Thursday, October 13, 2011

praise jesus for chalice {pray with me}

“Give me the Love that leads the way

The Faith that nothing can dismay

The Hope no disappointments tire

The Passion that’ll burn like fire

Let me not sink to be a clod

Make me Thy fuel, Flame of God”

{Amy Carmichael}

some years ago i had the pleasure of meeting one of the most joyful girls i know.
she quickly grew into a young woman. when she was in high school, i was blessed to lead her in a small group bible study. among other girls in my group, chalice carved out a special place in my heart.
we've cried together, laughed together, prayed together...she is my darling friend.
she is also a sister in jesus. it's been a sweet thing, to watch her grow in grace these last few years.
what a testament of the lord's work this girl's life is.
she is a ray of light, shining brightly for the kingdom of heaven.

you may remember her from my bunnies for bugembe posts.
well, lots of bunnies have been stitched, and the way has been paved for chalice to move ahead with ministry across the sea. next week chalice is headed to uganda to work with ekisa ministries.
i encourage you to familiarize yourself with the work being done through them,
follow their blog and pray and even give.

but thanks be to god, who gives us the victory
through our lord jesus christ.
 therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable,
always abounding in the work of the lord,
knowing that in the lord your labor is not in vain.
{1 corinthians 15:57-58esv}

specific prayer requests i thieved from chalice's blog:
a servant's heart - pray that I would conform more wholly to the image of Christ and would continually learn to joyfully lay down my life in servanthood

Gospel advancement- that i and the team at Ekisa would be empowered by the Holy Spirit to develop creative yet profound ways to communicate the Gospel to these children and the community we live in. pray that Jesus would be made much of in and through our lives.


wisdom- while in Uganda i will be prayerfully seeking out the Lord's direction for my length of stay (beyond may) as well as the possibility of continuing to serve long-term with Ekisa and/or in Uganda. pray for discernment & clarity. my heart's desire is to make the very most of my days; to be a good and faithful servant of my King.

join me in prayer for chalice. that the lord would continue to ready her,
steady her and use her mightily for his own glory. 
please go visit chalice, encourage her, let her know you're praying!

today i'm thankful for:
:: friendships across the miles ::
:: chalice and her willingness to go ::
:: ekisa and their important ministry in jinja ::

what are you thankful for?


  1. what a beautiful heart! i will definitely pray for that sweet girl and her ministry!

  2. Yes, beautiful! Agreeing in prayer with Chalice. And I love the bunnies. Going to go check them out. :)

  3. What an exciting opportunity for her. Praying for her and the lives she is going to touch.

  4. oh this is beauty. incredible, where an unabashed love for our savior can take us. praying.

  5. Amen! What a blessing to have such rich friendships. I pray that Chalice will be the hands and feet of Jesus on her new journey.

  6. a whole post for little ol' me?! i am humbled and so thankful. and a little bit teary too. what a sister you are to me, precious hannah. your constant example and encouragement means so so so much. thank you for recruiting prayer for this endeavor. i am really too thankful for words.

    and thank you other sweet ladies for your love and promise of prayers!

    how beautiful is the body of christ?!
    how beautiful is hannah rose singer?!!

  7. i have a few "chalices" in my life. it is crazy that God allowed me to serve him in loving them and pouring into their lives. there is no greater joy than seeing them follow Him, serve Him, love Him and his people all these years laters.

    it makes me so joyful that you have this too!

    i am excited to pray for Chalice and see how God uses her!

    REAL FRUIT right here.