Monday, November 28, 2011

a cute face

in a perfect world, i'd share all about our thanksgiving holiday. photos included, of course.
only, i have no photos from thanksgiving.
i suppose that means that we had so much fun, we forgot to snap any pictures!
it was a very lovely day.
i cooked all morning, enjoyed catching a few peeks of the macy's thanksgiving day parade, and soaked up time with my family. after dinner, we bundled up and went for a walk. our downtown is all lit up for christmas! elijah enjoyed seeing the lights from his wagon as he happily bumped along.
my sister, her husband and their little cutie baby joined us in the evening for dessert. i made a traditional pumpkin pie and pumpkin ice cream pie, too. my sister brought her delicious apple pie.
linnea is the fancy sister. she makes amazing pie crust. i gave up on even trying.
we entertained ourselves in between bites with the wii. what a riot that was.
it was wonderful to have them over. i can't believe my sister lives so close,
yet we almost never see each other! hoping that can change soon.
last week i got a real treat. i was able to go babysit my sweet niece ivy lane!
seriously. how cute is she! you've seen her before, but she's almost one year old now!
she wasn't feeling well this night, but you'd never notice. silly, happy girl!
i love this photo. her cute little face!!
i would tell you how i cheerfully call her names, like moon head.
but you'd say i was such a mean aunt. besides,
her mama has the title of moon head anyway.

we have fun here.
it got pretty serious. workout time.
ivy's really good at stretching.
bless her sweet soul! what an adorable girl, if i do say so myself!

happy monday, friends!
{p.s. my christmas tree is up, how about you?}


  1. She's adorable, Hannah! What a lucky aunt you are. :) And yes, my tree is up, though not quite properly adorned.

  2. ivy lane is such an adorable name! and i am now researching this pumpkin ice cream pie you speak of... :)

  3. Ivy Lane is such a cutie!! :) I agree with Jen..what a cute name! Sounds like a DELICIOUSLY SWEET Thanksgiving!! :)

  4. Sounds like an amazing Thanksgiving! That pumpkin ice cream pie is going on my Must Try list for next year! Delicious!

    And your niece is precious, too! Love the pictures!

  5. I am in love with that kid, and I haven't even met her yet. Those EXPRESSIONS!! So funny.

  6. What an adorable baby girl! Lucky Auntie! :-)

    My Christmas tree is up too! Gives me the warm fuzzies every time I look at it.

  7. I had some nephew time. Don't you just love that? Sweet little Ivy is just precious. That baby smell is the best. I am always catching a little head sniff with the babies. :)

  8. She's adorable! I got too many pictures of food but not enough of people this Thanksgiving.

  9. What a sweet girl! She's too cute!

    And yeah... I didn't take any Thanksgiving pictures either... except for of the food. Oops!

  10. Glad you enjoyed yourself on Thanksgiving. Your niece is precious!

  11. Oh, she is too cute! :) Glad you had a wonderful time with your family. :)

  12. My tree is up...but I hope you show us a peek at yours. I can imagine that it is all cheerful and colorful and lots of fun!
    And Ivy is adorable!!

  13. The fancy sister..hehe. Too cute. :0) Her baybay is fancy too! So adorable!!!
    And yes, my tree is UP!

  14. okay fyi everyone, HANNAH IS THE FANCY
    SISTER....everyone knows it.

  15. what a sweet, happy, beautiful little girl you have as a niece. she is adorable. and gorgeous. just like her auntie!

    looks like you two had fun :)