Friday, November 04, 2011

this and that

quiet week on the phone pictures.
buzz lightyear needs no company, i suppose.
he's awesome on his own.
{the purple hood. we are still not able to look at it with a straight face.}
life rearranged
go check out other {better} insta-friday posts at jeannett's!

* * *
many of you have been praying and asking for updates on our pastor's son, i mentioned here.
after a successful surgery to stabilize his spinal column,
he has been moved to a fabulous spinal rehab center in colorado.
you can follow updates on ben and his sweet family here.
thanks for your continued prayers!

* * *
i've been dreaming of thanksgiving, feast planning, organizing...
patrick has put in his recipe requests,
and we are looking forward to an amazing, gratitude soaked day.

here are some swoon-y tablescapes to admire:

happy friday, dear ones!
what are y'all up to this weekend?


  1. We have sick kids and kept everyone home. Kevin is sort of taking the day off and we went to see Puss and Boots. It feels good to do a ditch day. Love your little Buzz Lightyear. Happy Friday dear Hannah.

  2. First, I love the woodsy tablescape...maybe because I live in the desert and it looks so cool and refreshing. :)

    For our weekend, I'm going to plant some flowers again. My last two attempts have ended with dead plants. Then we will watch my son play in two baseball games. Tomorrow night I'm going to make pizza and we are all going to sit in the living room and watch a movie. Sunday we will conclude our weekend by worshipping Jesus with our great friends and church. Sounds like a good weekend to me!

  3. Buzz is awfully cute :)
    That first table is AMAZING! I want my Thanksgiving table to look just like that! :)

  4. Yep Buzzy stands alone!

    I LOVE Thanksgiving ~ I feel sorry for it! IT doesn't get enough credit!!!

    PS ~ i have the counter stool version of those aluminum chairs!
    I DO!!!

  5. Our lil' Magoo had a Buzz costume and we had the same problem with the "hood", couldn't hold the giggles back!
    So glad to hear the positive update on your pastor's son!
    Hope you have a fabulous weekend lady!
    We're having a pretty relaxing one this way, soccer tomorrow and then family dinner Sunday, yay!

  6. Elijah makes the cutest Buzz I've ever seen! ^^

  7. buzz lightyear is a cutie. i hope he scored a lot of chocolate for you!

    those tables are swoony. mine will never look like any of them, and i'm okay with that. although the last one looks kinda doable. i know where i can find me some pine cones.

    this weekend i'll be working on the house. trying to get it liveable so we can move in before thanksgiving.

    thank you for your encouragement in blogville. i appreciate you!

  8. buzz is going to be a total heart breaker!
    the tables are all so gorgeous.

  9. cutest buzz lightyear i ever did see! our weekend is weird. SUPER slow tonight (doing nothing) and CRAZY busy tomorrow. all day and night. i really wish my plans would have spread themselves out more.

  10. Aww, Buzz Lightyear looks so adorable!! And wow!! That first Thanksgiving table is incredible!

  11. those thanksgiving tables have me all swoonish and puddly inside.

    we're actually celebrating an early thanksgiving tomorrow since my folks are in town. i'm making wild-rice stuffing and corn casserole and i cannotWAIT to meet my cousin's newest baby.

  12. One of my boys was Buzz two years ago, with that same exact costume. It still comes out at times.

    I love the tablescapes. Although I've never really hosted a big dinner, someday, when I have a big table.

    Sweet blog.


  13. love it! loneliness here, with Eric gone :(

  14. Oh, I can get quite swoon-y over a Thanksgiving table! The second one is my favorite, but I'd sit down and have a ball at either one
    ! Isn't Thanksgiving just the best holiday?

  15. in love with the pinecone table setting.....such a sweet little Buzz!

  16. in love with the pinecone table setting.....such a sweet little Buzz!