Monday, November 21, 2011

five-o-rite {pepperminty}

i have christmas decoration attention deficit disorder.
when you see my christmas tree, you'll see what i mean.
i'll say eclectic rather than hodge podge, because i like the sound of that much better.
even with my lean toward crazy color combinations,
i love a good traditional red and white theme.
not to mention peppermint{mochas}, candy canes and santaaaaaaa!

here are five favorite 'pepperminty' finds:
these cupcakes from bakerella are rockin' my socks.
they're so whimsical and retro, don't you think?

i love letterpress, you know.
these gift tags from bespoke press are simple and fresh.

these look so easy to make.
what a cute addition to a plate of christmas cookies!
and i bet they're delicious.

snowman soup. a more festive name for hot cocoa!
dress up a little holiday happy for your neighbors
with this free printable from paper and pigtails!

hello, cozy red and white blanket.
how sweet would it be to curl up in this,
next to your twinkly evergreen?
while sipping snowman soup, of course.

what are your favorite holiday colors?


  1. oh man. i love the idea of an eclectic hodgepodge of decorations.

    a few years back i decided to go peppermint.
    then stopped decorating.
    now i have my peppermint decor, ready to be whipped out for 2011.
    plus my bunting.
    which has ONE peppermint flag.

    and oooh granny square blankets are amazing.
    peppermint ones
    even better.

    that's me sippin on my peppermint tea. ;)

    this comment is WAY add. hahaah.

  2. I SO love all things pepperminty! I'm sure your tree is as pretty as your taste.
    I love seeing all things pretty here. Eye candy: )

  3. Oh seriously! These are all so cute!

  4. What a sweet idea to put candy canes on those cookies!! I want that cozy blanket!!

  5. That is a lot of peppermint goodness :) my family's never had the habit of decorating up for christmas though. i kinda like the whole blue/silver snowy combination of christmas because it makes me think of fairytales and snow princesses, but red/green is the classic awesome ;) xx

  6. Love that red and white. So cheerful and sassy. I am looking for whites, creams, naturals this year for my decor. We'll see what i find. Love you.

  7. Those gifts tags are so cute! And the blanket looks amazingly comfortable :) My favortie colors for this season would have to be cream, gold and some red!

  8. That afghan! I've got to get my mother in law and that one! I've made the candy cane hearts lots of time and they are so easy- check my blog for a tutorial from last year.

  9. my favorite holiday colors are black and off-black.

    okay, REALLY, I love Gold and silver and hohoho green and red...and all the other colors of the rainbow! we must be related

  10. hello peppermint!!! love you new header :)

  11. i need this all. i want the tags. and the blanket. thanks.

  12. Really how did I manage to miss those cupcakes? So perfectly vintage-y!!!

    Color ~ I LOVE it, all of my world whites a color too. My tree is a hodgepodge of the past 32 years, a fact that use to bother me, but now I wouldn't have it any other way. Can't wait to see your tree :)

  13. Ah! I love that blanket! I'm definitely into lots of red during the Holidays!

  14. i love the cupcakes. darling!

    the candy cane chocolate hearts... i think my kids would love making those.

    fun stuff friend!

  15. i made candy can heart suckers at valentines day. they were easy! and i am sweets-making challenged.

  16. Those cupcakes are gorgeous and that blanket needs to snuggle me right now. I found you through followfest! Glad I stopped by!

  17. Those cupcakes truly are amazing!! Love the candy cane treats too, but I wonder how hard they are to bite into? Great finds!

  18. I'm not much for crochet blankets but that is GAWgeous!

    I'm with you on the red and white but I add in black, green and teal!

  19. How did I miss this post last year??? Thank you so much for the link and love!! You are so sweet!