Sunday, December 11, 2011

encouragement from a friend {guest post}

happy sunday, friends!
i trust your weekend has been lovely.
my friend angela is here today with thoughts on encouragement.
i'm so grateful to call her friend!

Hello, my name is Angela McInnis and I live in the very deep South!
I’ve known Hannah since she was a child.
I am delighted to have re-connected with her over the past few years
and am equally happy at the wonderful Christian wife and mother she has become.
She is, as I am sure you know, an encourager.
As I was pondering my “guest” post…I decided to focus on that very word…encourager.
A person who encourages…one who runs alongside you…one who continually boosts another.
Bobby Bowden, Florida State University coach, once said,
“The greatest mistake is to continue to practice a mistake.”
He was referring to football, but this axiom is true in our everyday life too.
How many times do we repeat an action that we know is going to result in failure?
Somehow, we think the result will be different “this time”.
After many mistakes and many failures through the years,
I have found that the way to succeed is to listen to those who have my best interests at heart
and to quit practicing failure.
There is nothing wrong with being tenacious and to keep “hanging in there”,
but to keep using the same techniques that have resulted in failure after failure is just plain dumb.
Enter stage right…the “encourager”.
A friend or family member, maybe a co-worker, someone in life that sees you facing a struggle and
jumps in to help. (In my spiritual life, the Holy Spirit is my Encourager.)
But I am surrounded by many people in every day life and the “encouragers” are few and far between.
When their advice is parallel to God’s Word, you need to stop, look, and LISTEN.
Sometimes encouragers come from the most unusual places. A stranger standing in line with you in a store, a customer that recognizes something in you that you might not even recognize yourself, an acquaintance, or a grandchild. We must listen carefully to others’ words…don’t brush them off…with a sense of false humility. Sometimes an encourager comes along when you are most “down in the dumps”.
Quit listening to what you can’t do and listen to what you can.
Then pay the encouragement forward…become an encourager to someone else.
Life is full of hard times for us all, but kindness and encouragement are universally appreciated.
Merry Christmas to one and all, ya’ll!

thanks, angela! hop on over to her blog, she's always creating or decorating something fun!


  1. Wow! Hannah. You have some awesome friends. She definitely has your # (in regards to your spiritual gifts) for sure.

    Happy Sunday!

  2. Great guest post!!!!

  3. Such good, true words. Not practicing mistakes, and looking to friends to encourage you out of them. Hannah is a great encourager. :)