Friday, October 14, 2011


it's friday. insta-friday!
i'd love to show you my week in phone pictures, but looks like these are all i've got.
they are all from just one day.

on wednesday, patrick had an early morning meeting, then enjoyed the rest of the day off with us!
we began at the pediatrician for elijah's flu shot and to check on a few things.
confession: i am seething with frustration after our appointment.
i specifically conveyed all questions i wanted addressed at our appointment before we went.
during our visit the doctor was zero help and just kept saying
how we needed to see another doctor there.
why didn't they schedule us with the "right" doctor? bleh.
anyway, trying not to let it bother me so much. my bff nutella is helping with that.

after elijah took a flu shot like a champion,
we headed to starbucks to make good use of a gift card;)
pumpkin spice latte for me, salted caramel frappe for papa and chocolate milk for elijah.

after lunch and naps for all, we hopped over to our favorite park.
once again, elijah spent little time on the equipment,
he was more interested in collecting sticks and observing nature.
it was a fine afternoon. i adore my boys!!
a few trees were colorful, most were nearly naked already from the wild winds we've had.

elijah hunts for sticks of all sizes. we all carry them, he insists.
he found a few big ones that really made his day.
he threw one over his shoulder and began marching and singing his "hi-ho" song.
again, we all participate in this, it's mandatory.
we ended our evening with "it's the great pumpkin charlie brown", the first viewing of the season.
elijah laughed and laughed. i wonder if he remembered it from last year?
no matter, he loves it now. loves. and that makes me happy, because it's the key to fall, that show.

happy friday, kids!
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life rearranged

today i'm thankful for:
:: health insurance, so we can easily visit doctors who annoy us.
i lived many years without insurance and it was awful ::
:: a fun phone that snaps fun photos ::
:: elijah including me in his stick collecting ::
:: the hiding place audio book ::
:: in the fear of the lord one has strong confidence,
   and his children will have a refuge
proverbs 14:26 ::

what are you thankful for?


  1. Oh i love the hiding place! I should get it on audio book too! great book! Thanks for the reminder!:)

  2. No fair! Your photos are all pretty and artistic! Hahaha

  3. For "just one day" your pics are great. LOVE the scenery. Don't you love it when you take the pictures, you're not sure what they are actually going to look like and they end up being beautiful? Thanks for sharing your one day. Now I've got to get my few pics up. Happy Friday. :)

  4. Stick hunting AND the Great Pumpkin??

    Sounds like a CHAMPION day!

    Hope it's a wonderful weekend, too.
    So much to be thankful for,
    you're right.


  5. Oh thanks for reminding me to get that movie and let our little ones watch it!!

    The trees are beautiful there against the sky!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  6. i love fall, such pretty trees! i'm having a HUGE ($100) giveaway going on at my blog and would love to have you stop by-

  7. It sounds like you guys had a really wonderful day together! I love family days.
    My husband is off work today, so we are taking the boys to a pumpkin patch. I think I'm more excited than they are! :)

  8. Boo on the doctor, but a big yay for Charlie Brown! Gorgeous pics!

  9. Your photos are awesome...I love the yellow trees and cuteness of your little man! Ugh and the doctors can be so disheartening...hate that.

  10. Loving your beautiful Fall pictures...still waiting for Fall weather & Fall color to arrive in Cali! Sorry about the dr...but you are right, thankful to have insurance!

  11. ha! my BFF, a diet coke and M&M's, would help with that, too.! :)

  12. We love Charlie Brown at our house - I don't think my kids have ever seen the pumpkin one, I'm putting that on our list for the weekend. Can't wait!!!

  13. I'm thankful that you have health insurance, so you can complain about your dr too! ;) Health insurance (through your work) is a BLESSING that many don't recognize!!!

    NICE pictures!

    I'm thankful that I can see my desk & my work is done!!! no time to blog the posts i've written in my head all day/week. must get the girlies from mom & go! :(


  14. Your photos are amazing. Sounds like a lovely day minus the trip to the unhelpful Dr. I love that he loves. Snow white!
    Enjoy your weekend
    Hugs to you!

  15. Such pretty, pretty photos, Hannah! I'm like your boy with the stick collecting. I used to name mine, too! My favorite was Oliver. :)

  16. love love love your instafriday... <3 ..I'm thankful for blogland encouragement and saturday workdays that help pay the bills:)... and a sweet husband that takes walks with me too. that is a very sweet gift indeed!! <3

  17. those fall pictures are crazy beautiful.

    i love that elijah prefers the sticks and stuff.
    love it.

    today i'm thankful for legs that run, and walk, and for a minute there crawl. ;)

    i'm also thankful for a God who loves me unconditionally even when i forget Him.