Wednesday, October 19, 2011

notebooks {what i love wednesday}

i am always writing things down.
making lists.
taking notes.
jotting down ideas.

even better, i love bound paper.
notebooks bring me great joy.

especially little ones, like these volant moleskine ones:
they come in so many delightful colors! these little ones come in sets of two,
each filled with cutie little lined pages ready for your pen.
these are my "go-to" notebooks. for everything.
i have a couple in my purse-one for random and one for sermon/devotional notes.

there seem to be hundreds of notebooks i've spotted that i love. here are a few fun ones:
these look super cute! i love a fun chevron pattern. look at the little stitched bindings!

letterpress. swoon.
these petite little bits of red and grey are just plain pretty.
it'd be fun for using during the holidays, i think. with a green felt tip pen, am i right?

more swoony letterpress goodness.
these mid-century designs are adorable, and i love the colors.

this is just too much fun. each page has little doodles that will make your day!
i'm pretty sure these would be fun gifts, and they come in pink and white as well!

boom bap for my notes? yes please.
how amazing is this, actual vinyl covers. i love it!

do you use notebooks?
would you go for plain or fancy? quirky?

today i'm thankful for:
:: fun little notebooks ::
:: being able to write ::
:: my husband has a short work day today ::
:: this devotional i did almost ten years ago...i'm doing again ::

what are you thankful for?


  1. i have such a notebook obsession. there is this store called papersource that has beautiful one.

  2. I do love notebooks, but I'm a spiral notebook kind of girl. The plain ones with the plastic cover for added durability. I love when school starts up and the spirals are super cheap. I stock up!

    The smell of new paper is one of my favorites! (along with the smell of new crayons)

  3. I love all things paper!! monogrammed notepads, spirals, all things school and happy. And I'm thinking the letterpress notebook is PERFECT for the holidays. :)

  4. I just love all of the ones you posted, they're just so sweet! xo

  5. Girl, I'm right there with ya! I LOVE notebooks :) My hubby makes fun because I have about 4 in my purse at any given time. Those chevron ones are to die for!!

  6. L♥VE Notebooks! All kinds, shapes, just gives me more excitement to write! Love your post! Can I have all those notebooks?:)

  7. Those notebooks are DARLING! & so inspirational. Today I'm thankful for the fall weather with the chill in the air and the gentle rustle of leaves!

  8. PS- I'm your newest follower. LOVE this blog.

  9. I use those mini moleskines at work for my ever-changing passwords. I have the lime green ones and I gave Lyndsey the second one from the pack. People always ask "Hey where did you get that little notebook?It's the perfect size for our pocket!!"

    So for our recent work party I made the prize bag have those little moleskines!!

  10. I'm all about letter press! It's just so expensive! But good finds :)

  11. YOU have a way of finding such uniquely-fun stuff!

  12. OOOOOOOOOOH, I love the Gadanke one. I am checking out that link in a bit. I want one of those!!! Doodling is FUN!

    I am SO thankful for my healthy kids. Today and every day. God is good.

  13. Awwww Hanah they are adorable!

  14. how funny is it that i gave you your exact favorite kind of notebook? it's so tiny and handy right? :)

    i'm doing a journal exchange over on the gingerbread blog...and my crafting of the journal went very awry.

    i may need to use one of these links to purchase one instead ;)

  15. LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOOOVE journals. also love giving them as gifts. thanks for the linkly loos. will definitely be doing some shopping.

    also, i miss you.

    also, when are you moving to ca?

    also, i will ask you that every time i comment. until you move. #pushy

  16. I love all paper products. I have to have a little self-control, but your post makes me want to add a few items to my wish list. Today I'm thankful for cooler weather. Simple things, right?

  17. Beautiful paper picks! You struck a chord with me. I love anything paper, right down to sweet little tags, envelopes, you name it. Great blog :o)

  18. Oh how I love paper and notebooks of all kinds. That's the reason I will only read my "Real" bible, not on the ipad or my phone. Must be paper! I knew we were soul sisters!

  19. I love pretty notebooks and day planners. In elementary school our teacher made us keep a mini notebook called and Idea Trap. We had to write down any ideas in it. It was fun. I wish I could find it to show my son what was going on in my head when I was his age.

  20. I like to use regular composition books and cover them with mod podge and scrapbook paper. :)

    I've not hear of those little mole skins. Cute. :)

  21. hi hannah!
    i love notebooks too!! and paper!
    i seem to always find an excuse to buy a new one or two at target! :)

  22. I write down everything too! I am a total 'post it' note girl- they are all over my house! I am addicted to my planner as well. It's nice to know others are like me and still 'write' things down with an actual pen, as opposed to typing everything up on their or ipad/phone!

  23. i love notebooks.
    i love lists.
    i love those pretty moleskin notebooks. i need to get myself one or five.

    thanks for the linky links :o)

  24. I think all of us writers are notebook and pen obsessed! I have to stay away, i have so many journals and cute little notebooks they couldn't be used in this lifetime! I'm glad you did a post on this, super cute!!! Moleskin is so nice, eh?!