Monday, November 07, 2011

happy day project {day 1}

happy monday, y'all!
remember i posted last week about a fun project?
it began today!
now, i'm pretty sure i can't post daily about each project,
but i will do a re-cap post in the end!
today is 'treat to a neighbor' day!
{you can also participate online, today's charity is shop for sharlie!}
i found today's adorable free printable at both jeannett's and julie's blogs.
after printing one, i wrote a little note on the back
and attached it to a little basket i found in our coat closet.
you keep extra little baskets there, too, right?
in my dreams i had planned on baking delicious homemade treats, and getting all cutie-fied.
reality happened.
i woke up late, patrick was getting ready for work, elijah was in full force crazy mode...
so, i gathered a few things from the pantry shelf instead. and you know what?
it's a fun treat all the same!
i added a couple fun stripey straws, because those make me happy every day.
i figured they needed to be included in a happy day project activity.
we live in a downtown apartment building.
i was pretty surprised to find the entire first floor of our building empty today!
i thought of waiting until later, or just leaving it at a door.
i just really got a big tug to walk it across the street instead.
so, elijah and i grabbed our coats and took the little basket of snacks to our management office!
it appeared that our tiny act of happy made a big impression on our two managers.
i could be wrong, but it really seemed like they were pretty stressed out,
maybe today has been rough so far?
their faces lit right up.
i do that too, for stripey straws and a coke.
i'm not sure what my almost three year old understands, but i explained to him what we did.
i held his hand in mine as we looked both ways for cars, crossed the street and found our way home.
it's just crazy how a happy for someone else really makes you happy, too.

wherever there is a human being,
there is an opportunity for a kindness.

did you start today?
tell me your stories!
{and it's not too late to join the project!}
happy day

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  1. Beautiful. I am baking a pumpkin pie for our neighbors. Funny, I had a terrible stressed out day.. ya know just one of those days... I started baking and suddenly I feel good. I am hoping that they will be just HAPPY, for someone doing something unexpected and kind for them. Yup, being kind to others does have that make you smile effect! Love those stripey straws by the way.

  2. I'm going to do chocolate chunk pumpkin bread and put them in these cute mini bakers I got at Micheal's for $1 :)

    I figure I'll do one summarized post on Saturday.

    Getting that basket would make my day!!

  3. We are baking brownie/chocolate chip bars. Just waiting for dad to get home to join us. :-)

  4. I'm inspired to be better. thanks for sharing!

  5. Very sweet gesture, Hannah! I would be very excited to receive a coke with a stripey straw! As a happy gift I think tonight I will go out into the courtyard of the apt. complex and yell " HEYYYYY. I am going to Burger King in 10 minutes to get a coke icee!!! If anyone wants one too, or just a whopper....let me know."

  6. What to do. . .what to do. . .I'm going to bake for our new neighbors, or maybe some old ones--or maybe both. . .miss your lovely, pretty face!

  7. Ok this is of these days I'm going to I'm too sick...I wish I was your neighbor...I would love these goodies now:-)

  8. how sweet are you!!! what a blessing you are to those around you :) love you!

  9. I want to be your neighbor!! Seriously - that is the sweetest!

  10. i LOVE it.
    i also love that you live in an apartment.
    i'll be dropping some goodies off tonight. hopefully.
    (gotta go to the gym, then bake).
    apartment neighbors seem different than houses on a street neighbors.
    hoping it goes well.
    despite "knowing" their faces, i don't really chat with them much. :) But i have a plan.
    Really, I don't have a plan.
    But Jesus does!

    Just trying to follow it the best i can.

    Glad to see your post this afternoon.
    It is encouraging.
    Thanks hannah! <3

  11. I love the assortment you put in the basket... striped straws and a can of coke (or cherry coke zero) ;) would be an awesome surprise!

    You are the coolest person I know. :)

  12. Hannah! I just love you! I wish we were neighbors:) I want that coke with a stripey straw! I'm so joining this:)

  13. How sweet, Hannah--I'm sure you two made a lasting impression on them.

    What a blessing...


  14. those straws would make anyone's day brighter!

    we fixed a heap of broken cars today. Does that count? ;)

  15. Such a great way to demonstrate how we can love others.

  16. you are the sweetest :) I would adore that little bundle of yumminess!

  17. I love this! I look forward to taking part in this project just as soon as we are home. We are out of town all week!

  18. I love that you have a coat closet with baskets. I love that you were able to take the random basket and fill it with simple, happy, stripey straw love. Love your heart friend!

  19. isn't this the best project in the history of all projects???!! LOVING it. and i have a garage full of baskets. i have a basket problem.

  20. this is a great idea! i love it. i need to do the same. thanks for the encouragement.