes to show obsessive me that a new plan can be a cute plan, too.

some of the pictures have 'happy christmas' wishes in different languages.
i've had fun looking each one up and learning which language it is. love.

our calendar is hung, in two rows, way up high in a corner.
our placement options were limited anyway living in an apartment.
considering my curious, climb-happy child, i opted for out of reach this year.
i threw in one of my favorite little christmasy items, a mini tinsel garland with teensy bells attached.

so, how do you count down?


  1. How cute is that!!!
    Now I am feeling bad, all I got my girls was the chocolates advent calendar from fresh and easy. ;)

  2. love. we have the Jesus storybook Bible, too! that is totally on our list :)

  3. Lovely xo I love the 'sharing Christmas' concept. I can't wait to see what you have install. I LOVE Christmas. This year it seems even more special!

  4. These are so darling! :) I love them all!

  5. Love the advent calendar! Very cute!

    Ngaio May xx

  6. OH MY GOODNESS! That is Lovely!! :):)

  7. uhm...your genius amazes me! adorable and creative!

  8. oh my, that is actually amazing. seriously top of the world amazing. i'm gonna have to try that sometime. (bit late for this year i guess! haha) xx

  9. Flippin' ADORBS, Hannah! So cool!

  10. Hannah.. this is darling. 100% darling.

  11. So Cute Hannah! Great job, I love the glassine bags and the paper with tape is just perfection!

  12. umm what the heck. i want to be like you. this is amazing. i feel like a failure. i didn't even get a chocolate one this year.

  13. I love the way this turned out! It's absolutely adorable. This is our first year doing Advent. I ordered some really cute cloth bags, with numbers 1-25 stamped on them. I'll have to post on it soon :)

  14. I love it, Hannah!! You are so adorable and I absolutely love following your blog.

    Have a great day! :-)

  15. That is the cutest advent calendar idea! I'm bookmarking this page. So adorable.

  16. omgsh hannah. can i move in and be your child/roommate/sisterwife? this is the funnest christmas advent calendar ever.
    and its cute to boot!

    and the stumpy clothespins? ADORE.
    washi tape.
    adore more.

    this post reminds me of the cute christmas washi tape i bought.
    that i'm going to use to wrap gifts.
    with the excessive amount of brown paper bags i have.


  17. DUDE! it's awesome sauce. I WANT!
    where do you get washi tape? online? i'm not a good online orderer.
    for now i guess i'll go to T.J's and get chocolate ones for my guys.

  18. that is super sweet.... and now you can fit even bigger treats inside. :) and who doesn't need more chocolate than a matchbook size. ;) loving your happy days.... some people you can practically feel Jesus shine right through the computer... that would be you. :)

  19. You are such a good mama!
    Yours turned out much better than the inspiration pieces....seriously!

  20. ok i must get myself some washi tape. i love it. so so cute.

    your calendar is darling. you will have so much fun with it and so will elijah. my kids love going to our advent calendar everyday. its a highlight during this season!

  21. Way to go getting super creative! I love it! I really love that it is so personalized with the little messages inside. Very cute!

  22. What a lovely Advent calendar! What a wonderful way to savor this season in time! Thanks so much for sharing this post!

  23. so beautiful! I love how it all comes together so nicely. Great little gifts too :-)

  24. i cannot even tell you how cute I think this is! you are amazing girl!! :)

  25. This is adorable, Hannah! Your boy must be loving it!!

    I keep forgetting to ask... where do you get this washi tape? Do you order it somewhere?

  26. girl, this is just more proof that we share a brain because i bought the same advent matchbox set. LOVE IT!
    and i love how you added washi tape over the clips. super duper cute!

  27. hannah!
    cutest eva! eva! love the washi tape! love the creative use of the glassine bags and tape covered clothespins!
    cute sweet fun advent calendar!