Tuesday, October 25, 2011

the right stuff

if you thought this post was about this awesome song, sorry to disappoint.

i've been thinking these last few days about my darling husband.
about what i say to him and what i give to him.

is it the right stuff?

and let us consider
how to stir up one another
to love and good works.
hebrews 10:24

do i stir him up to love? to be better?
do i speak

often, but not enough.

so many times i go right ahead and choose
to nag.
to correct.
to redirect.

ahhh! this grieves me! why do i stumble so?

thankfully, i'm usually quickly caught by the spirit's conviction
and able to right the wrong.
and my boo boo, my sweet husband, is ready to forgive me!

the lord is good. he is faithfully sanctifying us in this marriage bond.
we are not sinless, but lord, help us to sin less.

my goal is to be overflowing with the right stuff for my man.
i want to meet his needs, build him up, press him closer to jesus.

join me? let's be helpers...encouragers to our husbands!

...walk in a manner worthy
of the calling to which you have been called,
with all humility and gentleness, with patience,
bearing with one another in love,
eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit
in the bond of peace.
ephesians 4:1-3esv

a little song we love:
{being lovey is always easier with sweet tracks from the nineties, yes?}

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today i'm thankful for:
:: forgiveness when i don't say the right stuff ::
:: i'm making pumpkin cookies today! ::
:: we have a washer and dryer, in our home ::
what are you thankful for?


  1. love this post. guarding one's tongue in marriage is so hard sometimes, but so important for cultivating the marriage relationship God wants for us.

  2. What a difficult task to accomplish some days! It is hard to always show grace when we are going through different things together. However, we need to remember to love others as Christ loves us! :)

  3. I like that last thankful one! one day I will have that and it will be a thankFUL day:) Blessed by your post today and the scripture weaved throughout.

  4. Your post brought me to tears with its truth and conviction. My husband is far too forgiving. Over this past summer we revisited our love languages and one of my husbands is words of affirmation. This has truly helped me realize what my words actually do to and for my husband.

  5. A wonderful post and a wonderful reminder. The Lord has been showing me how I have to put my husband before our kids (something I never thought I would struggle with), so thank you for this!

  6. I adore that verse...and walking in the manner in which we were called. It makes such a difference to have your heart in line with the Spirit! Thank you for your encouraging word :)

  7. I could say MUCH here.....

    I agree!!! :)

    Press on!!!


  8. yes ma'am. This is truth. Thank you for sharing. My job: To live the gospel in my home and to point my husband to Jesus.

  9. I love it all Hannah! Thanks so much for sharing.
    Can I add this to my last post?
    It fits so well.
    Love you friend.

  10. This is such a beautiful post. And, I have to be honest, you had me at the opening line. New Kids fan for life over here :) But in all seriousness, this is such a great reminder.

  11. this has been on my heart lately, too. i feel like a do such a bad job at this, but i pray to do better. for my hubs AND my kids. thanks for sharing hannah!

  12. Whoa.
    Convicting and SO TRUE.
    Thanks, friend!

  13. A good work, Hannah! Thank you for this encouragement! :)

  14. I adore this... sometimes I need to just shut up.

  15. ooh girl.
    that is some good wisdom.
    even for the single ladies.

    and shut up.

    i can use that.
    a LOT.

    especially the shut up part - i'm right A LOT.


    JK Hahahahah!