Wednesday, November 23, 2011

coffee break {links for you}

rather than share specific blogs with y'all today,
for this coffee break we'll enjoy a few specific links.

grab your cuppa and check these out:

rachel totally nailed my thoughts in this post.

heather shared how she prays for her children here. love it.

did you read what i wrote about on sunday?
here are some really great prevention tips.
you should also read this.

'you do not go home to hide from the world, you go home to change it'
is a quote that i can't stop thinking about since reading this post on 'homemade people'.

and as a bonus, here's a photo.
it's nearly impossible to get a family photo,
even more so when it's well below freezing and super windy :)
big thanks to my sister for trying!


  1. Hehe, that is an adorable family photo!! Love it!

  2. Love some good links... thanks. That is a great family photo. Love your smile.

  3. haha that is a GREAT family pic!!

  4. I love this family picture! :) So sweet! and COLD!

  5. Thatpic is so cute!
    But holy cow!!! That's the tundra baby!
    Happy Thanksgiving, dear friend.
    Love from,

  6. oh my! your cute photo gives me the chills. buuurrr!

  7. That photo is the cutest! I love your little fam!

  8. i am internet jealous of your life and where you live.
    not real life jealous - because i don't think i can handle anything lower than 37*.
    but pictures like that.
    a window to your world.
    and i'm way jealous.

    your family is too cute.
    enjoy the snow a little extra today for me. :)

  9. Love the photo anyways!!! And love love love that snow it is 36 degrees celsius today!!

  10. Ditto what Kim said.
    I am super jealous of snow!
    In pictures.
    I'm a snow wimp, in real life.

    But you guys are TOO cute.
    I love how happy you guys look!!

    Hope you had a happy happy thanksgiving, friend!


  11. I love the family it!

  12. I LOVE this photo!!! Sooo cute! :)

  13. You always share the best links, so I'm checkin em out.