Tuesday, October 18, 2011

talk less, listen more

i thought of this little poem yesterday, do you know it?

a wise old owl sat on an oak;
the more he saw the less he spoke;
the less he spoke the more he heard;
why aren't we like that wise old bird?
{edward hersey richards} 

then i thought of this from james:

know this,
my beloved brothers:
let every person be
quick to hear,
slow to speak...

i always need to be reminded of this.
how about you?

today i'm thankful for:
:: sweet friends with encouraging words, especially this ::
:: the notes in the first study bible i ever owned. (i can see that i've grown) ::
:: the funny way my husband says 'chocolate' ::
:: a husband who makes me laugh. every day ::

what are you thankful for today?


  1. What a great reminder! :) Thanks darling!

  2. Thanks for sharing!! This is SO true!!

  3. I like the little poem. :) Today I am thankful for a kind person at work who told me I am appreciated...it makes the day so much easier to get through. :)

  4. I so wish I could say that I don't need the reminder, that I've actually got my mouth under control. Working and training for sure! And, I'm thankful the weather is changing.

  5. So true! May it be true with me today.

  6. So easy to talk, talk, talk. Today I'm going to try to listen 1st. Thanks for the encouragement.

  7. Ironic you wrote about the wise old owl... I wrote about a man that greatly influenced me and he was very much the wise owl that listened much and spoke little.

    And how does Patrick say chocolate?

  8. I use to be really good at this! I say use to, because age, kids, life, whatever it may be has NOT lead me to growth in this area. It's something I constantly need to keep in check! Thanks for the reminder TO LISTEN!!!

    Today I am THANKFUL for the growth in my own walk with Christ through the encouraging words of GREAT bloggy friends!!! :)

  9. I'm teaching my kids that poem!! I'm updating my chalkboards today with bible verses--I think James is going to be spotlighted this week!! Thankful for time, and my daughter's crazy hair that made me smile big this am!!

  10. I need to teach my kiddos those as well as taking them to heart myself - thanks for the reminder!

  11. in my hormonal state of mind, i'm not very quick to listen. especially to my husband. :) thanks for the reminder. and also...i've been a horrible commenter lately because i've been so sick and haven't turned on my computer & its too hard to comment from my phone. but i'm reading! i promise!!

  12. your hubster says chocolate funny?
    sounds like an all family vlog is in order ;)

    jk, maybe just make him do it haha!

    today i'm thankful for muscles and joints being a bit less sore.
    a cool fall morning.
    all of the little blessings that i dont even notice throughout the day.

  13. what an amazing reminder!! love your blog found you through our linkup today!! i am thankful for my sweet family, handsome man, and for a stable good job and a nice home with a cute pup! lol xoxo

  14. Oh how I need to be reminded of this often :) Thanks for the reminder!

    Today I am thankful for beautiful weather, free sandwiches at a local little shop near me and the Bible :)

  15. slow to speak...whew! If only everyone could be that way! myself included!

  16. YES! I discovered that I used to truthfully not listen to people at all. ugh. So thankful God has grown me in this area. My hubby makes me laugh every day too! yay!

  17. I'm a terrible listener!! And also - I love looking though my old Bible studies. It's always an encouragement to see growth!

  18. read flower patch farmgirl's post.
    thank you for linking to it. i NEEDED her words. i've been rechained to old hurts for a couple of weeks. living fully there, in the past, instead of fully here.
    going to come back to reality. now.