Monday, November 14, 2011

the happy day project {recap}

{picked a winner for last week's giveaway, was it you?}
this past week was extra sunny thanks to the happy day project.
i am super grateful to jeannet and julie for organizing this.
we have been inspired to be more intentional about giving "happy days".
and giving them more often. praise jesus!

each day, we had project prompts.
one to physically get out and do, and another suggestion to give happy online.
free printables were offered that coordinated with each prompt.
such a special treat, all the printables were super adorable.
we started out with getting out. then, wednesday night the stomach flu arrived and changed our plans.
i was a little surprised to find that the online projects were just as fun to complete!
here's a peek at how our week looked:

our first day went well. the neighbors we chose work in the office across the street.
fun thing about living downtown, i guess, you have office neighbors:)
the second day was one of my favorites. i love writing notes!
i've actually been writing them all week, i really got inspired!
one note i wrote was to a sweet soul that i have never met.
wren has cancer. i read her story that jeannett and julie shared
and prayed and wept for her family. so grateful they know jesus.
pretty sure that note was my favorite one penned this week.
we were encouraged to send wren's family a gift card.
i so appreciated jeannett's words:
Please do not be overwhelmed at the thought of giving. 
At the prospect of helping.  If even 10 people sent a $10 giftcard…$100 buys a lot of diapers. 
Please do not assume everyone else will do it.  Please do not underestimate the power
of giving in small increments.  $5 may not seem like it’s worth it on your end,
but if enough of those little bits find themselves in Wren’s mailbox,
I promise you it will spread sunshine in a way that is bigger than each of us.

day three is when elijah was stricken with the stomach of death.
patrick came home from work and mama got a break!
i went out to browse a shop or two and pick up some groceries.
i also headed over to snag a few gift cards.
i've given a gift card to a homeless person before,
but was inspired to get a couple extras to keep in the glove box for another time. brilliant!
it's pretty cold here already, and it was dark so i was getting discouraged when i didn't see anyone in my travels that night...until...i did see someone, at a gas station. the cool thing was, a person before me gave the man a hot drink. so awesome. i cheerfully handed him the gift card and wished him well and let him know he is loved and i prayed for him. this was honestly a tad awkward, being that it was just me without my husband. i don't usually interact beyond just handing over the drink, money, gift whatever, when i am alone. but i felt strongly led to this time. who knows how it blessed him.
a few fast food meals and a prayer did him much good, i prayed!

on the fourth day we were still in sick town. it was fine though, i hopped online and sent a book to a children's hospital. the joyful life library is one of my favorite things ever. i love books, and know that reading a sweet little book could bring comfort to families of sick little ones. praise jesus.

still homebound on days five and six.
we refreshed online by giving to a well building project!
on saturday we were prompted to give online to the wounded warrior project.
had you heard of that website before? i had not, and really enjoyed learning about
their many programs to aid and bless wounded soldiers and their families.

elijah was feeling much better yesterday, woohoo! god is good!
i kept him home from church though, just to be safe.
and also not to pick up another round of illness:)
we had our operation christmas child box packed and ready!
my sweet friend and fabulous babysitter kelly came
and took our box to church since we stayed home.
i gathered some goodies for a blessing bag.
lord willing, this will be the first of many more blessing bags assembled here.
next time i head out, i'm taking this prayed over bag
of useful things and giving it to a person who needs it.
there are always people walking downtown, right outside my door,
so i don't even need to look very far!
i'm planning to pick up some extra winter items on my next target shopping trip.
since we live in the frozen tundra, wouldn't it be great to add
scarves, hats, socks and gloves to the mix?

did you participate in the happy day project?
you can start right now!

i'm excited. i'm thankful.
this project has put legs on ideas i've often thought of, but have rarely moved on.

so, i say, it ain't over!
keep up the happy!

happy day

in the same way,
let your light shine
before others,
so that they may see
your good works
and give glory to your
father who is in heaven.
{matthew 5:16}


  1. Wow! You did SO well. How do you find time to do this? And do it so cutesie too!

  2. Hannah... I just LOVE your heart, my friend. You did awesome. The teacher in me would give you an A! :)

  3. Girl, You totally inspire me. You have pulled the rug of excuses right out from under me knowing you got all this accomplished in the middle of having a sick youngin and caring for him. You heart is humongous and I get blessed every time the name Hannah is signed to it. Seriously girl, love you and am so blessed to be your friend.

    ps. I'm tickled pick my sis in law won the prize!! Woo hoo!

  4. Hannah,you are AMAZING! I pretty much failed at this but will still recap at some point today.

  5. i am just loving everyone's recaps on the week. i'm gonna have to get in on this action next year. :)

  6. yay. hurray.

    love your recap hannah.
    love how passionate and excited you are about this project.

    love that your blog truly is happy days. :)

    you encourage me.

  7. keeping gift cards in the glove box....GENIUS!!!!


  8. I love seeing all these blessing going out. Beautiful. :)

  9. You are so incredible. Think of all the people YOU made happy during the happy project. And I'm proud of you for being brave and stopping to talk to and pray for the homeless person you found. It's easy to roll down a window and hand out a granola bar, but stopping to take the time to make someone's day and remind them they ARE loved is awesome!

  10. I am having a "why didn't I think of that?!" moment right now. We were also plagued with sickness a few days in and it NEVER crossed my mind that I could have gone online and given to build a well for "refresh" day. Maybe it was the Nyquil. ;-) Great stuff here. Love your blog...and super envious of your ability to make your pictures so cute with writing. :-)

  11. look at you!!! you are awesome friend! good job for pushing through even when your sweet boy was not feeling well. you really are inspiring. i love your giving heart and it encourages me to just do so much more. thanks for letting your light shine :) xoxo!

  12. I enjoyed reading all about your week! It seems that you blessed many, and you were blessed too! Sorry about the sick Elijah! Hope he's all back to well now!

    With the best of intentions, I signed up for the Happy Day Project too! But, I only got past day one before life got too busy for me to keep up. :0( At least my neighbor got a nice treat.

  13. great job, friend! we still have to finish, but we are determined! :) have a lovely day!

  14. love your recap!

    you did awesome friend.

    i need to get our recap up. we finished our last one last night. it was great. i love that joy and jeannett had the vision to put this together.