Thursday, November 03, 2011

thankful on paper {week 1}

happy thursday!
it's time for thankful on paper, hosted by rachel!

if this is news to you, it isn't too late to participate. join us!
my first week from last year was to my sweet friend melanie.
today, i am grateful for my cousin laura.
  cousin joel, cousin laura and me

i think i'm nearly three in this photo.
laura is five? i don't know, it doesn't matter.
i wish i had more pictures, the few i know exist are at my mom's, in maryland.
growing up, we rarely saw each other.
she lived in mexico, her parents have been missionaries there for decades.
their furlough times in the states were always a treat.
laura was like, the coolest girl i knew.

next to denise from the cosby show, laura was my fashion idol.
she had these rad dangle earrings once, they were miniature globes.
spanish is practically her first lanuage.
laura is crazy brilliant.

we listened to music together, played games, got great tans,
talked about boys, got lost on hiking trails...
most of the time, we got along great!

when laura was about 17, she came to live with us in mississippi.
at first i was beyond excited, my fancy cousin was moving in!
she was going to college and would be working nearby.
she'd be like the older sister i always wanted, it was gonna be great!

except it wasn't really that great at all.

laura and i are both first born daughters.
we both had opinions everyone was entitled to hear.
we both loved boys. like a lot. and knew the same boys.
we both loved to be sneaky. this was helpful in the boy-love department.
anyway, i really began to not like laura.
some hurtful things happened to us, and between us.
blasted teen years.
for a long while, laura reminded me of some of those not fun, shameful things.

laura and me, january 1998
you know what?

laura and i have been restored!
we have forgiven and loved each other again.
we each have new lives, love jesus and have been blessed with dear families!

i'm grateful that we are connected by blood and by the bond of christ.
i'm grateful that you were around during some of my harder times.
it makes me feel closer to you, that you were a "teenager" with me.
i love your champion dry wit and adorable laugh, wish i could hear it more often.
your hilarious and beautiful daughters remind me of you;)
i'm thankful that you have a wonderful husband and you love him well.
such a great example to me.
your zeal for god's glory and the fame of jesus' name inspires me!
i'm thankful you push me to HIM.

laura, you are a blessing to my soul.
i'm thankful to have so many hilarious, beautiful, quirky, awkward and even sad memories with you.
feels like we're sisters after all.
{and i really owe you for introducing me to this song and this song.}
i love you.

 love is patient and kind;
love does not envy or boast;
it is not arrogant or rude.
it does not insist on its own way;
it is not irritable or resentful;
it does not rejoice at wrongdoing,
but rejoices with the truth. 
love bears all things,
believes all things,
hopes all things,
endures all things.
1 corinthians 13:4-7esv


  1. Hannah,
    What a beautiful and touching way to show your sweet cousin how much you love her and value your relationship with her.

  2. Beautiful! Reminds me of my cousins who were stationed in Panama when we were all kids. Time with them was always something I eagerly anticipated.

  3. I hope she reads your blog 'cause this is really sweet!

    From one first born to another 'i'm glad your my sister!' ;)

    Also...I can see why it was SO easy for you to get in BIG trouble Miss Barbie Dolly!

    You are loved!

  4. Hannah, this is beautiful!! I am so happy to see that your relationship was restored and that you can thank God for that!!

  5. What a great person to be thankful for! Sounds like you've been through a lot together and I'm glad that your relationship was restored :)

  6. I love this Hannah! Teen years are brutal, I'm glad the two of you made it out of them and are better for it. xoxo

  7. What a beautiful story of forgiveness and love! Beautiful!

  8. Hannah, this is so beautifully written. You put the words down to what is in your heart so well. I love this thankful great.:)

  9. what a beautiful tribute to your cousin and your relationship.

    hannah you have such a tender loving heart. love you!

  10. What an awesome ode to your sweet relationship with your cousin! Hannah, you are just the sweetest, most down to earth, coming from the heart kind of gal. You inspire and encourage me.
    blessings & love to you!
    PS you've inspired me to do the thankful on Thursday posts too! :)

  11. what an awesome story of redemption, and reconciliation.

    all for HIS Glory.
    and your good.

    i love it.

    thanks for sharing this (and your heart) Hannah!

  12. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing this post!

  13. I love this! I have a cousin who is just 6 months younger than I am and during out teen years we grew apart. I'm not sure what exactly happened, but we weren't very nice to one another. Over the past few years though are relationship has improved and we've become friends again. It's wonderful how the Lord can bring people back together again even after so much hurt.

  14. Absolutely beautiful post lovely lady! I can't believe I forgot the first week though, I was thinking it was next week, time is flying by!!

  15. How awesome that God was able to restore your relationship with your cousin!! Love this :) xoxo

  16. Wow. This is such a sweet story of restoration! I'm thankful for YOU friend!

  17. this is beautiful. can't wait to see who you write this week.....

    love you.

  18. what a great story of a relationship restored. my sister in law and i have had such a rocky relationship over the last 11 years. we also live next door to one another which makes things even harder. we are the same age, married to brothers, 2 of each of our kids are in the same grade...just too many comparisons. and even though we have every chance to be the greatest of friends, it just hasn't been in the cards for us. maybe one day i'll write a post like yours. the last 5 months hve been especially tough; we're not even talking. not just us, that also includes our husbands and kids.

    you made it work, and i'm so glad for you,

    i'll not forget this post!!! thanks!