Monday, November 21, 2011

don't worry, be grateful

{giveaway winner chosen, was it you?!}

patrick and i recently updated our life insurance policies.
is this a morbid post? maybe.
it has honestly never before bothered me to discuss such things.
in my family such discussions were always lighthearted and confident.
my parents are believers, and neither are worrisome about death or anything really.
i'm thankful that i inherited the 'worry free' gene.
sure, a thought may cross my mind about safety in bad weather, my child being abducted or
if the apartment will burn down before i get home to turn the oven off that i absentmindedly left on...
but i don't live in fear and worry doesn't own me.
i did realize that i was feeling right heart sick the other night as we spoke.
what on earth would i do if patrick met jesus before me?
i cannot even imagine it.
i'd carry on, i guess, the lord would strengthen me and provide peace and comfort.
it'd be a strange new life to adjust to though, yes?

well, anyway, i'd miss you, babe.
no more about that, i'll just think about how grateful i am for you now.
living this life with you is a delight.
the lord is my strength and my shield;
in him my heart trusts,
and i am helped; my heart exults,
and with my song i give thanks to him.
the lord is the strength of his people;
he is the saving refuge of his anointed.
oh, save your people and bless your heritage!
be their shepherd and carry them forever.
psalm 28:7-9esv

may the lord direct your hearts
to the love of god
and to the steadfastness of christ.
2 thessalonians 3:3


  1. Yes, I will be grateful for the days God has given me with the amazing people He has put in my life! Lord, help us never to take one day for granted! Hope you're doing great Hannah!

  2. Great post - I had the same thoughts as Matt was gone these past days - how WOULD I deal with life/
    parenting/etc. without him? Crazy - great verses by the way. And I love that picture of you and Patrick!!

  3. I love how you wrote this, and the t-rex photo: perfect! It's so true but the cute dino helps take away the morbidity of the issue ;)

    You and Patrick are so cute together it just makes me smile :)

  4. I am like you. I am not afraid of death at all. But, it is others dying that makes the little seed of worry creep up and take over. I love your trex image too. I hope you have a blessed day, my friend.

  5. first, that's a great photo:)

    second, i totally feel ya.

    third, perhaps all of us should own that t-rex pic JUST for the occassional life insurance updates. totally worth it!

    miss you all!
    love ya!

  6. You guys are an adorable couple and look truly happy together. You're T-rex print was cute - it totally lightened the serious topic - and I can fully relate to your feelings about those you love. Oh, and your new blog design is so pretty! Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. you 2 make a great lookin couple ;)

  8. blog looks great! and i am glad you AND patrick haven't gotten gobbled up by a t-rex yet. i love you very much, and you are very beautiful too.

    -lil sissay

  9. you guys are so cute! That is a hard thought. We have life insurance but have yet to do any kind of trust or will. It's just something that is hard to imagine.

  10. such a cute snowy picture of you two!
    yes, it is always hard to think about things like that...losing a child, i can't imagine....don't want to imagine. E.V.E.R.

    love the new layout seems to be VERY hannah! :)

  11. I love that photo of you two! I have thought about loosing my husband. It's not a happy thought, but we aren't guaranteed a long life. I pray that I will cherish every day with him as well.

    PS: I love your new look!

  12. you and your hubby are precious. i tend to be a worrier...i don't want to live in fear. i have to pray often to fight against satan and fear. thanks for sharing your heart. you inspire and encourage me friend. love you! oh and i love your new cute!!!

  13. Hannah, this is my first time seeing your new look on the blog..I LOVE IT!! Truly your header is adorable and such a sweet post about your sweet man. I don't worry about the ins. policy details either..but him going before me is bothersome to me, too. Not sure what I would do.... love you.

  14. you and patrick are g-l-a-m-o-r-ous! :)

    you guys are beautiful.
    loving that picture.
    if you had a facebook i'd make you make it your profile pic.

    love seeing your love for you husband.
    and love for your God.
    which is bigger than your love for your Husband.
    and knowing He will provide for everything you need.

  15. You are so awesome to be so worry free! It is a fantastic way to live and the less you worry, the more you live. We are morbid and have these talks all the time. My family can't stand that we are so comfortable but it leaves out all the what if's. Kind of like practicing a fire drill but never needing it.

  16. LOL! Love the print...way to make light of a really awful thought. God has it all under control. That's what I tell myself when the wheels of worry begin to turn. And then there's always that handy dandy Bible to fall back on... Will worrying add a day to our lives? Nope. In fact I'm pretty sure that worry and stress cause us to age so really they probably end up taking a day from our lives.

    Wow...enough babbling.


  17. When my Patrick and I were first married, we watched Shadowlands together. We both cried so hard because we realized death is such a reality. We kept making each other promise that we wouldn't die soon. So silly, but I still hate to think about it! I always insist on going first! :)

  18. we had to update our wills this summer before we went to maui. there was crying lots of crying. and worrying lots of worrying (i did not inherit the worry-free gene, nope just the opposite).

    part of the will was to write letters to your children... crying lots of crying.

    i laugh about it now.