Monday, October 24, 2011

a meandering post

happy monday, lovelies!
patrick was home all weekend. we pumpkin-patched
and enjoyed lunch out with my mom, and sister and her fam.
we enjoyed yummy food at texas roadhouse,
and elijah and my niece ivy were total champions during lunch!
i even sneaked out(is that right, sneaked?)
for pier 1 and other fun shopping with my mom and sister.
saturday night patrick and i went bargain hunting at the gap, and scored some sweet deals.
afterwards we headed back downtown to our favorite local cinema to see this movie.
it was an unexpected treat. maybe because i'm in a tender emotional state right now,
or maybe it was just super adorable. go check it out. or at least rent it when it hits the redbox;)

how was your weekend?
mine was mostly a joy, sprinkled with some disappointment.
this is life, yes?

i've been struggling with not being able to keep up with blog comments and emails.
responding to comments and emails is one of my very favorite things to do,
but it just hasn't fit my schedule this month.

i just became ok with this fact.

my dad would say, "you can't just live for emails", and he would be correct.
i adore my friends and family and my sweet readers-who are friends.
those who take the time to comment and interact with me make my heart all kinds of sunny.
please know that i read and delight in your comments. your encouragement lifts me up.
and i have had some incredible email these last two weeks.
seriously, i've been blown away with the timing and goodness of the lord.
he truly does use anyone and anything.
like me and this blog to reach people for him. why i am so shocked, i don't quite know.
to god be the glory! may it always be!
anyway, i love you. all of you! thanks for your patience and friendship!

note: this is one reason why i've been m.i.a. this month:
oh, elijah. what can i say. i love you with my whole heart!
also, you drive be crazy. crazy looks great on me though, so no worries.

i was pulled out of sunday service to attend to him in the nursery.
'neck grabbing' was the offense.
truly, i think he was just trying to hug everyone. to death.

yesterday afternoon, i took elijah to play at one of our favorite little playgrounds.
there were some older kids (looked jr. high age) playing on the equipment.
and by playing, i mean making out in the tube slide. they were speechless when i asked
"do y'all not have a home to do that in? nowhere else to go where children aren't playing?"
i think they do have homes, and are likely not allowed to do 'their thing' in those homes.
just an educated guess.
goodness, i would love to say i wasn't like them at their age
what is it about being a hot and bothered teenager
that makes you think a tube slide at a playground is a hot place to make out?

i'm praying for elijah. i'm praying that he will flee those temptations.
i'm praying for his future wife that she will also flee.
lord, save them both from foolishness and waste.
help them keep their way pure. keep them from harm.
lord guard their hearts, draw them to yourself.
and lord, if you have a wounded girl saved for elijah,
give him the strength and compassion to love her well.
heal her, restore her, hold her closely and lift her up.
make elijah an example of you, a lover, a forgiver and a protector.

today i'm thankful for:
:: my husband, that the lord knew i needed, he is perfect for my wounded heart ::
:: fresh new weeks, mondays mean new beginnings! ::
:: comfort in disappointment ::
:: this story in john 9 wow. ::
:: fun stripey straws ::
:: maple and brown sugar instant oatmeal ::

what are you thankful for?

prayer request:
last week, our pastor's son ben was in a motorcycle accident. his spinal cord was severed.
he has surgery today and i'd love for y'all to join us in praying for him.
you can read more about ben and his needs here at caring bridge. thanks!


  1. I love your prayer for Elijah-his future wife too. So touching and moving and real. Just you being you.Happy Monday. Thanks for inviting my mom to pinterest- She is thrilled and I am on their too now. I just keep thinking of Laura's post...less pinning and more doing. Going to try and keep that in the forefront of this brain over here in Fail...

  2. Praying for dear Ben. And you just focus on God and your family. Blogging, emailing, etc. can be put on the back burner. We all know how big and loving your heart is. : )

  3. You're so great, dear Hannah. I love hearing about your weekend, your handsome little son, and what's on your heart!

  4. It's so hard to keep up with emails and such....but just take it all in strides! :) You are amazing to be able to do all of this wonderful and uplifting blogging while being a wife and a mother! You blow me away!

    I love that oatmeal! Have you had Starbuckss? Devine.

  5. Love your post, as always! I love your heart. I also love your prayer for your son and his future wife. That is awesome. :)

  6. your son is so cute! and i agree with your dad. i struggled with that too, i feel bad that i can't comment and respond to everything. but life is most important :) you know what? i even sometimes think about taking comments off my blog, while i LOVE the comments i get I don't want anyone to feel like they HAVE to comment or keep up with that. does that make sense? i just never want anyone to feel any added pressure. who knows. random thoughts at times. lol. glad you had a a great weekend.

  7. i love texas roadhouse. the buns... a to the mazing!!

    i love your prayer for elijah and his future wife. it made me cry. so raw, honest, and real. that boy of yours is so cute!

    i love you and your tender heart!

  8. I pray much the same thing for my girls! Good to know there are parents out there praying the 'same' for their boys as well! ;)

    Texas Rd House ~ this one time we were at TRH with my BIL & SIL. The waitress asked if we'd like an appetizer & my husband without thinking said. "No thanks. I'll just eat the heck outta your buns!" Now, he doesn't embarrass easily, but he about died. And we about died laughing at him!

    Have a GREAT day!!!!!

  9. praying friend! ... for all of the above ;)

  10. girl...i am horrible at responding right now. you NEVER have to respond to my comments!!! i leave them for YOU! not a response. :)

  11. You are so precious and always thinking of others. I so understand your dilemma...I hate it when I can't keep up with comments too. But we are all in this togetha sista! Just share the love individually when you can and keep honoring the Lord with your encouraging and convicting posts you write! Love you xx

  12. You are precious hannah. Its ok to be gone from blogging and not answer emails...
    you are loved by the blogging word and treat us with your words.
    have a good week!

  13. Hey there ... nice to find your lovely blog. There is so much to be thankful for - where to start :)

  14. I love you, i love you Hannah girl. "my husband, that the lord knew i needed, he is perfect for my wounded heart ::" that's true for me too..I'm so thankful. And your prayer for Elijah, gosh I pray too for my kids. That they would stay pure b/c of their love/fear/ and passion for the lord. You made me want to laugh and cry all at the same time reading this. Much love to you:)

  15. Love this post, Hannah. Love the prayer for Elijah. And, I will be praying for your pastor's son. That is so scary!

  16. I love your meandering post, girl! I am thankful that I just spent a whole week with my mama. My heart is full :)

  17. great post..i will definitely be praying for pastor's son!

  18. Oh my goodness! Maple and brown sugar is my favorite, too! (Well, I like peanut butter-chocolate chip, too.) I love your prayer for Elijah. Powerful stuff.

  19. Sweet Hannah, I'm so blessed to have you in my life AND be able to read your posts. You are an ENCOURAGEMENT always! xo

  20. I hope you are giving yourself some slack! You can't be everything to everyone, but Jesus can, and He will. :)

    Love the photos of your sweet boy!! And love your prayers for him even more!! :)

  21. oh hannah.
    how funny that you wrote this post.
    and i didn't read it til today.
    here i am sitting with 87 unread blog posts.
    and 60 unread (and unreplied to) emails/comments. YIKES.

    i feel ya sister.
    life is for the living.
    it's been crazy out there hasn't it?
    but you have some good live living going on around you! :)

    you are cracking me up "an educated guess"

    but in seriousness, praying for your sweet son, and his future lady as well. amen!