Saturday, October 01, 2011

love 146

speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves;
ensure justice for those being crushed.
yes, speak up for the poor and helpless,
and see that they get justice.
{proverbs 31:8-9nlt}

this year at blog sugar, we collected money for love146.
my friend danielle was the spokeperson for our event.
she's leading a task force with her family to help with this organization.
it was my pleasure to give to this cause at blog sugar.
i'm wondering though, is there something else i can be doing?
start a task force of my own? i'm seeking the lord as to what he'd have me do.
for now, i'll share this video with you and encourage you
to check out love146 and their mission to end child sex slavery.
this is a real thing.
a real hurt.
a real sin.
do you ever think about it?
have you ever prayed about it?
today is a great day to begin!

Love146 Overview from LOVE146 on Vimeo.

{next month danielle is hosting a special fundraising event, craft4love.
go check it out and see how you can help!}


  1. thank you so much for posting about the craft4love. I'm going to go check it out right now! I can't even describe how my heart was moved at blog sugar. I don't feel like I can ever do enough to help, but I can do a small part.

  2. hi hannah!!
    so happy to have met you briefly at blog sugar!
    you are so sweet. wish we had more time to sit and chat. the night was such fun and i am already hoping that there will be a blog sugar for 2012!

  3. Hi Hannah, Love 146 hit home with me too. Thanks for bringing attention to this cause.

  4. Thanks for sharing this, Hannah! I think this is an amazing cause and it is awesome that you and Danielle are spreading the word about this horrific injustice. I have followed the International Justice Mission for quite some time - the do crazy covert rescues. It's pretty amazing. I can't wait to learn more about love146.

  5. love 146 struck a chord with me too. and broke my heart.

    i appreciate you posting about this cause hannah.

  6. I love what Love146 does! It's definitely a GREAT org!

  7. that's awesome. i'll be praying!

  8. It's a great ministry that's trying to tackle such a horrendous thing. I am on board for the Craft 4 Love... That Danielle woman is FULL of great ideas!!! I need to start reading her blog more often.